Linkin Park Announce 2014 Album Release, Talk Steve Aoki Collaboration

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Linkin Park Announce 2014 Album Release, Talk Steve Aoki Collaboration
Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda recently confirmed that the band will release a new studio album sometime during 2014. During a fan Q&A session with Steve Aoki, Shinoda noted that the "Living Things" follow-up will see the band conducting further sonic experiments. He also stressed that it won't sound anything like Aoki collaboration track "A Light That Never Comes." "I think that we're still in the changing mode," the frontman kicked off. "Our first two records were really like brother albums, they were similar in style and then after that we just really tried to branch away - try different things, stretch ourselves creatively, learn new things in the studio, play with new styles of music.

"The project with Steve is one example of that and I think that our next album won't even sound like this song, it will sound like something completely different." Shinoda then focused on the new album. "We're in the studio working right now, I was with Chester [Bennington, vocalist] just last night - Chester and Brad [Delson, guitarist] and Joe [Hahn, turntablist] - and we were writing some new stuff," he said. "So hopefully we would like to get something out to people next year." The two also discussed the recent collaboration, expressing mutual satisfaction with the entire project and the final outcome. "It's so exciting for me to be doing something else outside my box. I always work with other producers and to finally work with one of my favorite bands of all time and get to a place where we really do showcase our sounds together in a way that makes sense for my fans and my world and Linkin Park fans and their world - it was a really proud moment," Aoki explained. You can check out the entire Q&A session below, share your expectations about the new LP release below.
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