Linkin Park Allegedly Report Support Act to Police for Weed Possession

artist: Linkin Park date: 05/28/2014 category: wtf?

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Linkin Park Allegedly Report Support Act to Police for Weed Possession
Linkin Park have been causing controversy, after apparently reporting the band Sublime With Rome to the police for smoking marijuana.

The allegations came from Sublime with Rome frontman Rome Ramirez, who tweeted about the incident on Sunday (May 25th). Sublime with Rome were sharing the stage with Linkin Park at KFMA Day in Tuscon Arizona. The headline band reportedly called the cops because they were allergic to pot:

"Linkin Park called the cops on us and said that they were allergic to pot. Cops came and took all our weed while we on stage. B-tch s--t"

Ramirez went on to rebrand the band Linkin Narс (sic) for the incident. However, Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda has responded with the following tweets, stating that the band had nothing to do with the incident.

"LP didn't "call the cops" on @RomeMusica smoking pot. Not sure where the rumor came from. Definitely not my style, bummer it happened.

"We were at a meet & greet when Sublime was on stage, not dressing room. Wouldn't even know if there was smoke.

"If someone was 'representing the band' to the cops in the venue about weed smoke, they were out of line."

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