Machine Head Frontman Cries Every Day Since Firing Bassist

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Machine Head Frontman Cries Every Day Since Firing Bassist
Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn says he's been in tears since firing bassist Adam Duce. Duce had been with the band for 21 years, but after losing his drive in recent years, Flynn felt he had no other choice. "Adam hasn't been happy in this band for a long time. But how do you leave? To a guy like Adam everything is either winning or losing. While that sounds great for a TV show or an interview, life just isnt like that," wrote Flynn in a blog post (via ClassicRock). "Truth be told, he was sick of it: sick of touring, recording, practising, looking at album artwork, sick of being on a team but never getting the ball. Sick of never quite hitting the big-time, sick of caring. I don't blame him but he just wouldn't quit." That doesn't mean firing his friend was easy. "I've cried every day since I've been an emotional wreck. I was sick the day we announced it, walking around about to vomit for two hours," Flynn said. "I'm not going to tell you everything is going to be alright. It sucks. It sucks for everyone who tried to save this." They met last week for the first time since Duce's departure, which Flynn describes as "civil." Do you wish Machine Head would continue with their old bassist, or is it the best way forward for the band? Share your opinion in the comments.
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