Manchester United Goalkeeper Is a Thrash Metal Fan

David De Gea demands more Slayer in the team's dressing room.

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There seems to be a real battle going on in the dressing room of Manchester United - a pre-match music battle to be precise. Prior to Gary Neville's retirement, rock music was winning this battle. But since the full-back ended his career, R&B fan and midfielder Patrice Evra took over control and now the playlist is consisted of much softer hits.

But luckily, goalkeeper David De Gea has stepped in to defend the honor of the heavy sound. As a huge thrash metal fan, the goalkeeper insists on adding some Slayer tracks on the playlist. And not only that, as he would like some even more extreme music to be added, such as grindcore legends Napalm Death.

"David's asked Patrice if he'll change the music - he's more thrash metal than R&B. He's asked to have tracks by Slayer and Napalm Death added to the dressing room playlist," a source tells The Sun.

Manchester United are currently topping the Premiere league table and are well on their way to win the team's 20th champion title, so maybe R&B music is working well for them after all. But perhaps some good old rock sound would make their lead even bigger.

When we asked you about your favorite workout songs several weeks ago, you've composed a list consisting mostly of rock and metal songs. But what about a pre-match warm-up? Do you think rock and metal beat pop and R&B here as well?

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    Every United fan already knows this. He's barely 21, it's not so weird he likes thrash. He's described his girlfriend's (a spanish pop star) music as 'shit'. Respect for that though
    matteo cubano
    I've long realized metal doesn't have a lot of mainstream appeal, but I didn't realize its fan base really that small that someone coming out as a fan makes news?
    For me as a Man U fan, it's relatable and an interesting fact to learn. But just because you're not a football fan and can't relate to it you can't say it's a bullshit article. I don't give a crap about 80% of articles here, but I don't whine about it.
    I wonder where iommi600 is... one article he won't comment on.
    This is tough for me, man... De Gea likes Napalm Death, one of my favorite bands of all time, while I just found the other day that Stevie G likes Phil Collins. EDIT: not trying to be an obnoxious bitch, but it's spelled "Premier League", UG.
    Nero Galon
    Phil Collins is good in his own way too?
    I prefer "He'll pass the ball 40 yards... he's big and he's ****ing hard..." over his music, but opinions are opinions. But since I'm probably surrounded by Mancs here, I'll go away before the downvotes come for me...
    Nero Galon
    Umm sorry but you've lost me... Explain please?
    That's a song we sing for Gerrard.
    The song we sing to him in the Stretford end is Steve Gerrard, Gerrard He kisses the badge on his chest Then puts in a transfer request Steve Gerrard, Gerrard
    Which is very funny, considering Gerrard has been with Liverpool since day one... and also turned down 2 or 3 multi millionaire offers from Chel$ea to stay at Anfield. With that said, you guys must really hate Tevez and Ronaldo then, lol. EDIT: Yup, jameshudson92 is right btw.
    He put in a transfer request in 2005 and said he didn't want to play at Liverpool anymore. Then realizing the backlash he'd get, he reneged. It's completely fine they moved on, they never intended to stay at United forever, so you respect what they did for the club and get on with it.
    That actually happened for contractual reasons. Gerrard was willing to sign a new contract after the 2005 Champions League Final, but then LFC delayed it for quite some time, which started to annoy him. Not all young players can deal with contracts and getting a shitload of money out of nowhere; see how he's much more mature now and wants to stay at Anfield simply because he is a Red. He DID almost left for Chelsea, which is something he also openly regrets. Let's also not forget that he had previously rejected an offer from Chelsea before that. Also, in his first game after all that mess, he was applauded by the Kop when he left at half-time. How is that backlash? And the thing about "kissing the badge": he was raised in The Kop supporting Liverpool FC, so I think he's got the right to do so. And he does not have to stay in Liverpool forever. Rooney grew up supporting Everton and kissing their badge too and now he plays for you Mancs, for an example.
    To be fair that still doesn't justify saying he's a die hard Liverpool player then contemplating leaving. However since we won't agree on this point how about we just carry on singing? Steve Gerrard, Gerrard He runs over kids with his car He beats up Dj's in bars Steve Gerrard, Gerrard.
    I agree. Gary Neville shags his ma, shags his ma, shags his ma. Gary Neville shags his ma up the shitter. All the Nevilles shag each other, shag each other, shag each other. All the Nevilles shag each other, they're all inbreds.
    We won it three times We won it three ti-i-imes Without killing anyone We won it three times
    We've won it five times We won it at Wemberly We won it in Gay Paris In '77 and '84 it was Rome We've won it five times We've won it five ti-i-mes In Istanbul, we've won it five times
    You are a Scouser An ugly Scouser You're only happy, on Giro day Your dad's out stealing Your mum is dealing But please don't take, my hubcaps, away.
    Your sister is your mother Your uncle is your brother You all **** one another The Manchester family.
    This reminded me of back in high school when I was on the basketball team, and all they ever played in the locker room was the dumbest rap songs. I had to practically sell my soul just to get a few popular classic rock songs in the mix.
    I had (and have) the same problem, I just use my iPod now to get some metal in there
    Nero Galon
    Wow I never took Gary Neville as being a rock fan... Arsenal fan here, but yeah this is just a fun story.
    Rosicky is a massive rock/metal fan as well. And he's also said the dressing room is more R+B oriented.
    Nero Galon
    Yeah that wouldn't surprise me. Don't know bout the rest of you guys but because of my taste in music and long hair people write me off as not knowing anything about any sport.
    American Man U fans = Bandwagoners to the extreme
    At least we can be sure they will never have Oasis on their playlist.
    Im sure all the Hispanic footballs like Metallica. As well as Maiden and Helloween and Accept and The Scorpions and Europe and Poison and Bon Jovi and Warrant
    Jonas Olsson from West Brom is also known to like his metal. They do a battle of playlists before each game where the fans decide who's music is played on the loudspeakers before the match. Last time Olsson won we had Ace of Spades at full volume blasting round the ground!
    Bloody hell. do you think a non-football fan wrote this by any chance? premiere league midfielder Patrice Evra
    Can you type without a "caps lock"? There is a massive difference.
    Henrik Tallinder defenseman for the New Jersey Devils is a huge Metallica fan. Thats about as relevant and noteworthy as this so ill be expecting the article on that to be written soon too
    I saw him in the street the day after a game I went to. 99.9% sure it was him, looked the same, speaking Spanish. I woulda congratulated him but let's face it, he's not famed for his English.
    Plenty of soccer players are into rock/metal, play instruments and have gear you and I would dream about. Why something like this is on a website like UG? Who knows? A Man U fan?
    I didn't think footballers could get any more gay but apparently I was wrong.
    No wonder his saves have been top class Already knew this though .Big United fan and Metal fan \m/
    Sorry to butt in on the footy talk, but I always thought all sport would be a LOT more fun to watch if everyone played Integrity's "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" before, during, and after a match. Seeing several thousand middle-class fans scream "You mother****ers!" before launching into a spirited riot would really give the proper hoolies something to aim for in life. Screw the actual footy.
    I remember hearing that both Casey Keller and Brad Friedel both are hugely into metal as well, so maybe it's something that is more common amongst keepers, I'm a keeper as well and I've listened to metal for at least 13 years now and I think it makes you that much more aggressive before a game, gets me quite pumped before a match anyway.