Marilyn Manson Tries to Avoid Fans and Paparazzi With a Smoke Bomb

... and fails miserably at it.

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Shock rocker Marilyn Manson apparently has a new thing for smoke grenades. He now uses them to avoid lurking fans and paparazzi, which he demonstrated during the premiere of the latest "Spring Breakers" movie at the Emerson Theater in Los Angeles.

Instead of pulling a Batman-like flashy exit, Manson pretty much failed miserably as you can see in the video below. You can't say the crowd was that much shocked either, except for a few "WTF?" and "What's on fire?" comments.

Video shows the singer activating the device and walking through the thick smoke with full make-up and reaching his vehicle in order to leave the venue. Firefighters were immediately dispatched to inspect the smoke bomb singer has set off, but concluded that there was no danger at hand.

"Apparently, it's his signature move. He did the same thing recently at Greystone Manor," a source tells New York Post.

The movie itself is a crime comedy-drama thriller directed by Harmony Korine. Starring James Franco and Selena Gomez, it's set for a wordwide release on March 22 with a special UK premiere on April 5.

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    Theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated...but we are initiated, aren't we Marilyn?
    the chalky one
    Did you hear that guy in the back ground? He was screaming "He's evil! He's evil! He's a form of the devil!"
    link no1
    Sounded more like a heckler, "Praise Satan" etc etc. Instead of shouting things like that to anybody even closely related to metal maybe they should, oh I dunno, shout it at actual satanists? Then again, shout that at Kerry King and he would probably turn around and throw you the horns...
    I don't know about you guys, but I found it more offensive that Selena Gomez is in a movie starring James Franco. What utter jackass was in charge of the casting?
    We'll from what I hear he gets a threesome seen with her and vanessa I wouldn't mind if I got to act that out.
    James Franco is an awful actor. He has the personality and charisma of an old shoe. God knows why he's so loved.
    I mean I guess this works, but anytime I try to avoid talking to anyone I just fart and start waving it towards them, looking them straight in the eye so they know 100% where the fart came from. Works everytime.
    I don't really know what there is to say about this. Truthfully, it isn't very shocking, it isn't very funny, and it isn't very offensive. The only thing that could be considered humorous is that the fire department was called in to extinguish a fake fire, and might have been distracted from putting out a real one. Highly unlikely, but still a possible. Albeit a million to one possibility.
    I don't think he was actually shooting to be shocking, funny or offensive ( I mean common, it's a stupid smoke bomb) I think he was just using it as a diversion to get the f*** away from the fans/paparazzi.
    Loved the reaction of the firefighter when he was told it was a smoke bomb, just turns around and ignores the guy.
    No, I think he just paused to fart before walking through the crowd. Marilyn Manson's farts are smokey.
    purpose to stop embarrassing camera shots? purpose served, though pretty irresponsible, imo
    It's more irrisponsible to follow someone around in a car chase to take a picture of him/her and make that person crash. Although this smoke bomb action was pretty lame.
    How is that irresponsible?
    It's irresponsible because you can't just go about setting off smoke bombs without causing a bit of a stir. As the article says the fire brigade were called.
    Whats with him trying to look like a fat old version of Skrillex?
    Bet they would have cleared if he had set off a stink bomb instead.
    A gotta tolerate this guy in concert when I see Alice Cooper in a few months... if he pulls something stupid like this, I'll be mildly irritated. Love his older stuff, but he's been a bit of a dick lately.
    kill it
    I've seen Manson live recently and he was terrible. Cooper and his band who I have also seen recently will embarrass Manson for sure. He looks loaded walking down the stairs so slowly and holding the guard rail. Live he just sounded like the drunk idiot at a party who shouldn't have been given a microphone.
    Lol Natures
    Breaking news: Marilyn Manson lights an entire pack of cigarettes and runs away from cameras.
    This guy hooked up with Rose McGowan, Dita Von Teese, Evan Rachel Wood and Stoya. For a fat, washed up freak he sure got game.
    You can tell by the look on mansons face as he's walking out of the first smoke bomb that it didnt quite go as planned lol
    Poor Manson, all fat and old, just wants to get home, drink heavily and go to bed. Maybe he should just wear a mask or something...
    he definitly needed to say some sort of magic spell before letting off the smoke. something like alakazam or smokus dissapearus would have been awsome
    I wonder if he's ever considered not dressing like a freak when he doesn't want to be noticed. Otherwise it's all a publicity stunt.
    imo... i think it was publicity stunt that went right!!! u don't set off smoke where ur at if u don't want to be seen... it looked like the red carpet with special effects going off... if he was smart he would have had someone else go down the block with the bomb and set it off in the other direction to get everyone looking that way...
    hahaha someone's bored, apparently. it's like in those bad movies where some guy is tries to disappear and you can see him running after the smoke is gone.
    Marilyn rushes to hide into the crowd, but somehow he is still recognized by everyone in attendance.
    Imagine how badass this would have been if it worked? A cloud of smoke & Manson is gone! Props for trying though
    I sense a massive amount of hate coming from UG towards Marilyn Manson. Why so much hate fagets?
    Clever idea if you don't want to be mobbed, just would have worked a little better if people didn't think someone had started a fire. (it was a shit smoke bomb) Wasn't anywhere near as dramatic or devious as the title suggested.