M. Shadows: 'Avenged Sevenfold Are Eerily Similar to Metallica'

Vocalist makes Metallica comparisons in new interview.

Ultimate Guitar

Radio.com has recently been talking with Avenged Sevenfold vocalist M. Shadows and bassist Johnny Christ about the status of the band after the release of their recent self-titled album, Blabbermouth reports. The record has received many comparisons to Metallica's 1991 self-titled album, and, as Shadows notes, he sees the similarities between the two bands as being eerie: "To me, we have so many eerie similarities to Metallica, it's ridiculous. We lost a member during one of our most important times. We have an album now which is being compared to the 'Black Album' [by Metallica], which is very ... For us, we kneel at the throne. We're very much big fans of Metallica. At the same time, we're just doing our thing, we're trying to create our own legacy." Avenged Sevenfold were recently announced as the first headliner for next year's Download Festival. The event is set to take place at Donington in the U.K between 13-15th June. The band will be headlining the Friday night with main support from Rob Zombie. Linkin Park will be headlining the Saturday with a complete performance of their landmark 2000 debut, "Hybrid Theory." What do you think? Are Avenged Sevenfold the successors to Metallica’s throne? Or are the thrash giants untouchable? Let us know in the comments.

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    It's not being compared to the Black album because it's a huge breakthrough success with awesome songs, it's being compared because it's a rip off.
    It seems to be popular to hate on A7X now for some reason. Why? Because "they're copying Matallica"? Get over yourselves, they're still a great band; I'm sure the guys in Sevenfold didn't sit down and say "hey guys, lets take the sad but true riff and copy it!" They wear their influences on their sleeves on this album, and there's nothing wrong with that, plenty of bands do that. They still make great music.
    Yeah, but the difference is that other bands don't go, "Hey, let's write a riff eerily similar to our influences and call it our own". They clearly are lacking in creativity now that the Rev is gone.
    Nightmare was still good. I don't hate the new album because it sounds "like Metallica", I just hate it cuz I find it boring.
    Have you heard 'I'm not ready to die' & 'Carry On' Written for the call of duty games, those were without the rev around, and i think it proves they're still capable to write great and heavy songs. They chose to go into a new direction with the new album, not because of lack of creativity.
    people gotta listen to the whole album. if this means war was not on the album no one would have any examples of how it is a rip off.
    I don't think it's because "they're copying Metallica", I think it's because people think they suck. I don't know, I could be wrong on this... Somehow I think it has a lot with their fanbase to do also... But as I said, I could be wrong...
    I'm pretty sure they did sit down and figure out how to copy it. The timing and changes are spot on the same, look below at the youtube video SexyDnB posted and it's obvious. They have a handful of good songs, even with a couple off the new album. I think 44Double0 is right about the fanbase being part of the reason everyone refuses association though.
    People have been hating on A7x since they begain. Why? Because they're terribly uncreative and whinney, they have been since the Metalcore days and just got worse and worse with the semi-plagerism on City of Evil.
    A member died and you copied their style, that's not being eerily similar.
    Sad but true...
    avenged sevenfold is a great band. metalica is a great band. just listen to the music and be happy for both being successful bands that make good music we can ejoy
    Why are you guys so negative? I think their new album sounded very good. It just seems like suddenly everybody is thinking Avenged is a bad band just because they expected something different than that. Well, too bad if it isn't for you. It doesn't make the band any worse.
    Nobody here is saying they're bad because of an unexpected turn in style. In fact, I really disliked their earlier styles and thought Hail to the King was a step in the right direction. No matter what your opinion on that is, though, people are talking crap about the album because it's a blatant ripoff.
    This. It seems to be popular to hate on A7X now for some reason. Why? Because "they're copying Matallica"? Get over yourselves, they're still a great band; I'm sure the guys in Sevenfold didn't sit down and say "hey guys, lets take the sad but true riff and copy it!" They wear their influences on their sleeves on this album, and there's nothing wrong with that, plenty of bands do that. They still make great music.
    Gee, I would've never guessed that the self-titled would be compared to the Black Album. *cough* *cough* "This Means War"
    You never compare yourself to another band like Metallica. Others may compare you, but you never do it yourself. Never.
    Stating similarities and comparing are two different things. Way out of context. The question asked him about being compared to Metallica and he answered.
    I just hope that people who listen to the new album will take the time to listen to their earlier work. like when i was 10 and heard Sandman and thought it was the coolsest shit ever. Then I heard master of puppets and was like "Whoa this is 50X better than the black album"
    It would really help if Ultimate-Guitar included the actual question from the interview, that stated "How does it feel being compared to Metallica?" as opposed to just the answer. He was asked about it, and he answered. Both bands had key members die: fact. The new album is getting compared to Metallica's music, whether it be because it's a "rip off" or if people genuinely dig the influence. Read ANY Avenged article on this site from the past couple of months and try and find one that (whether in the comments or the actual article itself) doesn't compare them to Metallica, whether it be in a good or bad way. This website, and the people on it, really like to take things out of proportion and run with them.
    Shut up already, Shadows. Geez. We get it. You love Metallica and want to be them. I used to be a huge A7X fan but they've really lost me with this whole new approach. I really don't like it. It feels fake, watered down and like they're just being fanboys. I miss old Avenged Sevenfold. And I don't care if that's wrong.
    Let's be honest, the only song on that album that is vaguely similar to Metallica is this means war, nothing else any similarities. Metal fans = huge bitch ass divas...
    Doing Time sounds way too much like Guns N' Roses. I appreciate that they want to pay homage to their influences, but they already had an awesome sound going for them (IMO). I would've appreciated if they just stayed true to the A7X sound and used their influences to make a better A7X record rather than a record that sounds like too many other bands.
    See, I read a buncha bullshit through all this but one line stuck. Linkin Park headlines Download festival Saturday with a complete performance of Hybrid Theory. Now if only I had money.
    Was honestly going to comment on this... I cannot believe they'd even consider such a thing at this point in their career. Do the fans they've acquired throughout the past 5-6 years even know HT and Met even exist?
    I think my op may have been misinterpreted. I love the fact that they're playing it in full again, I just feel as though they've done a musical 180 since their first two records and fans of their newer stuff may feel somewhat alienated (kinda like fans of the original two albums have for years now).
    There being compared because metallica lost a member (cliff burton) avenged sevenfold lost the rev. In 1991 metallica got a lot of shit for the black album cause it was a different sound and didn't sound like there old stuff. Avenged sevenfold is getting a lot of shit for there new album cause it sounds diferent and not like there old stuff.
    actually, very few of their core fanbase have actually disagreed with the changes to their sound they've had throughout their career, which have been pretty drastic from album to album httk has easily gotten the most flak, and not because it's "not like their old stuff," but because it's too similar to other bands' old stuff
    As much as I like these guys, please stop. You're trying way too hard and its just embarrassing.
    Irwin Navarro
    This is just me talking but why is A7X getting so much hate for wanting to be like Metallica. At least theyre trying to reproduce good music that once took place during the "good ol days". Truth be told, it could have been worse. THey could have been one of those "trend" bands such as All TIme Low or whatever but they didnt.
    omg please stop with the drama articles... a7x are great metallica are great all that needs to be said
    I hate it when artists compare themselves to other popular artists. Where is the point of that ? Don't they have other things to believe in ? Like something that has nothing to do with money ? They are not "trying to create their own legacy" - they are trying to be "the next Metallica" or "the second Metallica" since they are still around. This is what happens when you rip off others .
    Yeah Hail To The King is quite similar to The Black Album. Especially the stripped-down production and the rather simple drumming - that is factual comparisons.
    If M. is referring to the downhill slope they seem to be taking musically I agree.That being said I liked everything Metallica put out up until St.Anger.Even Load and Reload.
    They're using the death of their friend to draw comparisons to the band they're trying to copy? Really?
    its like they're trying to force themselves on the scene. all they've accomplished so far is come off as desperate and pathetic
    My first thought was there were tons of similarities. The black album was Metallica's first big change in previous direction. The felt the same for Hail To The King, however A7X has matured much more drastically in their first few albums. "Shepard of Fire" has a very Enter Sandman feel. "This Means War" has a very similar feel to Sad But True. I don't think the comparison is a surprise, and I don't think it's bad for A7X. I really like A7X, in a similar way to the way I loved Metallica back in high school.
    Both of these bands SUCK. All their songs sound the same. And all the lyrics are self centered whining of how the man is beating them down. So those 2 bands are terrible. What are real bands you ask? Oh let's see: Slayer, Megadeth, Sepultura, MARILYN MANSON, ALICE COOPER, Linkin Park, a few examples
    Ryan Withers
    Alice Cooper has said multiple time more bands should be like black veil brides. even said it during the golden gods awards. so are they cool too? and linkin park... really?
    I mean you guys need to realize that A7x is really a metal band. Its better than that pussy shit that BVB comes out with, Hell even metallica had them play at orion. Does that show you something. I love metallica and like A7x. I think A7x is one of the only bands that somewhat keeps the metal dream alive.