Linkin Park Announce 2014 Album Release, Talk Steve Aoki Collaboration

"The next album won't sound like 'A Light That Never Comes,'" Mike Shinoda explains.

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Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda recently confirmed that the band will release a new studio album sometime during 2014. During a fan Q&A session with Steve Aoki, Shinoda noted that the "Living Things" follow-up will see the band conducting further sonic experiments. He also stressed that it won't sound anything like Aoki collaboration track "A Light That Never Comes." "I think that we're still in the changing mode," the frontman kicked off. "Our first two records were really like brother albums, they were similar in style and then after that we just really tried to branch away - try different things, stretch ourselves creatively, learn new things in the studio, play with new styles of music.

"The project with Steve is one example of that and I think that our next album won't even sound like this song, it will sound like something completely different." Shinoda then focused on the new album. "We're in the studio working right now, I was with Chester [Bennington, vocalist] just last night - Chester and Brad [Delson, guitarist] and Joe [Hahn, turntablist] - and we were writing some new stuff," he said. "So hopefully we would like to get something out to people next year." The two also discussed the recent collaboration, expressing mutual satisfaction with the entire project and the final outcome. "It's so exciting for me to be doing something else outside my box. I always work with other producers and to finally work with one of my favorite bands of all time and get to a place where we really do showcase our sounds together in a way that makes sense for my fans and my world and Linkin Park fans and their world - it was a really proud moment," Aoki explained. You can check out the entire Q&A session below, share your expectations about the new LP release below.

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    And the peculiar thing is this my friends: the album we recorded on that fateful night it didn't actually sound anything like this song! This is just a collaboration and I wish you we're there, just a matter of opinion!
    This upcoming album may be heavy , According to Chester in some STP interviews he mentioned that the stuff LP is working on that time was punk and metal. Also he mentioned working on screaming vocals in studio couple of times. Next album please be heavy and guitar oriented !!!!!
    He said that they were listening to a lot of hardcore punk and heavy metal while working on this album. As well as bluesy things. He didn't say they were doing punk and metal. And yes, there always were screaming vocals.
    What any artist is listening to usually is reflected into the record they are working on.. Also they have posted a lot of guitar centric videos/pics lately !!! i do have hope for more guitars on this one
    I just thought of something very random. What if.... metalcore Linkin Park? O __0
    Ive been thinking for years that they should do that. That song that they did, ever since they made the song QWERTY that wasnt on an album, i have thought that things like that were a very good direction for them to go in.
    Shinoda said that with "A Thousand Suns" it was going to be more like Hybrid Theory and Meteroa. Case and point, bullshit.
    Are you sure he was talking about sound? And wasn't this topic about Living Things?
    It was actually on living things and not ATS. You can speculate all you want, but in the end they are gonna make what they wanna make. I just hope they dare to take risks again and come with something that's original and honest.
    Can he still scream though? I'd definitely like to hear that.
    *Facepalm* He was never screaming. He was rapping. It was Chester who was screaming. Read Wikipedia before posting, please.
    They need to go back to Hybrid Theory & Meteora producer Don Gilmore. I know Mike Shinoda co-produce's but Rick Rubin's production values are tinny & weak to no bass. I think it's high time to get back to the trademark sound they started with. No one else is doing it. Bring the nu metal back I say.
    I, for one, always love artists who experiment their sound. They may not be great every time, but I appreciate them for at least trying. I can't wait to see what Linkin Park has in store.
    i used to like linkin park but the last few albums have been really bad the let go of the nu metal sound they had and became a techno pop s***
    I wouldn't mind another album that was as weird (for them) as A Thousand Suns. Living Things felt like a step back from that album.
    I loved them both. It took a full spin of ATS to really get it and get into it but I love it. It is one of those you can't listen to one or two songs and judge the album. Needs to be listened to from front to back to really appreciate what they were trying to do as it is with a lot of concept albums.
    Yeah, I still like Living Things, but it was a bit of a surprise coming after such an experimental album.
    You know, you can bash Linkin Park all you want (and I'm still one of those who don't particularly care for anything after Meteora) but you can't say they are one of those bands who just sit around letting the cash roll in. I think it's great that they are constantly experimenting trying to bring something new to the table.
    I would love a new sound, somewhere between Living Things and Meteora/Hybrid Theory.. We know that they can do both, heaviness and beautiful melody. If LP combines the two, it's gonna be epic.. I can't imagine them doing Punk and Metal though.. But then again, when Hybrid Theory was released, no one knew how much they would change their sound!
    Whatever is popular right now, is what it will sound like.
    Eh, I think it could depend at this point. A Thousand Suns was a change in direction that wasn't very popular at the time. A lot less pop structure than most of their prior work. Living Things, while I liked better, was definitely mixing the heavy stuff they already did with dance influence, so that was more following trends. Who knows, they might try experimenting again.
    Downvote all you want but it's obviously true. I don't think it's inherently wrong to wanna stay relevant though. As long as they still believe in the music they make, and not just the money.
    I don't want to hear LP's old sound. It'd be juvenile at their age, but for ****'s sake use real instruments this time around. Record something that you actually have to perform, live. Fuck all this electronic half assed bullshit. Some of the songs were brilliant, but some isn't enough.
    What is it about Linkin Park that makes everyone against experimentation? I personally didn't like A Thousand Suns at all, but I would rather the band kept working and refining that sound than going back to their old sound, which while cool, was already getting tired by Meteora (at least for me). Plus everyone is so reactionary about the band "going electronic" even though they had always relied heavily on synths and studio effects. Nothing wrong with that.
    IMO 'A light that never comes' is one of the best songs put out by LP in a long time.
    Not sure if it's trolling...
    Nope being dead serious.. but most "LP fans" like you are too closed minded to like their new stuff anyway
    Do you know what LP stuff do I like to say "close minded like you?" I love ATS, more than any other album. I love Minutes to Midnight. I liked the most material of Living Things. And, of course, I love first two albums. But ALTNC is the song Shinoda can produce every hour. This is not as valuable material as ATS was.
    How is it that Limp Bizkit is getting more hate than Linkin Park? Limp Bizkit has released stuff that's less commercial in comparison. They also have their own style while Linkin Park just follows trends, may it be Nu Metal, Pop or Electronic/Dance.
    Oh, you think making the same shit over and over again and releasing Lil'Wayne collaboration exactly after signing on his label is less commercial?
    Im sure Linkin Park are gonna make a killer album one day,it may not be recent but it will happen, i like there new stuff, and there old stuff was amazing, so the day that perfect album drops that we all know they can create, ill stick by them. keep up the good work guys
    I'm glad he's told us that its gunna be sonic experiments he's saved me money. Now I know I ain't gunna buy (or listen to) it.