Man Tries to Set Fire to Historic Music Venue in Nashville

The 52-year-old Jeffrey Parsley allegedly admitted to attempting to light newspapers to burn the back door of the Ryman Auditorium.

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A man was arrested on Aug. 27 for trying to set fire to the Ryman Auditorium, one of Nashville and music's most historic venue.

According to WTVF-TV in Nashville, Jeffrey Parsley allegedly admitted to attempting to light newspapers to burn the back door of the country-music landmark. The 52-year-old suspect apparently lives one block behind the Ryman.

Parsley tried to burn down the storied music venue - which has hosted everything from the 88-year-old Grand Ole Opry and country-music icons to comedians and classic rockers like ZZ Top - on Aug. 18.

He was caught on surveillance cameras and arrested this past week. His bond is set at $20,000. There were no injuries reported, and so far the extent of the damage has not been revealed, says Ultimate Classic Rock.

The next event on the Ryman schedule is a sold-out performance by indie rockers The National on Sept. 8. In addition to ZZ Top, Gov't Mule, Blondie and John Mellencamp's "Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County" are scheduled to play there within the next few months.

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    Headline: MAN TRIES TO SET FIRE TO HISTORIC MUSIC VENUE Article: Attempted to burn back door Oh, UG!
    Wow, Kenny Rodgers tried to burn down the Ryman. Guess he didn't know when to fold 'em.
    I've been to the Ryman twice to see Bright Eyes. It's a pretty neat venue, but the staff is a bunch of strict old people who will get onto you for just about anything other than sitting there in complete silence, looking forward at the stage.
    Most shows that come through there don't really draw a rowdy crowd, though. I've been there before and had no problems, even once alcohol came into the picture. It's a very relaxed environment, and it's definitely one of my favorite venues I've been to so far. I'd recommend it to anybody who can keep relatively calm during a show.