Meshuggah Guitarist Contributing Music to New 'Wolfenstein' Video Game

Composer Mick Gordon in charge of most audio parts, details inside.

Ultimate Guitar

Meshuggah guitarist Fredrik Thordendal has officially been confirmed as a contributing artist for the upcoming "Wolfenstein: the New Order" video game.

The info was shared by the game's creative director Jens Matthies during a recent Reddit AMA session.

"For the music in Wolf we worked with an amazing composer named Mick Gordon as his musical style is more appropriate for this game than Grappo's," he noted. "We also have some special music contributions by Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah (looove that band)."

Discussing the axeman's appearance in more detail, Matthies added, "Yeah, Fredrik made some custom music for the game. All of the music in the game is amazing, I'm really psyched about it."

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    More reason to get this game! I've been watching it like a hawk to determine if I wanted it, and this put me over the edge. I will be getting this game!