Marilyn Manson to Appear as Drug Addict in New 'Sons of Anarchy' Season

Shock rocker also rumored to be composing soundtrack material.

Marilyn Manson to Appear as Drug Addict in New 'Sons of Anarchy' Season
Being fairly known for a set of cameos over the years, shock rocker Marilyn Manson is now set for a major acting stint - a role of junkie in the upcoming season of "Sons of Anarchy."

The info was unveiled by none-other than the show's creator Kurt Sutter, who noted via Twitter, "Listening to one of Marilyn Manson's new songs. Potent. Creepy. Cool. Look for him in season 7. He'll be the guy riding the dragon."

Apart from making an acting appearance, Manson might be involved with the soundtrack and compose a tune or two. That's at least what some of the sources have hinted, without releasing any official info.

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    Cool. Born Villain was awesome, I can't wait to hear his new stuff.
    He said that the next album will be more blue-sy. Sounds pretty good if it's like the Man You Fear (or whatever the title is). But yeah, looking forward to it
    Guess he has to get attention somehow... This guy should focus on acting and quit music, hasn't released anything decent since The Golden Age of Grotesque IMO
    Hope he gets shot
    the show seems to be unforgiving of sins, so I guess being a junkie he's probably gonna have some pain coming his way. and we can all mute the show during his painful scenes and add our own dialogue. I myself will be yelling "ZIGGITY ZAG? ZIGGITY ZAG?!?!?"