Megadeth Announce Plans for 'Youthanasia' 20th Anniversary: 'What Are Your Fave Songs?'

Which "Youthanasia" track would you like hearing live?

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Megadeth are cooking up plans for the 20th anniversary of "Youthanasia" record, as frontman Dave Mustaine is asking fans for their personal favorites off the classic 1994 effort.

"We have loads of work to do to get ready for the 'Youthanasia' anniversary ... slowly, but surely!" Dave said via Facebook, along with a question: "What are your fave songs?"

Back in October, Mustaine told the Examiner that the odds of Megadeth performing the album live in full are quite high. "Very big chance," he said. "In fact funny that you mention that, we were just talking about the part where David Ellefson used to play the extra floor tom during 'Reckoning Day,' because the video we did for that song was filmed in Finland and Finland is right next to Russia, so the taxi cab I was in was an old cab from the Russian days back during the cold war."

In general, following 2010's "Rust in Peace: Live" and last year's "Countdown to Extinction: Live," "Youthanasia: Live" seems like an obvious next step.

But back to Dave's question - what are your favorite "Youthanasia" songs?

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    Youthanasia and Black Curtains! I love those catchy yet still heavy melodies!
    Blood of heroes and I thought I knew it alll are a couple of my favorites!
    Mmmm....I want to see "I thought I knew it all" and "Family Tree", also the self-titled.
    I'm holdiing out for the 20th Anniversary of Risk. All joking aside, I'm looking very forward to this!
    excited, but kinda pessimistic about the way Dave is going to sing through the material... the whole of Youthanasia is waaaay out of his current range, even the D tuning will be of no avail....
    Killing Road, Train of Consequences, Victory and Addicted to Chaos have some damn TASTY licks and solos. I'd love to hear them again. Youthanasia has some of Dave's best vocal performances, I wonder how he'll cope singing them again, even in D tuning (which is only half a step down from most of the songs in this album apart from Killing Road).
    I listened to it a lot at one point. But now I generally view it as pretty dull. Cryptic Writings is A LOT better, in my opinion.
    Addicted to Chaos, Reckoning Day, Black Curtains, Blood of Heroes, Elysian Fields
    All of them. Youthanasia is Megadeth's opus magnum.
    Anty 7
    Not even close. I like the album, but Rust in Peace is their magnum opus. And even if you prefer the style of Youthanasia over the earlier thrash records, than Countdown to Extinction is still better.
    That's a bold statement. I always felt like Rust in Peace and Peace Sells were their best albums by far. I remember getting Youthanasia the day it came out and being pretty disappointed. Looking back it has it's moments but it can't touch anything they did from Countdown back. 1994 was a funny time for metal bands... a lot of them (Megadeth included) were trying to figure out how to remain relevant so they really changed their sounds to compete with alternative rock bands that everyone was into at the time. Interesting album? Yes."Opus Magnum"? I don't know...
    I still think it's one of their best. Unlike the albums that follow it, Youthanasia was dark, heavy and rocking. It felt like a natural progression of Megadeth's sound It's in that fine line between heavy metal and hard rock whereas albums like Risk and Super Collider are just bad records that sound like they're trying too hard to be 'rock' albums.
    Peace Sells > RIP, only by a fraction though, Black Friday is top 5 as far as thrash songs go.
    You gotta be kidding me? Black Friday is in your top 5 of ALL thrash metal songs?
    Black Friday is epic, one of Megadeth's best songs and anyone that disagrees should go back to listening to Enter Sandman.
    Bad Omen. When I first heard that song it actually scared the shit outta me after the first solo because I thought the song was over. That fast outro is absolutely insane. One of my favorites.
    I think it's Rust in Peace, personally, but I can see the appeal Youthanasia has in that argument. I'm upset So Far, So Good...So what? Never gets any play in these conversations. Sure, its got a couple bad songs in there, but that things opening 3 tracks are so much FUN. And hook in mouth? To me its one of their most underrated songs.
    I can't think of a single bad song on so far so good so what the whole album is amazing!
    I totally agree about So Far, So Good... So What? Being underrated. Besides a couple of weaker songs it's a great album!
    For me Youthanasia was a very special album. I'll be the first to agree that Rust or Countdown were prob better albums. But Youth will always be my fav. I saw them in 2010 and they played the whole rust album. I saw them in 2012 but they didn't play the whole countdown album
    im beginning to think that these anniversary concerts are the only way to get megadeth to vary their setlists...
    I remember getting "Youthanasia" the day it came out and being disappointed. That was the album that made me feel like Megadeth was finally past their prime. However, listening back to it many years later I appreciate it a little more. "Reckoning Day", "Blood of Heroes" and "Elysian Fields" stood out. It's no Rust In Peace (or as good as anything up until Countdown) but looking back it's a fairly solid (if thrashless) heavy metal album.
    Youthanasia always felt a bit front-loaded to me. It starts off with four awesome songs and then it bogs down until you get to Victory (which has the same bassline as Holier Than Thou by...well, you know who). There are just a few too many mid-tempo tracks in the middle. Having said that, I like the album a lot more than I did when it first came out, and I find myself singing Blood of Heroes and Elysian Fields sometimes.