Metal Makes Ants Eat Faster, Science Proves

Crust punk, grindcore, deathcore, speed metal, to be precise.

Ultimate Guitar

A recent study proved that metal music has the power to make ants eat wood faster.

Conducted by the Orkin Man, the research saw two separate groups of ants chomping to different musical styles - one enjoyed soothing relaxation harp tunes, wheres the second bunch rocked out to such banging styles as crust punk, grindcore, deathcore, and speed metal.

The results were very clear - the headbanging group ate twice as much, since the music's frequency had a stimulating effect to the insects' appetite. Check out the clip below for more.

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    Who pays these people to do these studies? And how can I get hired. I'd work minimum wage to listen to metal with ants all day
    Who knew science could be SO boring... I guess once smashing atoms together and creating cars that run on farts gets old, this is the kinda sh*t you get up to just to pass the time. Then there's me; when I get bored at work, I play Candy Crush Saga.
    Great to once again hear of scientists going about their infinitely worthwhile and unbelievably beneficial and altruistic activities. With science in our corner and the ever-increasing reliance on, and advances in, technology, the human race is certain to continue succeeding and progressing. A round of applause, please, everyone. \m/
    matteo cubano
    good thing there's not just like 5 scientists where they're all doing these studies…i think we're fine having a few doing something fun like this every once and a while…we'll be okay.
    Now they need to study how AxCx effects ducks and geese. Super aggressive quacking