'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy to Be Screened With Live Orchestra Accompaniment

The unique show is scheduled for April 2015.

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The entirety of Peter Jackson's Oscar-hoarding "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, based on the beloved J. R. R. Tolkien novels, will be screened with live orchestral accompaniment at New York's famed Lincoln Center in April 2015.

According to New York Times (via Consequence of Sound), Howard Shore's original score will be performed live by conductor Ludwig Wicki and the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus as the films unfold behind them. Two full performance are scheduled to take place at David H. Koch Theater between April 8th and 12th: one cycle will take place over three successive nights, while the other will be occur amidst a weekend that will include afternoon and evening screenings.

This will mark the first time all three LOTR movies - 2001's "The Fellowship of the Ring," 2002's "The Two Towers" and 2003's "The Return of the King" - will be presented in the live concert format. "Fellowship" and "Towers" were previously shown with orchestration in 2009 and 2010 at Radio City Music Hall.

Made up of 250 musicians and singers, the 21st Century players have made a career of live-scoring films; they've played along to "West Side Story," some of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, "Fantasia" and even choice scenes from the "James Bond" and "Star Trek" series. They first performed the LOTR trilogy in their home town of Lucerne, Switzerland back in 2011.

Below, watch footage of the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra playing along to "The Return of the King" at Lucerne's Culture and Convention Center.

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    "Two full performances" - does that mean you will have to sit through about 9 hours?!? Its a cool idea though, wish I could experience something like that, would be great if they made it into a bit of a tour or something.
    I hope they allow time for bathroom breaks between films... the queues would be awful though.
    Oohh the opening would be so awesome with the first shot of the shire and the orchestra starting with concerning hobbits.. Chills..
    As cool as this is, why is it on this website?
    Because at its core this website try's (although fails a lot of the time) to be about the appreciation of good music. Granted that is subjective but there's no way round that.
    I'm fairly new here and this just seemed out of place. It's not that I mind though, I love me some LOTR, and the soundtracks were always great
    Because Christopher Lee (Who played Saruman in the films) released his third heavy metal EP back in May so it fits with this website.
    They did this with fellowship in my hometown. It was so good. Definitely chills. Go see this if you have the chance.