Manson to Paris Jackson: 'You're Always Welcome to My Shows'

Marilyn Manson has reached out to Michael Jackson's daughter Paris after her suicide attempt this week.

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Marilyn Manson has reached out to Michael Jackson's daughter Paris after her suicide attempt this week.

Paris reportedly cut her wrists and took a pill overdose when she was barred from attending a Manson concert, and was rushed to hospital in the early hours yesterday.

Now Manson has responded via TMZ to say: "I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want."

Paris is reportedly in a stable condition in hospital, according to Blabbermouth.

Meanwhile, Manson was interviewed by broadcasting legend Larry King this week. Manson discussed personal topics including the effect that being blamed for the Columbine shootings had on his music career:

"It kinda put my whole career on hold," said Manson. "A lot of people know about it because I had to really take an active stance legally against a lot of news places for using 'Marilyn Manson' which is trademarked, much like 'Mickey Mouse.' I had to put a cease and desist order [out], so a lot of people don't talk about it ... I think I've been blamed for about 36 school shootings."

Manson is currently touring the US with fellow shock-rocker Alice Cooper through to July 21.

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    It is said that most girls tend to be attracted to men that bear resemblance their fathers...
    I know all of these are jokes... but holy shit... this is the biggest group of kindergarteners I've seen since... well Kindergarten.
    Sewage Rat
    It is said most girls are attracted to me.
    By who? Your mom?
    Say what you will about Manson's music, I'm not a fan myself, but he's a great guy and really doesn't deserve this kind of hate. I mean wow, being forced to pause your own career because of some paranoid pricks who think you caused school shootings? Is there even any evidence behind this, or is it blind accusations with Americans calling him the devil?
    Manson is not the only one. For example, Judas Priest has been accused of causing suicide, along with Ozzy and many others. I really don't get it...
    Yeah, it's really quite disgusting. The media has slowed down a lot on blaming music for this and seems to be moving on to video games which is just as bad...
    Personal rants about scapegoats and accusation-happy news reports ("Sandy Hook shooter played video games! Dance Dance Revolution 3!") aside, every form of media has been the target of blame - from comics to movies. I suppose it's human nature - if you see a convenient escape to an awkward situation, you're going to take it, even if it puts others in an awkward situation themselves.
    Sewage Rat
    Just watching the news is surely to cause more distress than any video game or music
    It's basically the society not taking the blame for what it did and blaming on something they call "evil". Either fit in or you'll be "evilised" by society.
    yeah but if you listen to Ozzy and Priest, people aren't "concerned about your feelings". I once told my gym class coach that I was listening to Manson and he said " so do you want to kill yourself or something?". I don't think the same standrad applies for ozzy or priest.
    Everything that Manson said in that video was 100 percent true. Especially that last part. Everyone is so concerned about how they feel that nobody ever give the people directly affected to say how they feel. I highly doubt the families of the victims would blame Marilyn Manson for the shootings. Just two psychopaths who were able to get guns somehow. The funny thing is that the shooters actually hated Marilyn Manson, so there was no way they were affected by his music. He was just another scapegoat so that other people didn't have to own up to their mistakes.
    Let me begin by saying that I have a strong disdain for teens who say that "(band) saved my life". However, when I was a lonely teenager with little to no friends, I honestly never felt depressed. Manson's music was about overcoming those feelings and making one feel like one was special for being an outsider. In other words, because of Manson, I never had an emo phase because it honestly prevented me from ever feeling like I was inferior and needed pity.
    Yeah it was totally just the concert that made her want to cut her wrists. Never mind the turmoil she's been through with her father dying and the ****storm the past year. Not to mention her upcoming testimony in her father's own wrongful death suit. It was just the concert, makes total sense.
    Anybody ever see that episode of Family Guy where Marilyn came and talked to Peter and Lois about Chris's bad behavior? Seems more realistic now.
    From what I hear about this guy, he actually seems like a real class act. Nice to know he went above and beyond again in this case.
    Good god could UG post a more hideous pic of Manson? Anyway it's really nice of him to reach out to her the way he did. Proves how wrong the media is most of the time.
    I just hope that more and more people don't try to do the same thing and hope to be let in to his concerts.
    "'You're Always Welcome to My Shows'".."oh and bring a razor with you - my shows aren't as talked about as they once were.."
    So she gets to get on the gust list and everyone else gets not because... By the way: who cuts their wrist for being barred from a concert?
    1) Because she's Michael Jackson's daughter. 2) Emotional teenagers