Meat Loaf: ''American Idol' and 'Voice' Are Teaching Singers Cliches, Not Real Stage'

Meat Loaf is not a fan of TV talent shows.

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Meat Loaf has been talking with Fuse about his issues with Reality TV shows.

As the Bat Out of Hell singer notes, the problem with programmes like American Idol is they teach cliches rather than real stage:

"The thing with American Idol, the Voice, these kind of shows, is they don't teach you real stage. They teach you cliches. You see them on The Voice and American Idol, and it's like every week someone is going 'come on' (gestures overhead clapping). I'm like 'fired' ... I'm Donald Trump and you're fired."

Meat Loaf also discussed the importance of being disciplined if you want a long career in music:

"When you're in your '20s, your '30s and your '40s, touring isn't so bad. When you pass 50, and I have to confess, I'm over 50, it starts getting hard. You have to be disciplined early, because if you're not… you hear about people not showing up, not doing this, going to the bars, getting in trouble. You have to be disciplined and responsible.

"If you want to achieve longevity, your audience is the most important thing. You're not. Getting a Ferrari and drag racing is not the most important thing. Your audience is; showing up on time, doing the best you can. All you gotta do is look at the people who have the longevity. As crazy as Keith Richards has been, he's had discipline in his life. So has Jagger, so has Springsteen, so has Billy Joel and Bon Jovi. You can tell the ones who are disciplined because we're still here."

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    He looks loke Alex Lifeson in that picture.
    I thought the same thing, and then his comments about longevity just scream RUSH to me.
    Real musicians are better, Jesus loves them more. These karaoke songs you sing come from the depths of Hell.
    He's right. Absolutely everything he's said is right. Nothing more to say here, really. Rock on, Meat!