Lorde Becomes First Female Artist to Win MTV VMA for Best Rock Video

Yeah, that song is good and stuff, but ... Rock? C'mon, MTV!

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Lorde collected the MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video last night (August 24), becoming the first female artist ever to win in the category, NME reports.

Yes, we are not mistaken, Lorde takes the prize for Best ROCK Video.

The 17-year-old scooped the gong for "Royals" at the Los Angeles award ceremony, beating out Arctic Monkeys, the Black Keys, Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons in the process.

"Is there like a specific place I'm supposed to be looking?" the New Zealander asked as she tried to find the right camera during her acceptance speech. "This is super crazy and I'm super grateful."

Lorde – who had earlier appeared on stage to introduce Taylor Swift – was also nominated for Best Female Video, but lost out to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse."

There has surely been some internet backlash to her VMA win as viewers took to Twitter to question whether "Royals" can be considered a rock song.

What's next, the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance goes to One Direction?

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    this girl is not rock
    Ehhh, no one gives a shit about the VMAs anyway. At least it's a good song, so "Rock" is still being associated with "Good" for the stupid kids watching this.
    i guess playing with dave grohl once entitles you for anything rock in the eyes of mtv executives.
    With this logic I anticipate a Sunn O))) track to be nominated for best pop single. Also: BOOO Lorde everytime I see your name I think of Lordi
    but that would be awesome because so many people would listen to Sunn O))) and be like "da ****?"
    Reminds me of Jethro Tull winning best heavy metal band Grammy in '88 over Metallica.
    It was awkward for Lorde too. Her face while she was walking to the stage was like... "WTF am i doing?
    Like how the presenter called the black keys, the black eyes... Note to self name my band black eyes yeeeesssss Bad ass
    Says something about the state of the mainstream rock scene when a non-rock artist wins the category with a non-rock song.
    Were there any guitars on her album at all? I don't remember. I couldn't get through 4 songs of hers.
    One. There is literally one song with guitar. And its looped through the whole thing. I certainly enjoy the whole album though.
    That's cos we let people call shit like Imagine Dragons and Coldplay rock too. Little by little the genre is being watered down into pure nothingness.
    Coldplay and Imagine Dragons both play pop/rock, though. They play music that can fit in decent enough in either genre (even though "pop" is more of a status than a genre), but at times they play music that would be shunned by the other end of their spectrums.
    Why are people still going nuts over Royals? I thought it was a piece of sh*t, what's so special about it?
    The only thing that's really special about it is that she's a 17 year old manufactured pop star (the label has been holding her hand, getting her ready for years) who has an anti-pop, anti-mainstream attitude. It's kind of fascinating in a depressing sort of way.
    It's official, rock now doesn't have to include guitars.
    It never did. I mean, it was present in most forms of rock, but it was never a requirement.
    As if the VMA's were a quality thing anyways. Just further cements their reputation. Lorde's a cool gal though
    MTV has bee a joke for a long time, they should change the name to (NS)R&BRTV (Not So) Reality & Botched Rewards TV. Royal's ain't rock! And what about Halestorm! That IS rock, that IS female fronted, and she plays guitar. And as a tax, they should have to nominate Joan Jett for every time they've passed her over....for the next 30 years at least.
    they can call it whatever they want, coz rock's been dead for at least a few decades now. maybe we can call it..."NU-rock"?
    How do you define rock anyway.
    I would define it as music that is typically 4/4, usually guitar or piano-centric, and has some sort of abrasive or aggressive quality (distortion, hard-hitting drums, etc.). So no, Lorde is not rock. She's more like minimalist Indie Pop.
    I guess all that reality TV shows on MTV made them forget what rock is, or what music videos are for that matter.
    haha better then the other shitty bands so nominated, at least lorde has some good music
    *generic rhythm* "And talk it up like yeah And talk it up like yeah Let's go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah" Yes, great music indeed. Lorde, rolling over Beethoven since 2013.
    Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin Ah Ahh AhhhhhAhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh!! Ahhhhh!!! You can pick and chose lines from a lot of things to fit what you want.
    That's kind of a shite example. That's not the chorus and I doubt it was written in. It was probably done by Plant on a whim. Hey folks, Lorde is more rock n roll than coldplay. come.at.me
    You want the chorus? "Ahh, wanna whole lotta love, Wanna whole lotta love, Wanna whole lotta love, Wanna whole lotta love."
    (I'm back) Well, I'm back (I'm back) Yes, i'm back (I'm back) Well, I'm back (I'm back) Yes, I'm back (I'm back) We'll I'm back (i'm back) Back Back in Black Yes, I'm Back in Black AC/DC, rolling over Beethoven since 1973. Brilliant argument you've got there.
    And, curiosly, Back in Black is also quite terrible. I see a pattern here. Nice try.
    Even Beethoven wrote simple melodies. Ever heard Ode to Joy, jackass? It's basically all quarter notes.
    what are you talking about you uncultured swine?! artic monkeys and the black keys have incredible songs