Mastodon Guitarist Carves Giant Wooden Penis

Because why the hell not?

Ultimate Guitar

When he's not playing guitar in Mastodon, Brent Hinds is indulging his other great passion; wood sculpting. The other day, Hinds posted his photos of his first project in over a year. For some reason, it's an incredibly detailed rendition of a penis.

The Mastodong, as Exclaim described it, has impressed and baffled internet users in equal measure.

In other Mastodon news drummer Brann Dailor recently stated that he understands why some fans don't like the band's new album, "Once More 'Round the Sun." The comments came during a Reddit AMA: 

"I understand the stance. I feel that way towards some bands. Especially when an artists career is long. People gravitate to specific albums.

"But, being in a band you have a different take. You can't be too concerned with the outside world. If we appease the fans of our earlier albums and made a record that sound like them and the fans hated it, we'd be frauds. It wouldn't be rewarding for anyone."

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    That thing truly is a leviathan!
    He could sculpt a beautiful guitar for himself He sculpted a massive penis instead This man is truly a star
    I would suggest he choose a different wood if he wanted to make a guitar.
    Gotta love UG articles... One paragraph on-topic, then " other Mastodon news..." and three paragraphs re-hashing old news.
    Harpoons thrust in the sky Aim directly for his crooked brow And look him straight in the eye...
    "When he's not playing guitar in Mastodon, Brent Hinds is indulging his other great passion; wood sculpting." Literally.
    There's nothing more manly than carving a giant penis sculpture and confidently showing it to the world.
    I thought the title said craves, but then I re-read it and saw it said carves. Much better...
    And at no point, while spending who knows how many hours sculpting that thing, did he question what the bloody hell possessed him to sculpt a woody out of wood? orz