Lombardo Finds Out About Slayer Firing Online

Drummer wasn't told of replacement.

Ultimate Guitar

Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has revealed that he found out about his being replaced on the internet. It was announced last week that Paul Bostaph would be taking over the position of drummer in the band permanently. Bostaph previously replaced Lombardo in 1992. Reacting to the announcement, Lombardo simply tweeted: "And ... there you have it folks!"

When a fan asked him how he had heard about the news, Lombardo replied: "Online."

Slayer frontman Tom Araya has released the following statement on Bostaph's rejoining of the band:

"Paul's a great drummer and a good friend, and we're very happy that he's decided to rejoin the band. We're still pretty numb from the loss of Jeff [Hanneman, the founding Slayer guitarist who died on May 2], but we don't want to disappoint our European and South American fans, and we need to begin moving forward ... Having Paul back in the band makes that a whole lot easier."

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    This ****ing sucks, you'd think after Jeff's death Kerry would be like "Hey Dave, since Jeff died I think it'd be great to reconcile all the shit that had happened, because we've know each other for years, so lets do this together!". But instead Kerry decides to be a **** and **** Dave off, this is actually the end of Slayer.
    It's appearantly not just Kerry now, its also Tom Araya that doesn't seem to mind
    Yeah, I don't understand why Tom is just sitting there with his finger up his ass doing nothing about this. I've always known Tom to be the really awesome nice guy of the band, but it just seems too out of character for Tom to just let this shit happen without saying something fair or just, especially if you think of his whole up-brining in religion.
    its not just them i bet a good amount of this has to do with money,management and the label. did i mention money, management and the label?
    Right on, my man. Unfortunately anyone who has been in a band knows that once you start spending serious amounts of time together it gets complicated
    Me and a buddy were pretty psyched to go see Slayer this summer. Now we're both grateful we didn't buy tickets because neither of us wants to go anymore. Sad.
    Slayer are still great to see live with the replacements
    Dude, if a Slayer cover band plays their songs perfectly it's still not Slayer. Half of Slayer (and not the good half, since Kerry King is there) is still not Slayer.
    Kerry King, we always knew you were a dick, but now you're also a ****ing coward and this is a new level of low. Shame on you.
    It's sad that they can't get along even after Jeff's death... Money and greed really destroys everything that's good on Earth...
    Kerry King is pretty much the Lars Ulrich of Slayer. Least talented member often comes with loudest mouth.
    Talent aside, There's a much much smaller chance of even having heard of Metallica if it wasn't for Lars' promoting the band as well as playing in the band
    If they didn't want to disappoint their Euro fans, they'd get Dave back. Dumb ****s.
    And this is why I lost respect for Slayer forever ago.
    I'm sure they care.
    They should, what is a band without respect from a fan base?
    You can't please everybody all of the time. I've been a Slayer fan since about 1990 and I still love the band. Everyone has their opinions and its great to share those opinions... but sharing your opinion doesn't mean that everyone agrees with you. I personally prefer the band with Lombardo behind the kit but Bostaph is a great drummer and the band sounded awesome with him so I'm looking forward to what they do with him in the band in the future. It's ok to complain about Kerry King and Tom Araya and it's even ok to think that you know more about the situation than they do. I personally think that the best people to handle Slayer's career is Slayer - not people complaining on the internet.
    You can't please everybody all of the time... but you can please some of the people some of the time, and they still aren't doing that very well either.
    lombardo has to start his own band and say to hell with kerry and tom, How about this for a dream...Lombardo, Jason Newsted, marty friedman, dan spitz and Phil Anselmo, oh **** yes
    Slayer has finally been slayed. They really should just call it quits.
    Kerry King and Tom Araya have officially become Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Slayer is no longer a band its a brand, just like Kiss.
    Since becoming a fan, I've gone to see Slayer in concert every chance I've had. Now, after all this has gone down, I'll pass. I don't want to support what Slayer now has become. With that in mind, I wish nothing but the best for Paul Bostaph. I bear no ill will towards him, and I think he's a great drummer, who's just been caught up in the mess. I mean, if I were in Bostaph's shoes, admittedly, I'd have joined as well. With that in mind, I urge fans of Dave Lombardo to check out and support his various other projects: Fantmas, Grip Inc., Testament's 'The Gathering', as well as his latest band: Philm.
    He recorded drums for some of Apocalyptica's songs off of their Reflections album. Make sure to check that as well.
    When I found out about the replacement of Dave so soon after Jeff's passing, I can't really say I'm surprised at that gargantuan mass of disrespect Kerry displayed here. I can't imagine what that scary bald head of his looks like after inflating so much. F*ck Kerry King.
    Anyone else notice that the announcement to replace Lombardo was a mere 6 days after Jeff's memorial?
    I'm usually accepting of lineup changes when other people are not, but even with Paul Bostaph being an official member now, all I can think of is "It's only one half of Slayer performing up there" because the way Dave was fired was just disrespectful and ridiculous. What even is the point in them playing all of these shows? I'm pretty sure playing without Dave will be more of a disappointment to the fans than just cancelling the shows altogether. Slayer performing live just consists of Kerry being a fat **** playing guitar like he thinks he's the best, thinking he's all hard when really he's a ****, and then Tom Araya being a kiss ass carrying on like everything's okay, and then mr not Dave Lombardo on the drums, and then Gary Holt just being dragged around on the road with them for God knows how long (since Jeff is dead and probably rolling in his grave), holding him back from making a great new Exodus album, whilst "Slayer" get to release another album they started for the sake of it despite Jeff being unable to participate in it even when he was still alive, and then firing their drummer for a stupid reason, but nothing to stop Kerry from touring and recording, eh? But if you're going to continue as a band at least get somebody else to replace Jeff as both a recording and touring member, and let Gary do something useful with his time, which is working with his OWN band, Exodus...rant over.
    i seriously doubt Slayer will exist as a band for much longer. There'll be alotta people refusing to go to concerts and buying albums, and i know i'm one of them.
    why was he fired?
    Cause Kerry King is a total ass, that's why.
    I met Kerry a while ago when Slayer was on tour. Now I wish I had met Tom or Gary or Dave instead.
    Say, it would have been nice if you meet now coz you will atleast get the chance to show your hatrate even ifyou cant kick his bloody ass!
    according to dave, he and arraya were wondering why the band was only getting 10% of turing income. they were denied access to the band income files. he hadnt been payed for a years touring, and he wasnt going to get payed until he signed a long contract and gagging order. dave spoke out to kerry king about the situation, kerry said something like "shut up or youre fired". next band practice, kerry didnt show up and sent lawyers to fire lombardo. King never gave a solid answer to this accusation(as far as I know) and Im guessing this is why alot of slayer fans are royally pissed.
    Money says King's raking in all the money with their dickhead management team.
    Ladies aaand gentlemen,say goodbye to Slayer and now please welcome on stage the "Kerry King & friends" band...
    this blows, another lil piece of me died inside :/ got to see them twice with the original lineup at least..... will just have to think of those days from now on....arrrrggg
    Dude, you're still pretty lucky. I have never seen any of their concerts with the original line-up. And it looks like I never will...
    Honestly, I am more surprised that with Jeff's passing that Slayer is even continuing as a band. Then without Lombardo. Truly bizarre.
    No wonder why Jeff changed his phone number, he didn't want to have to deal with crap like this. Plus I could have sworn that KK said something about slayer would stop if the fans weren't happy anymore. I think i heard it on the documentary on the Still Reigning DVD...oh well.
    Slayer was once the among the most influential bands ever, aside from Black Sabbath and maybe a few others, but they are done now. Give it up guys.
    Second Rate
    I definitely take issue with the way in which they fired Dave, and the reason for which they fired him, but I can't get over all the blind sycophants here that seem to forget that Paul Bostaph filled the drum chair for Slayer from 1992 to 2002. If Slayer done for for any reason, it is because their strongest songwriter now lies dead. It is not because Lombardo is gone again.
    Ok, someone's gonna have to say this...Dave Lombardo for new Drummer in Metallica????? Obviously just kidding...but imagine that kind of upgrade for them???
    My Last Words
    In other news: "Ultimate guitar finds their news online" (this story is a few days old, hmmmkey)
    Makes me happy how much hate King is getting on here.Been saying for years thats hes a horrible selfish cun t.
    I don't even get a chance to see the original Slayer perform live here in CA. :'( Rest in Peace Jeff Hannemann
    Europe and South America are the only places they'll be able go draw a dime.
    What a tragic ending to such a legendary band. It's too bad that Jeff was never really able to quell his disease in time. Now just to throw salt on it all, the whole Lombardo fiasco. Bostaph is a monster drummer but Dave really should be drumming in Slayer. The two are synonymous...no matter how many times he gets fired and rehired.
    I started getting into Slayer around '87 or '88 , favourite band for over 20 years. Lombardo has had problems with the band over money ( according to the press) throughout that time as well. Seems unfair that band members dont share profits equally but that apparently is life. I wont be buying any more Slayer albums, I wont be going to see "slayer" play again. It was devastating enough that Jeff died and in some ways that would have been the time to finish the band and start a new project. To fire a founder member in the way that Dave appears to have been is appalling. Even with PB coming back it just feels wrong - I like PB but I think it is time for Slayer to retire in honour of Jeff.
    It is not beyond the realms of possibility that they all understand the situation a great deal better than we do, and all our opinions are based on guesswork.
    That is a point, one that I've considered as well. We for sure don't know all the facts, but regardless of what the facts are, it's not fair to Dave, a founding member of the band, to find out that he's been fired and replaced via a story online. Even if there's some other things going on that we don't know about, the man at least deserved to be informed of his replacement in a much more professional manner.