Mastodon, Slayer and Ghost Bikinis Announced

Metal beach wear anyone?

Ultimate Guitar

If you're female metal fan and short on swimwear that shows off your appreciation for heavy music, then fret no more!

Mastodon, Slayer and Ghost have all announced branded bikinis in time for the summer season. As Metal Sucks notes, the cost for this hard rockin' swimwear is $35 dollars a set, with Mastodon selling a bundle that comes with a beach towel and sunglasses for $80.

Mastodon, somewhat brilliantly, have rebranded their logo as A-STODON for the bikini bottoms. They're not cheap, but we guess that's the price you pay for keeping it metal on the beach.

Personally we're surprised that Kiss haven't gotten in on the swimwear act already. As we reported last year, the band has released some of the strangest merch ever, from Kiss Kaskets and Kiss Biking Shorts to Kiss Kondoms branded with Gene Simmons' trademark tongue.

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    I read the title as Ghost bikinis, imagining like white ghosts wearing bikinis.
    No offence, but most of the sort of girls who listen to these bands wont go to the beach that much. Good idea though
    These will sell just fine on those metal cruises like "70000 tons of metal" that are going on lately.
    ***k yeah!! I would totally wear that slayer bikini... probs would look weird with my t-shirt tan xP
    My girlfriend already has A-stodon gym shorts, but I'm sure I'll end up forking out for a bikini too. Damn you, Mastodon, and your well-designed merch!
    Well I know what I'm getting MY girlfriend (she listens to all 3 of those bands. so it'd be hard to choose one xD)