Mark E. Smith Calls Mumford & Sons 'Mongoloids'

The Fall frontman made the slur while recalling the time they annoyed him backstage at an Irish festival two years ago, and updated fans on his forthcoming album.

Ultimate Guitar

Iconic punk legend Mark E. Smith of The Fall has labeled Mumford & Sons a "mongoloid Irish folk band."

Smith made the comment while recalling the time he took a disliking to the band when they crossed paths backstage at a festival in Dublin two years ago (via NME):

"I was talking to the promoter who's a mate of mine and said, 'look, don't take the p-ss. You've stuck us next to some mongoloid Irish folk band.' The promoter turns around and says, 'they're number one in your English charts.' I thought he was f-king joking. They started clopping about singing, sounded like they were dancing on the tables - so I told them to shut the f-ck up."

Meanwhile, Smith updated fans on the next Fall album which is due for release in January.

"We've been in The Kinks' studio for a fortnight," he said. "The improvement in the group is marvellous - they're just tighter and better. We're actually just finishing off the next record. I haven't got a title for it yet but we are thinking about a January release."

He adds that their fan base appears to be getting younger, which is probably thanks to modern bands like At The Drive-In citing The Fall as a major influence.

"I think a lot of it has to do with computers and getting music that way," he said. "I don't know though, it doesn't bother me at all who is there. I don't fking care who comes."

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    How very punk.
    I don't think anyone truly understands how brilliant this comment is... especially the people that +1'ed your post that are Mumford and Sons haters. It's just one man's opinion, I don't understand why people seem to have such a disdain for that band. Their certainly not my favorite and their stuff sounds relatively the same throughout, but they aren't such a terrible band. I could go on about Coldplay, however...
    I don't care about Mumford & Sons that much, although if they are getting successful, at least they sound more talented and passionate than 95% of the acts that get successful lately. I don't care if Mark is standing for his punk attitude, he's being a bit too harsh and douchey about this.
    Exactly my thoughts...
    My thoughts exactly..
    Thoughts exactly my.
    My exactly thoughts
    My Last Words
    Exactly thoughts my..
    "Mumford & Sons is mediocre music for mediocre people, which is at least consistent. But theres no reason why ordinary people should be attracted to prosaic music, to claim that this is somehow natural is extremely unfair. Nor has folk music always been banalin fact it used to be a lot more fun. What Mumford has discovered, along with his masters at Universal, is that this goopy, self-serious emotionalism sells like crazy. And since he apparently has no interest in new musical ideas, you end up with a relentlessly monotonous body of work that amounts to more of a brand than an oeuvre."-Jordan Bloom I think Mumford is one of the worst acts out there. There more bland than Dave Mathews, now that is saying something
    I completely agree, but I really like the words that guy used to describe them; very fitting. And just for argument's sake, the Dave Matthews Band has some great musicians (and instrumentation at times), but, yes, they're incredibly bland and pseudo-serious... being worse and more boring than that is certainly a very bad thing.
    $hithappen$16 be honest i actually like Mumford & Sons. I don't really care about what genre they belong to or how popular their music is. I just personally enjoy it. I don't quite understand why he dislikes them so much
    For me it's that they take the balls out of the one traditional music genre that should always have loud racket going on and replace it with this indie rock ethos of playing neat and tidy to supposedly sound huge to modern audiences. It doesn't sound bad per se, just musically "blasphemous" and makes me think about why do I bother with these guys when I can listen to the real thing with all the substance these guys lack?
    gimmicky folk music for people who don't like folk.
    The next Coldplay. Annoying, unimaginative, ambient tones that help pop lovers convince themselves that they're deep.
    I think they're better than Coldplay for one reason. Coldplay wrote "Paradise."
    Perhaps, but they're still respectable as a band. It's not like they won the X-Factor and are condemned to making "Here's what will sell, now play it" kinds of songs.
    They're a subpar Avett Brothers. And it's sad that M&S are getting more play than the Avett Bros.
    why does everyone hate mumford and sons so much?
    For real. They are pretty good. Although I think a lot of their stuff sounds exactly the same. I think it is because they are popular, and some people like to hate on popular music regardless if it is quality or not.
    I heard of them online about 3-4 years ago. I had never heard them mentioned anywhere outside of the internet a time or two before that, so I couldn't say their popularity is what makes me dislike them. I think it's just that their music is too ambient, too overtly-serious, too bland, and it sounds more like some annoying music you'd hear in a modern western (which always sounds out of place and distracting, and you find yourself wishing they had just chosen silence/actual ambiance/nature as the soundtrack), as opposed to actual folk music with feeling and meaning that sounds more like music and less like breathy attempts at crooning overtop of strummy chords.
    ah **** I linked to the wrong video again. this is the one I meant to share (hopefully it won't embed the video this time);
    Darth Wader
    Wow, The Fall sound pretty terrible. I would stick with Mumford & Sons any day of the week.
    Dream Pin
    What a douchebag. I don't particularly enjoy Mumford and Sons or anything, but they're competent musicians and their music has a lot of positive energy in it. Watch a video of one of their shows and you won't see anyone starting fights, you'll just see people arm in arm, beaming smiles on their faces, singing songs that they enjoy. Their music brings people TOGETHER rather than driving them apart, whereas this Mark E. Smith guy looks like an embittered old bastard who has nothing good to say about anything. I'll take the music of Mumford and Sons over anything this dead-eyed, shrivelled up, soulless **** has to say.
    Mark E. Smith is by no means a nice guy. He's a ****. But The Fall are amazing, and he is the reason behind that.
    I thought they were Americana, or part of that wave at least. Actually, my definition of folk doesn't really entail Mumford & Sons, but it's a pretty wide term I guess. Seems mostly anything with acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies is folk now anyways.
    Mik3 DeeZy
    Never heard of this guy or his band so I looked them up on YouTube and listened to a few songs. Didn't really care for them.
    This isn't It's "Ultimate Guitar". Y U KNOW HAVE RESPECT FOR ALL MUSIC AND "LET IT BE"!? Jezuz. I don't see Marcus Mumford prancing around basking in his hipster fame, bragging to anyone, calling people like (Mark E. Smith) a f***ing a**hole like he so rightfully deserves. And stop voting down non metal songs in the tab queue! It's music discrimination! Ya Ba*****ds!
    A guy makes a not too friendly comment about another band... UG sees an opportunity to post an inflammatory article designed to get people arguing.... hmmmmm....
    Aware of both bands. Indifferent to both (They're both doing their own thing and seem to be happy with it, so more power to them.) Zero ****s given.
    Darth Wader
    Never heard of The Fall. Mumford & Sons are awesome, though
    "We are the Fall Northern white crap that talks back We are not black. Tall. No boxes for us. Do not **** us. We are frigid stars. We were spitting, we were snapping "Cop Out, Cop Out!" as if from heaven."
    calling them a folk band at all, albeit one suffering from down's syndrome, is too much of a compliment
    Mumford & Sons make really boring music. I was expecting something that was the slightest bit interesting considering how hyped up they are.
    I've got no idea who the hell Mumford and Sons is, who the hell At the Drive In is, but great to hear another The Fall record is coming!