Man Dies After Doing 'Gangnam Style' Dance

Cardiologist warns against attempting moves.

Ultimate Guitar

Middle-aged men have been warned against dancing Gangnam Style after a father of three collapsed and died while copying the moves from the hit video by Psy.

46 Eamonn Kilbride collapsed with chest pains at his office Christmas party in Blackburn, UK, last weekend after performing the dance moves from the video.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Professor Bernard Keavney, who is a consultant cardiologist at Newcastle University, has warned older men not to "stray outside your comfort zone" at Christmas parties this year. "The chance that you'll come to grief is very small. But as with any form of untypical exercise... be somewhat measured. Let the lady dance around you," he added.

President Barack Obama claimed, back in November, that he can dance Gangnam Style, although he speculated that his inauguration ball was not the appropriate time to bring the moves out:

"I just saw that video for the first time... I think I can do that move. I'm not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out. Maybe do it privately for Michelle."

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    This is not "Ultimate Guitar" material is it?
    the obama throw in is gonna make for some awesome comments as well
    Times like these I wish Dave Mustaine was on UG
    Obama killed 27 people in Newton, and invented the gangnam style Dave W Mustaine
    It's newtown, unless you're playing on the fact that Obama cared enough to mispronounce the name of the town.
    "The chance that you'll come to grief is very small. But as with any form of untypical exercise... be somewhat measured. Let the lady dance around you," he added. Well, there ya go! Let HER die, lol.
    Which mother f***er liked this article?
    Dumbass. How many times have the mods explained it on this site? It's not the subject of the article, rather the way the article was put together, structure, language used etc. Not the content.
    Am I the only one getting tired of hearing about this song? Especially on a site like this.
    I read this in the paper and it immediately annoyed me. It's up there with the story about a packet of biscuits "saving someone's life" because somebody used it to prop their head up as they gave them CPR. He didn't die because of Gangnam Style. He was dancing and then he died. His wife only mentioned in passing that Gangnam Style was being played a few minutes before it happened. That's it.
    Josh Reubenking
    Holy shit. RIP, man. Who cares if this isn't Ultimate Guitar news, people? A man died. Show some respect.
    My pet hamster just died of boredom. He deserves an article, too. Hell, it happened while I was on this site, so I think it's even more news-worthy here - "Reading UG Articles Literally Caused My Hamster to Die," but he will get no news article. I demand equal rights for hamsters!
    Thousands of people died while you typed that sentence. You got some respectin' ta do!
    Josh Reubenking
    How ****ing dare you? I have respect for the dead. I'm saying people on here don't have respect for this particular man. Get your ****ing facts straight and don't say I don't have respect for the dead. Right now, I don't have respect for you.
    From "Walk Hard" Dewey Cox: [starting to cry] She lost her balance... and fell out the window... and then the radio crushed her head? Pa Cox: While she was dancing to your song. I thought you should know what your music does. It kills people. You made her happy, and it killed her.
    wait what ? middle aged men being warned not to do this why exactly ? the guy died from a heart attack not the actual dance for **** sake. statistcaly older people are more lilely to die from heart attacks after having sex are people warned not to have sex ? its a ****ing heart attack it can hit you when ever its not a direct result of the dance i give up on this world
    It doesn't matter what dance he was doing. Clearly he shouldn't have been dancing in the first place.
    What the **** UG? You've had to string to lame stories together to make one bigger lame story....
    How many UG commenters does it take to screw in a light bulb? 5 to comment that the light bulb is awesome. 50 to comment that the light bulb sucks. 15 to comment that all light bulbs suck ass. 10 to comment that light bulbs didn't used to suck as much as they do today. 5 to comment that not all of today's light bulbs suck. 1 to make a pun loosely related to the topic of light bulbs. (250 upvotes, gold medal) 45 to comment this light bulb shouldn't be here. 20 to comment that just because it's not a Metallica light bulb doesn't mean it shouldn't be here. 5 to use the opportunity to rip on Lulu. 15 to comment that Dave Mustaine thinks Obama made the light bulb go out. 10 to comment that the above commenter is an idiot. 10 to comment that the above commenter is the real idiot. 20 to start arguing about American monetary policy. 1 to post that nine-hour video of Peter Griffin saying "Oh my God, who the hell cares?" over and over again.