Lorde to Radio Stations: 'Stop Playing 'Royals' All the Time'

Singer fears over-saturation, needs "breathing space to unleash something different."

Lorde to Radio Stations: 'Stop Playing 'Royals' All the Time'
Young pop sensation Lorde recently addressed her hit single "Royals," noting she would like the track to receive less airplay to avoid over-saturation.

"I want to let people stop hearing Lorde on the radio all the time, because it's kind of crazy at the moment," she told V Magazine (via Gigwise). "I'd like to give people a little bit of breathing room before I unleash something different."

The singer recently discussed the current state of pop industry, sharing hopes to return pop music to its former glory. "I didn't expect to be in this world but I think it's kind of cool," she told the Telegraph. "For a long time pop has been this laughable, shameful thing. But it's actually gratifying and fun and can unite populations, which I think is incredibly powerful. So hopefully I am showing that pop can be taken seriously."

"Royals" was awarded Song of the Year and Best Solo Pop Performance Grammy at this year's ceremony at Los Angeles' Staples Center.

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    I liked the song, but it's so overplayed that I'd love to throw my radio alarm out the window every time i hear that song when i wake up. This girl knows what she's talking about.
    Another girl vastly superior skip to 1:12
    I do not understand how she has been deemed the saviour of pop music, based on one song with a very slight note of critique towards the industry. What is she doing different?
    If you compare what she's doing to a lot of other pop artists at the moment (JB, Cyrus, Will.I.AM, Katy Perry, etc) there's a lot of overproduced stuff that doesn't say a lot. Looking at Lorde's songwriting and production it's very much fresh and different in comparison, because of how stripped down and actually meaningful it is.
    She's completely different to a lot of Pop music out there at the moment. I'm not a big fan of her stuff, but it's definitely better by comparison, and she also has a sense of integrity, so I respect her at the very least.
    Well I guess it's just a matter of taste then. I think she produces great music, and so do many others. Having this kind of artistic integrity and quality on the radio is something I haven't seen in a long time. But of course, that's just me.
    Lorde employs a minimalist approach to her music, focusing on songwriting and subtleties rather than the usual wall of sound layered with overtly or implicitly sexual lyrics. She's trying to do something different instead of rehashing old ideas and I respect her for that.
    Just watch. Her 15 minutes of fame will be gone soon and it'll be back to whatever the f*ck was already going on in the pop music industry. Sure, she may have surprised people with a stripped down, "back to basics", pop song, but the novelty will wear off and it'll wear off quick.
    Except it is not just her one "back to basics" pop song, her whole album is getting praise. I am not really a pop fan but I like every song on that album, I doubt she will just fade away, at least for the sake of pop music I hope she does not.
    Potentially, but If I recall the entire album and her previous EP is getting some serious rep, she could be here for a while yet if she keeps delivering the goods.
    It's a lot different to the average pop song. The instrumentation is stripped back a lot yet still carries a very club beat and is mainly led by an electronic drum beat over any synths (a bass synth weaves in and out but that is all). Also the lyrical work on the song, and her whole album is pretty darn good. I'm not a fan of her music that much but when it comes to Pop music, I can easily respect her as much as a metal or rock musician
    I don't either. The song is ****ing horrible. Song of the year my ass. Should've definitely been AIC's title track from the new album, but that won't be possibly because there's too many "no layne no chains" bandwagons.
    Vicryl 2.0
    NO Layne, No Chains!!!!
    You further prove my point
    And so does that down vote and the other down votes on my previous comments. I feel like I'm on the wrong webpage. What happened to all the good people, not all of these pop hunchers that suck on lorde's pringles?
    I love The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, but relax dude. The Grammy's have lost all validity anyway by this point. I hate pop as much as anybody, but at least she writes songs with some sort of real meaning, which for me, puts her at the top of the pop food chain. At least if the Grammy's are going to be invalid they can do it with someone who can at least write. Now take a few deep breaths and count from 10 backwards.
    Based on one song? Have you heard the whole album? It is extremely good every song. Royals is one of the worst on it. And i hate Pop
    I think it's cool that she writes her own stuff but I think she's gonna be a one hit wonder.
    Team is getting big? So two-hit wonder maybe?
    She's what? 17? she has her whole life ahead of her to make good music, she'll be around for a while
    She's at least 6 months too late with this "relax on the play button" revelation.
    I'm not a huge fan of pop music, but I love this girl's songs. In my opinion, Royals is a great song but not the best in her catalogue. It sucks because songs like "Tennis Court" are great, but the only time I've heard that in a media outlet was a promo for the Australian Open...
    It's one of the few pop albums I have been able to get into lately, but I highly enjoy it. It's still very highschoolish but it has that kind of darker air to it, I hope they play her other songs more frequently.