Megadeth: 'Some Fans Want to Hear Just the Hardest, Most Ripping Thrash Songs'

"'Super Collider' is an all-encompassing record," David Ellefson says.

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Bassist David Ellefson of Megadeth recently discussed different musical preferences among the group's fanbase, pointing out that the latest studio effort "Super Collider" serves as a good testament to Megadeth's variety and three-decade career. "There are some fans who will always want to hear just the hardest, most ripping thrash songs," he told Steppin' Out magazine (via Blabbermouth). "But when you look at our 30-year career, there are a lot of fans that have come in at various points along the way. A lot of fans came in during 'Countdown to Extinction' or 'Cryptic Writings' and during the 2000s. 'Super Collider' is this all-encompassing record that contains all the musical styles and variety that is Megadeth today." Ellefson also focused on his spirituality and Megalife Ministries worship group, saying that religion has always played a major role in his life. "It wasn't leaving the rock and roll life to go get this new life," he explained. "It was the new life developing within my life in the band. That's why I was able to stay in rock and roll and play in Megadeth. I think the faith journey and getting sober was about getting connected into the mainstream of life again. Drug addiction is meant to pull you away from people and faith so it can ultimately kill you." Megadeth will hit the US road later next month and visit 15 cites as a part of their "Super Collider" tour. The album itself dropped on June 4 through Tradecraft.

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    Generally, I really like Super Collider. It has great lyrical content and the solos are superb.. But when Megadeth makes super straight-forward rock songs, sometimes they come off as lazy or uncreative. It's a shock in the song 'Super Collider' to hear power chords ringing for multiple bars instead of a face melting riff. I think the band had something very good going with Thirteen and Endgame, and they should have done something along those lines.
    I really liked Endgame and I definitely agree that they had something good going there, but I completely disagree about Thirteen. I was really disappointed with that album. It felt like they were going in a great direction, then decided to go back and try something else that didn't work. I hope they pick up where Endgame left off and progress more in that direction.
    are you fu**in nuts? Thirteen was awesome!
    neverdead and sudden death are the only marks left by that album IMO. i agree that tunes like homewrecker have awesome choruses and soom really cool hooks, but as a whole album, and the songs as whole songs, it was a really big letdown from Endgame for me
    You know... good points. 13 had really great PARTS of songs, but somehow the album as a whole didn't click for me, either. I hate to say it, but Dave's vocals have been getting worse with each album for years, and it finally hit the unlistenable threshold for me with SC. There is also something with the production of 13 and Super Collider that just rubs me the wrong way. It really is a shame because the songs and sounds were so good I could overlook the vocals on the last few albums, but when Dave is just growling in a low monotone for an hour and ten minutes over dull, bland mid-tempo songs with awful compressed production...I just can't do it anymore. Super Collider is completely unlistenable to me.
    As for me, I really liked diversity on SC , that reminds of CTE and CW , but unfortunately quality of songs wasn't on Megadeth level.
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    I think Mustaine needs to let some other band members have more input. Especially Broderick. That would breath some new life into Megadeth. Not that they're bad, I just haven't heard an AMAZING Megadeth album in awhile.
    Maybe it's not that fans won't give Megadeth a shot if they want to write something that's not thrash; maybe the end result just isn't good? I know that's hard to fathom for some people, because they set up all these mental barriers to deal with contrary opinions: "You don't like it because it's not heavy enough", "Some fans don't like rock", "You're just jealous", etc. No, maybe you just write one form of music better than another. If my favourite hard rock or jazz band started playing thrash metal poorly, no matter how much I enjoy thrash metal, that's only going to be a decline in quality. Megadeth should be able to play whatever they want, but don't make excuses for why people don't like it.
    I fall in that category of ripping thrash riffs when I listen to Megadeth because that's what I expect out of them, but that's just me personally. Still have not listened to Super Collider, maybe this afternoon... When I want to listen something else, rock, blues, what have you, I listen to something else.
    I think SuperCollider is a pretty good CD, but agree that Endgame had a more of a "journey" with the songs. A few tracks seem to be more straightforward on SuperCollider,but I still like it. On a side note its nice to hear from Dave Ellefson for a change. More from Dave Ellefson and Chris Broderick please!!! As much as I dig Megadeth, all set with hearing commentary on everything under the sun from Mustaine for a while.....
    Most of the songs on Super Collider are very repetitive. Some fans want to hear songs that aren't the same riff repeated for the entire song... I'm not saying they should have wrote another Rust in Peace or whatever, but some of the songs are SO REPETITIVE! It just sounds lazy.
    I think dance in the rain was probably the only song without the same riff repeated for the entire song
    I love super collider. The new music is very good. Some people need to realize that NO band will be able to make another rust in peace, back in black, black album and so on. The diversity on supercollider is also great by the way.
    What about Black Sabbath?
    My Last Words
    Black sabbath has plenty of mediocre records, honestly.
    well part of the that is the labels fault (i.e. forcing Iommi to call some of his projects Black Sabbath), also the drugs during the latter Ozzy albums. Not sure why the third album with Dio wasn't that good, that one I have no excuse for.
    I liked Super Collider for what it what was supposed to be, I didn't look for the reasons why I liked Endgame or any other Megadeth record and I think that's a mistake most of you make, you're always going to be disappointed if you do that.
    I liked Super Collider but its not on par with some of their other work from this decade, like The System Has Failed, United Abominations Or Endgame
    SC is a great record, stop hating on it...
    Meh, one of the worst records I bought this year probably. And that's coming from a huge Megadeth fan.
    You can't 'hate on something'. Super Collider was good, better than most music these days.
    There's never been a time when there wasn't tons of shitty music out there, so being better than shit is a pretty lame argument in a band's favor. By sheer over saturation alone, any album that doesn't completely suck ass is going to be better than a lot of music.
    "as a good testament to Megadeth's variety" Seriously, what variety? I like Megadeth, but their entire career is based on thrash/heavy metal or hard rock. On topic, I don't want to listen to ripping thrash riffs, I wanna listen to an album that doesn't envolve bizarre banjo sounds while Dave screams "the blackest crooooow ooooh".
    Then clearly you haven't listened to Risk...
    Last time I checked Risk was a rock record. What's the issue?
    Point was this isn't the first time they've done an album like Super Collider. Granted, it's heavier than Risk is (There's actually more than one thrash oriented song on it, being Dance In The Rain, Cold Sweat [albeit a cover], Don't Turn Your Back, Kingmaker, Off The Edge, Beginning of Sorrow, as to Risk's Prince of Darkness, and maybe Time: The End). Cryptic Writing was also like Super Collider, just executed better as the gold post said. A lot of people do want the Thrash/Heavy element, and musically they did achieve it on Super Collider. Dave just ****ed up with some vocals. People say pretty much "We want RIP/PSBWB II", well they got that with Endgame really, and TSHF and UA can be argued that too in some cases. Th1rt3en is more of a CTE/Youth II (considering most of the songs were either re-recorded or re-worked after being written/recorded during that time period [We The People made it onto Evolver]), so Super Collider is more of a Cryptic Writings/Risk II. It's not that they haven't done it before. Plus, Risk had more "bizarre banjo sounds" for lack of a better term, than Super Collider did. Only difference is this time they ACTUALLY brought a banjo in for it. Hence the comment
    You sort of missed his point entirely, and ran off in a completely opposite direction with it. He never said Super Collider was the first album of its kind they did. He said Megadeth's career is based on thrash metal and hard rock, and it is. They've released thrash albums, and albums that were more hard rock. Your entire monolithic reply is based on that simple misunderstanding. Nowhere in his post is it even implied that Super Collider was the only album of that style, yet you made that the crux of your argument. Read better plz.
    How about Youthanasia, Cryptic writings, World needs a hero, Risk, Thirteen and several songs on each album since Youth? At this point i think it's unfair to label Megadeth as a pure thrash band, they do all kinds of things and they've been doing it for ages.
    a metalhead friend of mine recently found god, started going to church and stopped listening to metal. Just last week he shot and killed himself.....where was god then? its amazing how people always look for explanations and try to justify things with religion when tragedy occurs. im not sure where my friend is now and i dont pretend to know but i have realized that not everything happens for a reason. some things happen out of pure despair, depression, anger, and evil. whatever floats your boat dave
    There's no such thing as evil. It's purely a religious concept meant to explain the worst that some people can do.
    The difference between fans and the artist is - An artist tries hard to deviate from the usual and create a record that does is not similar to his previous records. The fan wants a record which is similar to his favourite record of the artist.
    Yep, I loved the hip hop album the Rolling Stones put out, or that killer Jazz thing by AC/DC. You've missed the point, it is possible to stay within a genre yet sound very different to the last album. Exodus's Fabulous Disaster (1989) sounds very different to Exhibit B (2010), they aren't doing the same thing over and over, yet both albums certainly fall in the thrash category of metal. If being experimental and expanding your horizons results in awful songs like 'A Tout le Monde' then I'd rather have Peace Sells version 6 any day. Ironically off the same album I think Sleepwalker is a killer track. This is why side projects for bands are often a healthy thing, they get to scratch the itch on trying something else without alienating their current fan base.
    "A lot of fans came in during 'Countdown to Extinction' or 'Cryptic Writings'" A hell of a lot left too Dave, me included. It's funny, Megadeth and Metallica bang on about evolving sound, trying something new, blah, blah, yet bands like Exodus, Testament, Overkill etc, all from the same era have continued to put out amazing thrash albums for the last 30 years.
    You're boring.. I'd rather listen to something from a band that challenges me.. it can be hit or miss.. But if we all kept to our comfort zones, then nothing would ever be achieved.
    Getting tired of D&D talking about sobriety. It's well-known that Mustaine hops on & off the wagon pretty regularly. I've been sober for years (my screenname is pretty old, ha ha) but I don't go spouting off about it. Getting sober is and should be a very personal thing, you just come off as preachy when you pimp it. Plus, Super Collider was a terrible Megadeth disc, despite the occasional thrash riffery. Maybe these guys should start a mellow side band a la Stone Sour to get that out of their system.