Mastodon Drummer on New Album: 'Fans Will Be Absolutely Horrified or Absolutely Loving It'

Band wraps up tracking, album title and tentative release date set, details inside.

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Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor shared a few fresh tidbits regarding the new album, confirming that a "bizarre" effort's been fully recorded and is likely to drop after April. It even has a set title.

The drummer did't want to reveal the record's name though, but he was very much up for describing the overall vibe. Confirming "heavier stuff than we've done in the last two albums," Brann told Loudwire:

"It has some elements from all the albums in there, but then there's lots of new stuff that I don't recognize at all. That's usually what we are really looking for, you know? There's more of a surprise for ourselves and for fans. I, sort of, imagine people listening to it and either being absolutely horrified or absolutely loving it. [Laughs] Like, 'Oh my god, what is this?!'"

Asked on whether the guys are up for making another concept album, Dailor replied, "It's not really something we're yearning for. We've done it a few times and if it’s what we want and it comes up, then we'll do it. We certainly don't need to do it, but we like having a theme. It's nice to say out loud, basically to say, like we did with this record, 'Hey, we’re kind of concentrating on the things that have happened during this year.' That reflects itself in the title of the album, as well."

Finally, the drummer addressed the tentative release date, adding, "I'm guessing that it's not going to be by the end of April because we'll start mixing in a couple of days and by the time it gets finished it'll be the beginning of March. The end of April is too soon to hand it in, but I don't know, crazier things have happened. Beyonce just went and released a record, but I don't think we're quite there yet. [Laughs]"

Mastodon recently added new dates to their US tour with Gojira and Kvelertak. The trek is set to kick off on April 28 in Seattle, Washington, full itinerary and ticket info here.

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    I hope it does have some of them sludgy heavy A-G-C-F-A-D riffs from Remission and Leviathan mixed with the proggy goodness from Crack The Skye and Blood Mountain
    Curl of the Burl was in AGCFAD if I'm not mistaken.
    Havent they always used the same tuning?
    nope, if im not mistaken they have played in D standard drop C and the AGCFAD tuning could be im wrong here
    Jesus, people. Not to sound like a jerk but Mastodon tunings aren't any great mystery. With perhaps a couple exceptions, they start with D standard. When it needs to be heavier, they go drop C. When s*** needs to get really heavy, they drop the low E string to A. They (almost) only ever alter the tuning of 1 string! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!
    I'd honestly rather have a more psychedelic record.. The good things of crack, blood, and the hunter, for me was the tripy songs and catchy vocals. Heaviness is something I'm growing out of as i get older.. it's too easy and predictable. Not that i don't want some sludge though, I really just want something unfamiliar.. Everyone seems to want something they can label or be able to relate it to something.. i like a new journey personally
    Heaviness is easy and predictable, but writing diatonically safe rock sections and soaring catchy choruses is something new...Look, I don't think any band needs to maintain a level of heaviness to satisfy anyone other than themselves, but it's actually very safe and predictable for a metal band to embrace their classic rock or prog roots or whatever the case is. Once you rope people in, that's a sure fire path to legitimate acceptance and success. Again, none of that matters more than what the band wants to play, but the idea that moving away from metal is some kind of evolution is played out by now. I've always listened to metal, and have no problem enjoying ambient music, or hip hop, or whatever. Enjoying a wide variety of music doesn't make me feel too cool for metal.
    Although it had its moments, I was pretty bummed when I got The Hunter. Hopefully that disc was a "Psyche!" moment, and this one will kick my face in. I am cautiously optimistic...
    A mix of every album plus some unfamiliar stuff? I absolutely cannot wait for new Mastodon.
    He also said that it was similar to Blood Mountain in a couple of aspects. Regardless, I am beyond stoked for this record.
    Vicryl 2.0
    how many bands says that their new record sounds similar like their old record and comes out the opposite.
    Real fans shouldn't have expectations or demands. Real fans would appreciate whatever they do.
    this is such a bollocks statement. i'm a "real fan" of many a band, but i cant kid myself if they bring out a crap record.
    I think "real fans" are the ones who are supportive of many of a bands decisions, but if are into a shitty record(s) just to be a "real fan" then you are a "sheep".
    I think by 'real fan' you mean someone without any discernible tastes or opinions of their own.
    mixing the heaviness of remission/leviathan with the trippyness/psychedelic parts of the hunter would be amazing. this could be a contender for their best release yet if it pans out how they're describing it.
    I'm really looking forward to this album. Hope it's a little more coherent than The Hunter. Some great songs (bar Curl) but it lacked something to really tie it all together.
    Love this attitude. Not a huge fan of this band, but more bands need to be like this instead of staying the same for 30 years.