Machine Head Frontman Cries Every Day Since Firing Bassist

Rob Flynn says he's been an emotional wreck since firing bassist Adam Duce after 21 years with the band, but felt there was no other way forward.

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Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn says he's been in tears since firing bassist Adam Duce.

Duce had been with the band for 21 years, but after losing his drive in recent years, Flynn felt he had no other choice.

"Adam hasn't been happy in this band for a long time. But how do you leave? To a guy like Adam everything is either winning or losing. While that sounds great for a TV show or an interview, life just isnt like that," wrote Flynn in a blog post (via ClassicRock).

"Truth be told, he was sick of it: sick of touring, recording, practising, looking at album artwork, sick of being on a team but never getting the ball. Sick of never quite hitting the big-time, sick of caring. I don't blame him but he just wouldn't quit."

That doesn't mean firing his friend was easy. "I've cried every day since I've been an emotional wreck. I was sick the day we announced it, walking around about to vomit for two hours," Flynn said. "I'm not going to tell you everything is going to be alright. It sucks. It sucks for everyone who tried to save this."

They met last week for the first time since Duce's departure, which Flynn describes as "civil."

Do you wish Machine Head would continue with their old bassist, or is it the best way forward for the band? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    May be Duce should give Dave Lombardo a call.
    I think Adam Duce, Dave Lombardo, Rob Caggiano & Howard Jones would make an excellent modern metal band.
    Especially if his cry sounds like this...
    That was fantastic!! The evil genius that thought of Slayer when he heard that man cry is out of his mind!!!
    Glass Prisoner
    - Editted; because I totally read that wrong and my smart ass reply made me sound like a total jackass.
    Bring in Caggiano too. That'd be sick. Edit - Posted that before I read Reddaz's comment. I should really start reading more.
    Don't worry dude, most UGers don't read the article let alone a comment they're replying to.
    ... the idea of fired bandmates forming their own bands sounds kinda cool...
    Wasn't that done a few years ago with guys who used to be in KISS and Motley Crue? (I'm too lazy to look it up right now.)
    you could have two bands consisting only of people fired from Kiss if some of the guitarists would agree to play the bass that is.
    Dr. Knox666
    It's really a sad thing they had to fire him but when it doesn't work anymore, what other choice do they have?
    I will go ahead & put this out there - MH are my favorite band. With that being said, to bash Robb for being honest & heartfelt is just childish and immature. Robb puts his heart & soul into MH and that's so obvious; if someone doesn't have the same passion sometimes it's best they move on. As much as I love & will miss the Duce, MH is a force and will not miss a beat.
    Machine Head should get Newsted to replace. Just throwing that out there.
    Every band should get Newsted to do something with them. He's a ****ing beast.
    -- Atleast he loved this video, and hopefully it will continue to cheer him up!
    This is (IMO) one of the greatest interpretations of a metal song to a metal piano song that I have ever heard. After researching a little bit it's pretty cool that Robb Flynn actually tweeted the video (Machine Head's official Facebook shared it as well) and Phil Demmel is the first comment you see on the video! This chick is going to bring on a storm of awesome...I can feel it!
    VK is a money driven *****.....TRUTH -- This Sara girl plays from her heart and soul, and nothing beats that.
    It always sucks when you have to say goodbye to a friend, especially when it's a friend that's been with you through this much. But I'm sure that they'll stay in touch, and who knows where life will take them.
    I still cant believe it too, its like one of the ninja turtles leaving the group, sad
    Their last 2 albums were phenomenal. If he still isn't into it by now, let him look back on his career that ended in the highest note possible. M f'n H.
    Really, couldn't have worded the title something that doesn't sound like you're insulting the guy?
    I can understand Adam feeling trapped and obligated as a member of the band, seeing as he's one of two founding members and they're at the peak of their career. Robb firing him was probably for the best on either side and it was probably necessary because Adam wouldn't leave on his own accord.
    If he wasn't enjoying it anymore, why couldn't they sit down and agree on an amicable split? If someone isn't enjoying it anymore, then it's fair enough that he fired him. Get someone who is enjoying it. I couldn't imagine enjoying my job for 21 years.
    The split was amicable. There's nothing about bad blood in any of the articles about this.
    There's nothing to argue about if he was sick of being in the band. I mean, that's it, if he doesen't want to play anymore, he quits or gets fired, that's understandable. Now they have to decide wether to look for new bass player or not, and I really hope they do since they're an awesome band.
    'Robb Flynn says he's been in tears since firing bassist Adam Duce' Wooooo! Metal YEAH!!!!
    Agent 00Awesome
    I've really only gotten into The Blackening and Unto the Locust. Do any fans out there have another recommendation by them? On a related note, I can sympathize how he feels. After spending 21 years in a band together, they were probably more like family than friends. It must be tough to have to fire a brother like that.
    their first album Burn My Eyes is excellent, and also Through The Ashes of Empires is one of my favourite records by them
    I would suggest listening to Burn My Eyes and The More Things Change first, and then Through the Ashes of Empires so you can recognize the transition into the sound and style of The Blackening and Unto the Locust. In case you want to check out their nu metal material, you might want to save those albums for last, they were basically a short detour that doesn't represent the band very well in my opinion. Everybody's got their own taste, though.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Thanks guys! I'll avoid the Nu Metal albums for now. I'm not a big fan of that. But I'll definitely check out their thrashier albums.