Metal All-Stars Organizers Respond to 'Fraudulent' Line-Up Announcement

Information was “inaccurate and unconfirmed” according to producers.

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The producers of the Metal All-Stars tour have responded to "inaccurate and unconfirmed" reports that were published, regarding the supposed line-up of the tour. Advertisements and posters had appeared online that claimed Slayer's Tom Araya would be attending the event. According to organizers Gabe Reed Productions and Kendra Helms Media, this was never the case: "Inaccurate and unconfirmed reports were published yesterday on various Internet outlets regarding the upcoming Metal All-Stars European tour and its talent lineup, in particular Slayer's Tom Araya. None of this information was issued by Gabe Reed Productions, Kendra Helms Media or the Metal All-Stars organization.

"Mr. Araya is not performing with the Metal All-Stars - he and Slayer have nothing to do with this tour and the use of Slayer's logo as well as the logos of other artists in the fraudulent advertisement was wholly unauthorized. The bands listed have nothing to do with this or any Metal All-Stars tour that features metal legends performing outside their individual bands.

"The Internet reports also contained information about the Metal All-Stars lineup and European dates that are not confirmed and still being negotiated.

"The producers of Metal All-Stars very much look forward to bringing a great Metal All-Stars lineup to European metal fans and will announce the correct lineup, dates and other information on the tour's official website when it all has been confirmed. An official announcement of the lineup and confirmed dates will be officially announced shortly and exclusively at the website and at the official Metal All-Stars Twitter and Facebook pages." Confirmed musicians:

  • Philip Anselmo (PANTERA, DOWN)
  • Nick Menza (MEGADETH)
  • Joey Belladonna (ANTHRAX)
  • Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, SEPULTURA)
  • Brian Fair (SHADOWS FALL)
  • Matt Bachand (SHADOWS FALL)
  • Jasin Todd (SHINEDOWN)
  • Aaron Rossi (MINISTRY)
  • Ross "the Boss" Friedman (MANOWAR)

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      I still don't get how someone from Shinedown is touring with the "Metal All-Stars".
      It must be fraudulent . . . why would you include anybody from "Shinedown" as a Metal All-Star?
      Seeing Nick Menza on that list is just pure awesome. And if Tom joined them, it would be terrific.
      Wtf is this? Metal All-Stars? And I suppose they'll be playing... what? A bit of Maiden, Sabbath, Priest? Sorry, I can't be thrilled about this.
      Well. it's a charity-tour with a bunch of guys who did stuff for metal... ...And a guy from Shinedown.