Matt Bellamy: 'I'm No Longer A 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist'

Muse front man discusses "nuanced" political views in new interview.

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Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has been in the past known for his fondness of conspiracy theories, and infamously claimed, back in 2006, that US authorities had orchestrated the attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001:

"There was a document called 'Project For The New America Century'... Which clearly says, 'We need a Pearl Harbour-level event so we can have an excuse to invade the Middle East'."

However, as NME reports, Bellamy has retracted his controversial claim, stating that he now takes a more "nuanced" approach towards politics:

"I don't believe that any more, although there are lots of questions to be answered. I still read a lot about political history, the influence of corporations and the military, but I make sure I'm reading from credible sources. I think my political views are a bit more nuanced now."

Bellamy, who was speaking to the Metro newspaper, also revealed some of the impressive stage effects that fans can expect from the band's upcoming tour... including drummer Dominic Howard being turned into a ninja:

"We have a symbolic upside-down pyramid suspended over us as we play. It will screen videos and images that relate to the songs. At some point, the pyramid will turn inside out and consume Dom's drum kit. Then Dom becomes a ninja who starts battling with corrupt businessmen... I'm serious. That's not a joke."

At a show in Koln, Germany last Thursday, Muse unveiled five new songs from their upcoming sixth LP "The 2nd Law". The songs included "Supremacy", "Panic Station", "Follow Me", "Animals" and "Save Me", which featured lead vocals from bassist Chris Wolstenholme.

"The 2nd Law" is due for release this Friday.

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    I wonder what Dave Mustaine thinks about the 9/11 conspiracies.
    He blames Obama, Gun control, Liberals and homosexuals. He has no evidence but he has an opinion and dammit all that's good enough!!! Al-keeda probably had summat to do with it too.
    They took our jobs.....Derka dddeeerrrbs!!!!
    Don't forget the TV channel subtitles: "Pissed off white trash redneck conservative"
    You know Dave said he was ok with gays he just wasn't gay himself.
    He also went on to say that gay marriage is wrong and they shouldn't be allowed to do it, all based on the fact that he's not gay.
    I've seen tons of interviews where he said that he didn't care about gay people, and made the comparison. It's like cat owners, I don't like cats but I don't think they should be banned. Now if you have anything to back up what you're saying then fine.
    You trolls hate Dave so much that you connect him with 9/11 conspiracies when this article is about one of the Muse guys that you fanboys love so much.
    Well, it's just impossible to not think of "slam" when reading a headline around here, since UG staff uses that word on a weekly basis... besides, I find the puns with it pretty funny, these comments are not about the gold medal anyway. btw... "MuseicianX SLAMS bassisfun"
    Bruce Jenner is old, are you saying HE doesn't deserve his gold medal? Logic.
    He's a musician... who cares what he thinks about politics? I hate when someone gets famous for one thing and then suddenly everyone thinks that they're an expert on everything. I don't get it.
    well it works with some bands , i guess it depends on your own political ideological viewpoint , and what the band are, like rise against etc suite being political in my opinion.
    Everyone's got an opinion. If they're famous they are 100% more likely to be heard than you are, so... get used to it. They aren't screaming about it to your face, it's an article on the internet. Don't like it? Don't read it.
    Sacred Blood
    You need to be exceptionally dumb, stupid and ignorant to believe that good ol america fights for whats just and right and strives to maintain peace and prosperity and 'enters' those countries where cruelty and oppression is practised so that peace may prosper there as well. Ignoranace really is bliss i suppose.
    Can't Blame them they've been schooled and are just a bunch of fish following one another since day one(Hence "school"). Its so sad no one questions why we don't learn how tyrants cause crisis to take control. Or why we have less then a 20 men deciding how much money gets rushed into the economy to provide "stability". Or how windrow Wilson admits he ****ed his country with the federal reserve act because he foolishly believed rich men were patriots and could be trusted with the money supply. Truth is hard to swallow and willful ignorance destroys humanity, always has.
    Not as bad as taking an arrow to the knee is. GOD was that annoying for like 3 months you couldnt go anwhere on the internet without it being mentioned
    The Illuminati must have gotten to him
    Upside down symbolic pyramids, OH MY GODDDDD!!!1!11one!oeneoeneeeleven I really don't understand what goes through some of these conspiracy theorists' heads...
    Their brains are damaged. Literally, they didn't develop correctly. That's just the really crazy ones though, Matt Bellamy has the sense to see the other side of things.
    Lack of information and gullible. Same reason people have believed alot of other stuff throughout human history. Not to mention all this lame symbolism is used by certain people to get a reaction.
    "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed." -- U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864 (letter to Col. William F. Elkins)
    If anyone wants to listen to the entire new album, stream here: On another note, I am quite looking forward to ninja Dom...
    Dom being a ninja is nothing compared to what they'll do in the tour after this one, they'll fly away in a spaceship and play the show on the moon and as an encore, some martians will join them and simulate a war during Knights Of Cydonia as special effects with lasers.
    if theres any band in the world that would do that first, Muse seem like the logical choice
    if theres any band in the world that would do that first, Muse seem like the logical choice
    Check out Supremacy guys. Best song of the album. Its also on youtube.Love that song!
    yeah best song by a mile, too bad the album goes down hill from there. Besides Panic Station which is a nice change, and possibly madness which is OK, the rest is totally forgettable (7-13 liquid state starts promising but goes nowhere) or awful (survival, follow me).
    The fact that he was ever a "truther" makes me lose respect for him. I once was made to watch a video detailing how the buildings actually fell as part of my degree and my mate came out saying, "That was such bullshit. You know it was a controlled demolition". I asked him, "But didn't you watch it? They explained the science behind the collapse." He replied, "I was too angry to even watch it. I just ignored what they were saying". That kind of says it all for me.
    indeed. tho at least he admitted that he didnt listen to the facts. conspiracy theories work like creationism. only an idiot starts with a conclusion and tries to bend the facts to fit their case.
    Do you remember the name of the film? - share it with us and we can find it online...
    Something like "How the Towers Fell" or something. I do engineering so it was about the principles behind the collapse rather than whether or not the hijackers were hired by the US or any of that.