Lita Ford To Blabbermouth Readers: 'F--k You!'

artist: Lita Ford date: 09/12/2012 category: wtf?
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Lita Ford To Blabbermouth Readers: 'F--k You!'
Lita Ford has targeted Blabbermouth readers in a hilarious outburst during a new interview. Full Metal Rock was talking to Lita about her new solo album "Living Like A Runaway" and rounded up by asking if she had any "hellos" or "f--k yous" for the viewers. Her choice of comment was hilarious: "F--k you, Blabbermouth. I hate Blabbermouth," she began, before clarifying: "Actually, it's not Blabbermouth. It's the people that write in to Blabbermouth. What's wrong with you, motherf--kers?" She continued: "Why don't you go f--king blow your brains out? Honestly, if you don't like it, get the f--k off Blabbermouth. F--k you! Not Blabbermouth, the ones that write in [and] say stupid sh-t." Blabbermouth also posted the story and it seems that even some of their own commenters agree. "This website is full of immature b-tches who hate everything. And they can't seem to stay away from threads about bands they dislike. Its like a drug to them. 'Hating' Junkies. Poor, immature b-stards," said one. She might be best known for her rocking solo work in the 1980s, but it seems she still has plenty of energy judging by the video clip:
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