Lostprophets' Ian Watkins Remanded In Custody Until March Over Alleged Child Sex Offences

Lostprophets singer, Ian Watkins, has reappeared before court on December 31 on alleged child sex offence charges, including conspiracy to rape a one-year-old girl.

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Lostprophets singer, Ian Watkins, has reappeared before court on December 31 on alleged child sex offence charges, including conspiracy to rape a one-year-old girl.

The 35-year-old appeared via video link at Cardiff Crown Court from Parc Prison, Bridgend. Wearing a black suit, shirt and tie Watkins appeared along with two other female defendants, aged 20 and 24 from Doncaster and Bedford, reports BBC News.

According to the Independent, Watkins spoke only to give his name at the hearing which lasted 10 minutes. All three defendants have been remanded further in custody, with a plea and case management hearing scheduled for March 11.

Watkins is accused of conspiracy to rape a one-year-old girl. He has been charged with two incidents of conspiring to engage in sexual touching with two young children and four offences relating to making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

The conspiracy offences were alleged to have taken place between May 1 and December 17, 2012, when Watkins was arrested. The pornography charges relate to a period between August 12 and December 17.

Following Watkins first appearance in court earlier this month, Lostprophets issued a statement in response to news that their singer is facing charges relating to child sex offences.

A statement on the Welsh band's official website read: "Following charges made today against Ian Watkins, we find ourselves in a state of shock. We are learning about the details of the investigation along with you. It is a difficult time for us and our families, and we want to thank our fans for their support as we seek answers. Jamie, Lee, Luke, Mike and Stu."

Lostprophets formed in Pontypridd in 1997 and released debut album "Thefakesoundofprogress" in 2000. The band's fifth album, "Weapons", was released on April 2, 2012.

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    While this does not look good for that guy, I still think Sesame Street should cover "charged with" vs "convicted" eventually.
    I still thought the fact that he had "extreme animal pornography" funny....just gives the welsh a bad name....more so.
    As much as pedophiles make my blood boil, I still have to withold judgement on this guy. What in the world does "conspiracy to rape" or "conspiracy to engage in sexual touching" mean"? How do you conspire to do something like this, and how does someone catch you with proof doing so? Sounds very fishy to me.
    From what I understand by reading these articles, he was arranging this stuff with the mothers of these children. That sounds like conspiring to me.
    There was a link to a forum on the first post about this, from what i seen there he's had accusations spanning from several years ago until now of various disgusting things. I can see it all coming out as true personally!
    I didn't really infer that from this article, but I certainly hope you are wrong. The details provided here are pretty foggy and disjointed, I'll have to check on an actual reputable news site to find out what is really going on.
    really hope he goes to prison
    Mr Brownst0ne
    aye, if he's guilty.
    He definitely is somewhat guilty but that's different to being found guilty. These charges would not have appeared if he wasn't in someway guilty. So now the only way he could get off is lack of evidence!
    Anyone who writes music for little girls is a closet paedo as far as I'm concerned.
    Justin Bieber? Ian Watkins was admired by people of all age groups and genres. Personally they were one of my favourite band. Needless to say I hope he's innocent. But I have still deleted everything I had by them. I had all 5 albums as well as EP's. I'm an 18 year old guy. LP didn't write music for "little girls".
    Just because he's been charged with horrible offences doesn't mean you should disregard his art. That just shows your total disrespect for the other 5 members of the band.
    Depends on what you consider little girls I guess? My personal consideration would be 15-20, so you're honestly in the age group too. Either way sounds like this guy has had a history as a chimo.