Man Thrown Out of Classical Concert for Crowd Surfing, Starting Mosh Pit

Fan takes an invite to physically respond to Handel's "Messiah" too literally, a crowd-surfing ban already enacted.

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A crowd-surfing ban has recently been enacted at Bristol Proms as a classical music fan took an invitation to physically participate in Handel's "Messiah" a tad too literally, going far enough to even start a mosh pit.

Tom Morris, the "War Horse" director and the man behind Bristol Proms, has previously invited the crowd to participate with more enthusiasm, but a man described as a "leading scientist" seems to have just went too far.

As the Independent reports, Morris had even told the audience to bring some beer in front of the stage and "clap or whoop when you like, and no shushing other people."

The "Messiah" mosh-pit included Dr. David R Glowacki, a Royal Society Research Fellow and visiting scientist at Stanford University, an expert in non-equilibrium molecular reaction dynamics.

As witnesses have noted, Dr. Glowacki responded to the crescendo of the "Hallelujah Chorus" by lurching from side to side, raising his hands and attempting a "crowd-surfing maneuver."

Other members of the crowd have found Dr. David a distraction and have physically ejected him from the venue.

"He got very over-excited," said Morris. "It was the first eviction of a classical concert audience member by another member we've found since the 18th century."

Although Morris has made quite clear that he's interested in "paving the way" for a new sort of classical concert atmosphere, Glowacki the crowd-surfer doesn't seem too convinced in Tom's attitude.

"Classical music, trying to seem cool and less stuffy, reeks of some sort of fossilized art form undergoing a midlife crisis," the lecturer said. "Witness what happened to me when I started cheering with a 30-strong chorus shouting 'praise God' two meters from my face: I get physically assaulted, knocked down to the floor and forcibly dragged out by two classical vigilantes.

"Neither the bourgeoisie audience nor their curators (e.g. Tom Morris) really believe what they say. You're free to behave as you like, and it's comforting to think that you have that freedom, but it's only available to you so long as you behave correctly," he added.

David also pointed out that he was not drunk at the time, saying, "This may be a consequence of me being American, but I can quite easily be provocative without the need to be inebriated."

However, Mr. Morris stated that Dr. Glowacki won't be banned and is hopping for his return. "David was investigating what the nature of the rules are, using the skills that make him an extraordinary scientist - and for some in the audience, a slightly irritating one," the director said.

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So a question for all the metalheads out there - would you consider moshing to this one?

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    the man had this to say about the guys who threw him out: "What a f--king bunch of tosspots."
    Would have been better if "First Violinist Thrown Out of Orchestra for Crowd Surfing, Starting Mosh Pit"
    Floyd Phoenix
    I had to study an excerpt from Messiah at school and frankly if I had to hear it again I would happily start a violent mosh pit
    Really? I have studied an excerpt from Messiah too, and i thought it was wonderful, even though Händel gets a bit boring from time to time.
    "That is Bach and it rocks, it's a rock block of Bach, that he learned how to play at the school of hard knocks."- Tenacious D
    Honestly this is why no one goes to classical concerts anymore. Back when in the day of classical music people used to throw tomatoes at the stage, pick fights and have sex in the balcony, at an opera of all things. We have to lift this ban on 'audience participation' at classical music concerts if we want anyone who isnt an old and pretentious listening to is.
    I think the thing for me is, even a full symphony orchestra is far quieter than seeing a band. If people cheer and make noise you can't hear shit anymore, let alone at a piano recital or string quartet. Going to classical music concert is one of the few places where everyone has to shut up, not look at their phone and actually just listen. I don't want to have to hear to morons shouting when I'm trying to listen. The guy who always yells 'bravo' the moment the conductor's hand is down is bad enough. Everyone else is talking about 'saving' classical music but for people like myself the classical concert experience is already pretty much perfect.
    The whole point of Metal in the first place is to be classical that we can mosh to lol. Well obviously that's an exaggeration but if you're looking for energy release and intricate music then why not go to Between the Buried and Me or Obscura? Why go to a classical concert.
    1) please don't even compare metal to classical, they don't have a damn thing to do with each other . 2) if I want intricate I'll listen to Bach. 3) I have seen BTBAM live and it was without a doubt one of the worst concerts I have ever been to. I'm sure the band played great, but there was zero discernible pitch because the sound was so bad. And this the case with every metal show I've ever been to. I have no idea why people enjoy them when you can't hear anything. And yes, I did wear earplugs. It made the sound even muddier. 4) you're a moron and that's the worst post I've ever read on this site.
    He'd be lucky. I can hardly get a mosh pit started at a rock metal festival these days, here in England... "Stop pushing! There are girls here!" "Well ****, I wonder what Mr Mustaine would say if he heard you saying that during his 'Tornado of Souls'. Tosser.
    "However, Mr. Morris stated that Dr. Glowacki won't be banned and is hopping for his return." Hope he doesn't pass out.
    I watched that whole video and there's no moshing or crowd surfing in it, bummer
    It's just there to show people what the song sounds like, and then asks us if we'd mosh to. Personally I wouldn't but if you dig that kind of stuff, I don't see why not!
    Velcro Man
    What a ****ing douchenozzle. I've never understood the concept of moshing, it just seems like angsty teenage behavior, but that's just me. I prefer to listen to music without a bunch of greasy, sweaty *******s bouncing into me. All those crowd activities, I could understand at like a wrestling event, but if you're at a concert ****ing around, you're missing the experience of it all and ruining it for the people not interested in doing it with you.
    Swearing at random people on the internet is also angsty teenage behavior. I scoff at thee.
    Mosh to bands like Machine Head and Testament, for Gods sake, not to composers that can actually write decent music. Moshing just exists to distract you so you don't realise how bloody awful the music is.
    Just because you don't like metal, it doesn't mean you can blindly bash them as musicians. Look at Alex Skolnick, the lead guitarist of Testament. He's also a jazz musician and is coming out with a world music album later this year. These guys are all serious musicians regardless of your opinion.
    you named ONE metal guitarist to prove your point.. look at jazz players... they're all jazz musicians.
    yeah, isn't mosh just another word for fight, because thats all a mosh pit has ever looked like to me..
    It may look like a fight but believe it or not, there's an actual etiquette to follow while moshing. The purpose of a pit is so people can have a sort of release. Most people that mosh don't go in with the intentions of hurting anyone (although there are a few idiots that do).
    And said idiots usually get their asses handed to them and then thrown out of the venue. Justice.
    Exactly. I've seen dudes get their asses kicked for cheap shotting or not helping anyone up if they've fallen. Despite how violent a pit may look, everyone always watches out for each other.
    Been in too many pits to count. Never been hurt unless it was a major arena with first timers having that same mentality that a pit is to inflict as much damage as possible. Etiquette: if someone falls, pick them up. Keep your elbows in and always look out for first time surfers keeping their feel low.
    I'm a huge classical fan, play a fair amount on my guitar, but this is just hysterical.
    Metal is the modern day Classical. I can totally mosh to some Bach, Vivaldi and Wagner. lol
    While I can appreciate the irony; what a f***in' d-bag. Dude needs his ass kicked.
    I don't know... I kind of like it that in classical concerts people are quiet and listen to the music. But on the other hand, sometimes it feels like you can't do almost anything in the concert. I think classical concerts could be a bit more relaxed - at least some of them. But yeah, I think headbanging and crowd surfing in a classical concert is maybe a bit too much. If somebody really feels like it, why not? But you could also see that as an insult because that's not what people normally do in the concerts and they expect you to behave like everybody else does.