Metalhead Wins Presidential Election in Indonesia

Joko Widodo, an avid fan of Megadeth, Metallica and Napalm Death, elected president with 53.15% of votes.

Metalhead Wins Presidential Election in Indonesia
Jakarta governor and an avid metal fan Joko Widodo has officially been elected president of Indonesia after receiving 53.15% of the votes.

A metalhead since early teens, the president had publicly demonstrated his love of guitar-heavy vibe on multiple occasions, singling out Metallica, Megadeth and Napalm Death among personal favorites.

AsĀ BBC reports, Mr. Widodo triumphed over ex-general Prabowo Subianto, who received 46.85%. Subianto is claiming that a massive electoral fraud is at hand, vowing to challenge the result.

As for Joko, the new president is promising a decisive break with Indonesia's authoritarian past and better social welfare for the poor.

With Indonesia being the country with the world's largest Muslim population, showing tendencies towards cultural conservatism, Widodo's victory does come as a bit of a surprise.

Back to his metal reputation, Widodo once owned a signed bass from Metallica's Robert Trujillo, but had to give it up since the gift was regarded as bribe. Furthermore, the new president also insists that local bands deserve as much support as heavy music in general, singling out Burgerkill, Godless Symptoms and Jasad as top Indonesian groups.

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    Lets hope if he does a bad job, people don't blame it on his music taste. Judgmental Neanderthals.
    *Let's Hilarious, you're English yet lack basic knowledge of the language.
    Oh I apologize for struggling with English for the whole of my life and it being the only thing which is stopping me from my further education to get to uni and study. I didn't know it was bothering you.
    Hilarious, you understood everything he said and you're still bitching out.
    You just don't understand, do you?
    Are you saying that throughout the whole of your life you've spelt and punctuated every single sentence you've ever written correctly in your home language. Even if you have, nobody would give a dam. This is because they're more important things to life then worrying about these little things, in my case I have a family to feed and look after which seams way higher on my list of priorities then spell checking every single sentence to make sure its correct for you because its my home language. Some people have difficulties learning, now deal with it.
    "I have a family to feed and look after which seams way higher on my list of priorities" I see what you did there
    This is the internet, not a school test or an official document. Dont be a grammar nazi, nobody gives a rats ass about proper spelling anyway as long as the message is clear.
    Not that I think either side of this is right or wrong, but I have always hated that "IT'S THE INTERNET NOT A SCHOOL TEST" mentality. Practice makes perfect, and I consider any chance I get to use the written word as practice for when I actually do need to write a test or official document. I've known some people who left school, started using chatspeak, forgot how to write proper English, and fail college entrance exams or fail to get hired by potential employers and such. At the very least, just treat it as an opportunity to keep yourself from getting rusty at writing
    Making some atrocious attempt at self-righteous superiority over the lack of an apostrophe deserves - nay, demands - being told to shut up.
    K33nbl4d3, I definitely have to agree, though I explicitly mentioned not taking sides, just putting my opinion on the whole "grammar nazi" thing out there. I just kind of came in after the fact to comment on the "this is the internet, not a school test" bit, because I do feel that attitude stalls a lot of people, but I also don't think it's up to anyone but ourselves to work on our language skills. And if I ever do have a problem with the way someone spells something, it's usually a friendly heads-up rather than bludgeoning them over the head with it. I try not to be a grammar nazi. At worst, I'm a spelling commie
    Hahahaha. Correcting someone who was already correct, with the wrong word. Priceless. "You're" was right, in that context, br00tal. If you don't know the difference yourself, don't try to correct other people.
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    *I'm a douche Not too bad, but brush up on your English a bit and maybe your message will come out clearer next time.
    Why does every Welsh person have such a chip on their shoulder that they think they have to do this petty sh*t?
    They don't, or you'd see 5 million comments a day from Welsh people like this, and you don't.
    You do understand that the apostrophe is for connecting two words as one or showing ownership, as in, you are goes to you're, or this is CymroPalch's stupid grammar post... So the point here is that his use of Lets is actually perfectly fine... Hilarious right?
    "Let's" is a contraction of "Let us", and it most definitely what was intended. So, no, "Lets" is not correct. At least not in that context.
    Yeah, "lets" would not make sense. There is more than one reason for using an apostrophe.
    How do you know he is English? He might be Australian, or Kiwi, or Canadian, or American etc.
    How do you know he is English? He might be Australian, or Kiwi, or Canadian, or American etc.
    Burgerkill is such a metal name.
    If they don't make a metal cover of Nugent's "I love my BBQ" during their career, I'll be disappointed.
    This is actually good. No really, this man is known for his good personality and his progressive poltical views. He's popular with the people and I think he will be a great leader of Indonesia.
    The english think metallica shouldn't be allowed to play. Indonesian muslims elect a metalhead. The brain drain is coming.
    Saying this solely because I'm sick of hearing about this misconception: The entire controversy with Glastonbury was forced sensationalism, there was really nothing behind it. It was the 2nd most attended show during the festival, and before it had begun there were far more prominent musicians that had spoken positively about Metallica playing Glasto, than sceptical/opposing voices.
    I think everyone here knows what went down and the potential motivations of getting Metallica off the bill. I just find it funny that a country that is predominantly Muslim (have you seen the shit some bands in those countries face?) elect a metalhead for president, whilst English folk, who are mostly non-religious, get pissy at a Metal band (not even a really heavy one at that) playing one of the biggest festivals in the world.
    I just finished a really long youtube "conversation" with some Muslims. This is the justification I was given as to why homosexuals should all be executed: These people do exist, and I think it is in our best interests to learn more about them so more people can recognize that religion is the only justification for such extreme treatment of homosexuals. The gay thing is only one aspect of how dangerous Islam is. When do we start holding Islam itself accountable for these atrocities, instead of constantly excusing these things as the acts of "a few extremists"? I KNOW plenty of Muslims want this president executed.
    Im surprised the headline didn't read "Fan of Napalm Death Elected Indonesian President"
    Looking at recent UG headlines, especially the Greg Mackintosh and Animals as Leaders ones, I'm surprised the headline doesn't read "Metal made mandatory in Indonesia after new king takes over". Cause more catchy and would get more interest, that it has **** all to do with the content of the article doesn't matter.
    Really surprising considering so much of Indonesia is pretty orthodox Muslim.
    But not really when you consider that Indonesia has been largely politically progressive, and there's actually sort of a secular attitude from the government (as in, they won't prosecute you for not being Muslim). Sure, they may not be as "freedom-loving" as 'MURRICA (though personally, I have to wonder how high America REALLY ranks in freedoms), but I'd rather live there than Laos or Myanmar...
    For a second, I thought it was Obama.
    He does kind of bear a striking resemblance. All the more uncanny when you realize that Barack lived in Indonesia for a time.