Mastodon Announce November Studio Entrance

Band looking to wrap up the new album by 2014.

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Atlanta-based metallers Mastodon have officially announced that they'll be entering the studio in November and hopefully have the new album wrapped up by 2014. In the latest Facebook posting, the group stated: "Mastodon has been busy jamming everyday writing and arranging the next studio album. We have quite a few songs and ideas that are taking some time to nail down what we think will make it to the next full length. There will be no more touring this year, we will hit the studio in November to hopefully finish by the end of year." As previously reported, the band was looking to enter the studio in September, so the current date doesn't come as too far off. The four-piece also noted having around 30 new tracks ready for a tentative spring release; however, no new info regarding the release date has been revealed. When it comes to the sound of "The Hunter" follow-up, guitarist Bill Kelliher said that there's "a lot of rock going on," with musical influences varying from grunge legends Alice in Chains to nu metal veterans Deftones. "We're always trying to surprise ourselves and write something that's new and fresh," Kelliher explained. "It's definitely got the elements of 'The Hunter' in there, but also [of] 'Remission' and some heavier stuff." "The Hunter" saw its release in September 2011 via Reprise Records as the fifth studio effort in Mastodon opus.

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    I'm looking forward to this. The Hunter may have been less edgy than some of their earlier stuff but its far more clinical and production wise a lot easier to listen to. Can't wait!
    I really like all their albums for different reasons so far. I hope they keep evolving and not just go back to a certain sound.
    Everyone who is complaining about the way a certain album sounds needs to step back and realize that no two Mastodon albums have been the same. Each album has had its own style and sound and each album has been a different adventure.
    Thought Crack the Skye couldn't be topped and they gave me quite a surprise. I'm sure they'll give us something beyond expectations
    Dear Mastodon - more Blood Mountain and Crack the Skye, less The Hunter. Do whatever you want, this is just what I think would be best.
    It's pretty sad you got so many downvotes. It'd be me like downvoting every pro-Hunter post just because I think Remission and Leviathan are better. Just goes to show, they've gained a larger fan base, with the defensive fans to go with it. Mastodon are in that echelon of bands with Radiohead, Tool, Opeth, etc that just have terribly close minded and/or borderline obsessive fans. It doesn't matter if you've listened to Mastodon since the Lifesblood days,people will take it as saying Mastodon can't or shouldn't branch out. I always get the impression that the last two albums were gateways into Mastodon or metal for some people, and that's why they're so defensive about them.
    Blood Mountain was awesome, but Crack the Skye was an amazing surprise !! I agree with you, but whatever they'll do it will be awesome !
    I'm interested in this. Many Mastodon fans say this same thing, but I believe Blood Mountain is their weakest album ever. It has some of the best songs, but as a whole, I don't really see the point other than to bridge the sound gap between Leviathan and Crack The Skye. Still an amazing album, but their other work deserves way more praise, especially the Revenge Gets Ugly EP
    I hated "The Hunter". Absolutely hated it. Concept albums are their power! If they continue to come out with stuff like their last album oh man I don't know what I'm gonna do...
    i thought it was good but definitely didnt have the same impact that the other albums had on me
    i remember a mastodon quote from this website actually "yeah i think we are done writing concept albums" (paraphrase) and they started writing singles. poo
    This band and their music inspired me to learn the guitar shortly after listening to Blood Mountain....I only hope that the next album will inspire more people to learn an instrument and go the way of the Mastodon.
    I never really liked The Hunter so I'm looking forward to this new one!
    I lost almost all respect for mastodon after seeing them live
    really? I've seen them twice (once when they toured Crack in the Skye and once during Hunter/Heritage). They've been exponentially been getting better and perfecting their craft. I can only imagine what they're going to sound like the next go around.
    you're doing something wrong if you've seen Mastodon live and lost almost all respect for them lmao they honestly put on one of the best shows every time I get the chance to see them live!
    I'm a huge Mastodon fan and have seen them live, but I have to say that most of their live performances on youtube are just hard to watch, especially because of their singing.
    Save the speculation/hate for close-minded peons that like to argue. I'd just wait till the album is done and in your hands before making some sort of judgement. I am looking forward to new mastodon. I've been like a kid on Christmas when I get a new album of theirs. As for the likes and dislikes, we're all different. Just enjoy the albums you like and I'll enjoy mine. We can at least agree they kick serious ass.
    'Close-minded peons'. Wow. Elitist much? I guess there's not a lot of room in your universe for different ways of thinking. Oh, the irony of thinking you're more open minded...
    Yes close-minded peons but if you continue reading the rest of the statement, "that like to argue" . If taken in context it makes total sense, but you have to read the whole f-ing post before you can call someone elitist.
    Sorry, I didn't just stop reading at that line. You seem to think there's something wrong with speculation, or hell, arguing. As long as people are civil, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Obviously, some people can't make their point without being inflammatory, but if people hate something and they can make an argument, it's dumb to refer to them as peons just because they don't conform to your standards of discussing bands.