Lorde to Radio Stations: 'Stop Playing 'Royals' All the Time'

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Lorde to Radio Stations: 'Stop Playing 'Royals' All the Time'
Young pop sensation Lorde recently addressed her hit single "Royals," noting she would like the track to receive less airplay to avoid over-saturation.

"I want to let people stop hearing Lorde on the radio all the time, because it's kind of crazy at the moment," she told V Magazine (via Gigwise). "I'd like to give people a little bit of breathing room before I unleash something different."

The singer recently discussed the current state of pop industry, sharing hopes to return pop music to its former glory. "I didn't expect to be in this world but I think it's kind of cool," she told the Telegraph. "For a long time pop has been this laughable, shameful thing. But it's actually gratifying and fun and can unite populations, which I think is incredibly powerful. So hopefully I am showing that pop can be taken seriously."

"Royals" was awarded Song of the Year and Best Solo Pop Performance Grammy at this year's ceremony at Los Angeles' Staples Center.
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