Lita Ford To Blabbermouth Readers: 'F--k You!'

She tells Blabbermouth readers to "go f--king blow your brains out" in a hilarious rant, which you can see in full here.

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Lita Ford has targeted Blabbermouth readers in a hilarious outburst during a new interview.

Full Metal Rock was talking to Lita about her new solo album "Living Like A Runaway" and rounded up by asking if she had any "hellos" or "f--k yous" for the viewers. Her choice of comment was hilarious:

"F--k you, Blabbermouth. I hate Blabbermouth," she began, before clarifying: "Actually, it's not Blabbermouth. It's the people that write in to Blabbermouth. What's wrong with you, motherf--kers?"

She continued: "Why don't you go f--king blow your brains out? Honestly, if you don't like it, get the f--k off Blabbermouth. F--k you! Not Blabbermouth, the ones that write in [and] say stupid sh-t."

Blabbermouth also posted the story and it seems that even some of their own commenters agree.

"This website is full of immature b-tches who hate everything. And they can't seem to stay away from threads about bands they dislike. Its like a drug to them. 'Hating' Junkies. Poor, immature b-stards," said one.

She might be best known for her rocking solo work in the 1980s, but it seems she still has plenty of energy judging by the video clip:

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    "Its like a drug to them." It's HIRE ME!
    Josh Reubenking
    haha I saw you on another article. You need the job, man. HIRE THIS GUY UG!!!!
    Sleep well, good citizen. I will not relent in my grammar Nazism until they capitulate and put me on the payroll.
    To be fair, they were quoting what someone wrote in a comment on Blabbermouth (far as I can tell). So while they could have put [sic] next to it (no, not the Slipknot song), it may not be incorrect.
    I doubt that's a copy and pasted quote. When a quote is attributed to a single unnamed "commentator", it's generally just the author of the article having their say. It's a classic sensationalist tabloid tactic, which is frankly what the UG News section has become.
    From Blabbermouth: 90% ? More like 99.9995%. This website is full of immature bitches who hate everything. And they can't seem to stay away from threads about bands they dislike. Its like a drug to them. 'Hating' Junkies. Poor, immature bastards. Lita's awesome & she's gorgeous. That was easy.
    blabbermouth is full of trolls
    And UG isn't?
    not as bad, blabbermouth gets down right offensive most of the time. UG will have its moments though
    UG has its rare moments but is generally a bunch of well behaved visitors. Consider this: Blabbermouth got 90% tamer sometime around the release of Evanescence's 2nd album yet still manages to piss people off. It's rumoured basically that Borivoj the owner had to do something drastic because of the comically huge negative stigma the site regulars gave the site via news article comments. Some of the highlights I remember are: -Billy Milano's open letters to Blabbermouthers -Pete Dolving's nearly weekly Blabbermouth specific rants that got turned into news articles...even though they were originally entries on his blog -Tommy Lee's personal message to Blabbermouthers (after tons of negative comments) to eat a bowl of dick soup -"I'd pee in her butt" (may have originated elsewhere, but no article featuring a woman was free of this classy user comment) -T-Boner, the most enthusiastic and frequently banned superfan of Guns N Roses and classic rock Not sure if Borivoj's threat of cleaning up the archived articles was ever followed through but if they were not, search for any Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park or Evanescence article pre 2003 to witness for yourself.
    Did Lita Ford just discover the internet? Hasn't she realized thats what the internet is for? attacking other people and bitching about everything???
    She needs to be worried about writing anything worth a crap. New album = Human excrement
    I love the fact that UG agree with her and they're just as ****ing bad.
    "This website is full of immature b-tches who hate everything. And they can't seem to stay away from threads about bands they dislike." Im sorry, but this also fits ultimate guitar commenters pretty well. Bring up a modern rock band ( nickleback, puddle of mudd, seether) and this is what happens. But to be honest, it unfortunatley happens on almost every site out there now-a-days
    The one dislike came from someone who's just posted some shit on blabbermouth!
    Completely agreed. It's full of narrow-minded people who hate anyone who doesn't have their taste.