Metalhead Dad Upsets Internet by Photobombing Baby Photos With Devil Horns

Annoying or just too darn cute? You be the judge.

Ultimate Guitar

Parents these days tend to come off as tad annoying by posting hundreds, if not thousands of photos of their newborn babies, but Mr. Brian Reda decided to give this mundane practice a bit of a different spin.

And the spin includes a fresh dose of metal, of course! Basically, Brian made sure to photobomb each photo of his baby son with a set of devil horns in the very front.

As Buzzfeed reports, the Metal Dad has first posed a photo from the zoo on Reddit, initially getting a dose of backlash from Redditors. Responding in a true metal way, Reda posted even more fresh pics.

"Some people put up quite the stink about the 'metal hand' in the picture of my son at the zoo," he said. "I'm a stay-at-home dad and [this is] the way I've chosen to document our life together."

"So suck it. Dad life is metal."

Being a photographer, Brian is always on the search for new ways to communicate. "The photos prior to my first 'Dad Life' image were cute and served the purpose of capturing him in all his infant glory," he told Buzzfeed.

"I know that sounds selfish, especially in our selfie-crazed culture, but the series is about our relationship. It's about us. It's about being father and son."

So in conclusion, rock on, Metal Dad.

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    Hell yes. Kids are so metal anyway, they scream all the time, throw up on everything you hold dear, crap on everything, cause deep self doubt and psychological trauma to unsuspecting parents, and keep you from ever following your dreams or ambitions further. Its the most brutal thing ever.
    "Metal." - William Murderface, Dethklok bassist
    If people have nothing better to do than get "upset" about these photos, they seriously need to get a life.
    All I see is a parent spending time with his kid, something a lot of the so called "redditors" can't understand.
    Its a sad fact that in this day and age Fathers are seen as unnecessary or sometimes not in the picture. Why is everybody upset about this> A dad in his child's life! Not trying to start a war but why is no one upset at the rap/hip hop culture Where single moms are the norm?
    Considering the fact that they aren't "devil horns" the internet should be just as upset they don't understand history
    "initially getting a dose of backlash from Redditors" Get a ****ing hobby people
    Why are the people on Reddit upset over this? Is it because the dad has actually been with a woman and you know had sex so they're all just jealous?