Max Cavalera: 'Sepultura Is Taken Hostage by Andreas Kisser'

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Max Cavalera: 'Sepultura Is Taken Hostage by Andreas Kisser'
Responding to guitarist Andreas Kisser's comments about Cavalera brothers "turning their back on Sepultura", frontman Max Cavalera ripped his former bandmate for spreading "propaganda," saying that the group's current lineup isn't doing anything but dragging down the Sepultura name. "Yeah, that's all propaganda," Max told Rock Music Star. "Everybody that knows what's going on knows that that band is actually taken hostage by Andreas, by guys that weren't even there in the beginning. They were not there in the beginning. Sepultura was formed by me and Igor, it had all different people." Cavalera then focused on specific band members, saying, "Paolo [Jr.] and Derrick [Green] are not former band members; they are not original band members. The way I see it, they took the band hostage, and they are just using the name, promoting themselves. "But, they're dragging the name down, because they’re getting less and less popular, and I don't really hear anything good about their records," the singer/guitarist added. "So, it's like, to me, I don't really care what they do. You know, for me there's always the classic Sepultura that I love. I think we did some amazing records, but it's all in the past." During the rest of the chat, Max was asked an interesting question on why he didn't simply fire everyone from the band rather than quitting. "Yeah, I couldn't do that," he said. "There were contracts and there was a bunch of legal sh-t like that. My only options were, at that time, was to stay with them and do what they wanted me to do, which was fire [Max's wife and former Sepultura manager] Gloria, which I thought was the wrong thing to do, or me leaving. And I was left with no choice, so I ended up just leaving it. "I think maybe, if I would have stayed with Sepultura, maybe it wouldn't have been that good, you know?" he added. "Maybe it would have been too hard to maintain the high caliber quality that we were used to in all the Sepultura records." Sepultura released their latest studio effort "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart" on October 25 via Nuclear Blast Records.
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