Man Sings GN'R During Murder

A man allegedly sung the Guns N' Roses song "I Used To Love Her" as he shot his ex-girlfriend while high on pills and cherry vodka.

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A man reportedly sung the Guns N' Roses song "I Used To Love Her" before murdering his ex-girlfriend.

Thomas Wilhelm, 48, also drank cherry vodka and took prescription pills before shooting Christine Murray, 35, who was only his business partner at the time, according to the LA Times.

"I used to love her, but I had to kill her," say the lyrics to the 1988 Gn'R song from their album 'Lies'".

The pair may have argued over changing the name for their sprinkler business, which was branded as Wilhelm.

Senior attorney Jim Mendelson told the court in Orange County that Wilhelm "took great pride in the Wilhelm sprinkler name." Murray said she would wait until he was sober so they could talk business, to which Willhelm replied, "Basically, that will be never."

"The one thing that you are going to hear about Mr. Wilhelm is his business endeavors were severely hampered because he had a real substance-abuse problem for multiple types of substances and alcohol," Mendelson said.

While the disagreement continued, Murray text another of Wilhelm's ex-girlfriend with whom she had forged a bond. "He's drunk, locked in his room, listening to his oldies music, singing at the top of his lungs, hammered as hell, says we will talk soon. I told him when he is sober. Says he doesn't intend to ever be. Good then I don't need to change your name, you won't need it." Minutes later, she was dead.

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    I never thought I'd see the day where a GnR post wouldn't contain the words Slash or Axl good job UG!
    I wonder if I take a shit in a really nice hotel and sing "Paradise City" If it will make the headlines on this website.
    Or get high, pee on the ground n jump around, whilst singing "We're All Gonna Die" from Slash's first solo album
    if you were to ever murder you gf while singing a song, THIS is one of the songs to do it to. That and "Kim" by Eminem. Just sayin'
    This has nothing to do with GnR. Nothing here identifies that he was listening to that sond.