Man Compiles Every James Hetfield 'Yeah' Ever

30 years of Metalli-grunting in 3 minutes.

Ultimate Guitar

Since Metallica started back in the early 1980s, James Hetfield has been developing one of the most distinctive vocal styles in hard rock and metal.

His guttural roar has become a staple of the Metallica sound, defining heavy metal singing for generations to come. He also says the word "yeah" a lot. Like, a hell of a lot.

Hetfield's "yeahs" have been a staple of every Metallica record from "Kill 'Em All" to "Death Magnetic" (and no, "Lulu" was not a Metallica album, it was just a bad dream we collectively had... pay it no mind).

Now, having realized Hetfield's ability for expressing the affirmative at every available opportunity, some smart pup has decided to take every Hetfield "yeah" ever and compile them into one three minute bout of utter insanity.

It sounds something like this:

So there you go, the complete evolution of James Hetfield's "yeah". Points to everyone who was able to identify all of the songs that these "yeahs" came from. Minus points if you were only able to identify the ones from "St. Anger".

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    Priest: "James Hetfield, do you take this woman to be your wedded wife?" James Hetfield: "YEEEEEAAAaaaaahhh"
    Who else listened to the whole thing and heard "I am the table" at the end? LMAO!!
    this is the greatest thing that has been posted here about metallica.
    "What is UG crazy LULU is the best album of Metallica's" bob says jokingly, then he notices the Metallica fans giving him death eye "that's not even funny".
    funny how there's about a thousand from 'whiskey in the jar' alone also funny how messed up the ones on lulu sound
    Anybody ever notice whenever UG attaches a video or audio clip, the comments erupt into videos and no actual comments?
    "Minus points if you were only able to identify the ones from "St. Anger" One of UG's more truthful statements
    best of their albums since black... hate all you want. I like it. the drums as well.
    Worst of their albums since black... like all you want. I hate it. Lars Ulrich is shit. EDIT: Dude, I got a -1 within 60 seconds of posting this comment. NEW RECORD!
    I both agree and disagree. I didn't mind the songs but I thought that the production could have been better, metallica may have realized this and thats why they did the rehearsal dvd. I enjoyed that quite a bit. The whole album being jammed live in a little room, sounded much better and more raw which was the point of that disk anyway. Plus Kirk's backup screams are pretty rad and make me chuckle.
    (and no, "Lulu" was not a Metallica album, it was just a bad dream we collectively had... pay it no mind). Lots of lols
    i think its weird how i know right off the top of my head every single song in this.
    It'd be funnier if was no, then we can have the juice dude burst in at the end and go oooooh yeaaaah!
    my favorite James' "yeah" is from "The Memory Remains".. just epic..
    Ahhh, I love the bit where he goes "yeah yeah yeah-eh!" and "Yeah-orrr!".
    Someone's got to do this with Dio saying "LOOK OUT!" I know there are plenty of those.
    biased writer is biased. wtf is everyone ripping on St.Anger?
    lol you're equally biased. It's called having an opinion one way or the other. What's the point of tip toeing around how you really feel? By my own personal standards, St. Anger is not only a bad Metallica album, it's also poorly recorded, over long, and if any other band had their name on it, I never would have bothered to listen to it.
    cause it sucks. its legitimately bad lol i dont understand how people dont see that. im really glad they had a good jam together after getting upset, but thats a poor excuse for a release
    Slightly better.
    dont even click on the sheyt
    Moulondo, that was come reverse psychology right there. I had to click on it because of, you and now I will live the rest of my life in regret!
    You sit here and listen to it...and all you can think about it is...YEAH!!!!!
    I find the cover of "Into the Coven" hilarious, because he says "YAAAA" more than King Diamond actually says it in the song. Also, King is way better than James in every way, even as a guitarist.
    and its uh-mazin! i wish if their was a way to get all his concert "yeahs" but that would take a while t listen to