Mercedes Benz Feature Rolling Stones' Music In New Commercial

The Rolling Stones song is being used to tease Mercedes-Benzs Diner commercial, which will premiere during the Super Bowl on Feb. 3.

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Rock fans tuned into football playoff games (Jan. 20) got a shock when, during a break in the action, the familiar opening of the Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" rang out of their television speakers.

The song is being used to tease Mercedes-Benz's "Diner" commercial, which will premiere during the Super Bowl on Feb. 3. The spot takes place in an old New Orleans corner diner. Suddenly, a dog barks, the wind blows the doors open, coffee bubbles and lights flicker as the customers and staff try to figure out what is going on.

"Something powerful is coming," the narrator says over the Stones classic. "See it on February 3rd."

The Great-Ads blog says that the full 60-minute spot will also feature supermodel Kate Upton and Usher, who recently got photobombed by Bruce Springsteen. According to reports, a single 30-second spot on the Super Bowl broadcast costs a reported $4 million. Mercedes-Benz also owns the naming rights to the Superdome, where the Super Bowl will be played.

Few songs reflected the global turmoil of 1968 better than the "Sympathy for the Devil," from the landmark "Beggars Banquet" album. Now it's being used in an advertisement. More specifically, a tease for another commercial, one which will find the song paired up with the model du jour and a pop star.

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    There needs to be a moratorium on about a half dozen Stone's songs from appearing in commercials and movie trailers. I'm looking at you Scorcese
    Is it just me or is that an advert FOR an advert? Like, it's advertising an advert...