Metallica 3D Movie Coming to IMAX Theaters This September

Metal giants reveal "Metallica Through the Never" 3D film release details.

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Metal giants Metallica have officially revealed release details regarding their upcoming 3D movie "Metallica Through the Never." The film is now set for a September 27 premiere in IMAX theaters across North America.

According to the official announcement, the movie will be screened in each and every one of over 300 North American IMAX cinemas for an entire week. The projections will then expand into additional theaters starting on October 4. The main storyline revolves around a Metallica crew member, played by Dane DeHaan, being sent out on a mission during the band's concert just to have his life "unexpectedly turned completely upside down."

"IMAX! It doesn't get bigger or cooler than that!" drummer Lars Ulrich says. "For four guys in a rock band of average height, to get a chance to unleash their 3D film on IMAX screens the size of buildings across the country is a mind-blowing thought. 'Hey look, Mom, I'm 50 feet tall (finally!)' There is no better way to experience film and when you throw in the spectacle of music and sound this should amount to an unprecedented, unique and truly next level experience."

The group is currently busy "editing and putting the finishing touches," inviting fans to stay tuned on their official website for more exclusive details. "With so many of you playing a very important role on those nights, we are anxious to begin to share it all with you very soon and we'll see you in the theaters this Fall," the four-piece concludes.

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    "For four guys in a rock band of average height"... haha speak for yourself Lars. James is one tall-ass bastard
    When standing next to Kirk or Lars...
    No dude... He actually IS tall... 1.85 meters
    lars and Kirk are pretty small, and I think rob's only 5'8". James is like 6'1" though.
    yeah seriously, Hetfield is like 6'2... and for those above, average height of a man is 5'10. over 6' has always been considered tall, and probably always will be.
    If everyone keeps saying James is taller than he was in the previous comment, he's gonna be in the NBA by the time I'm done writing this comme- ... *Looks over at the TV* ... Guess not.
    Metallica goes Disney Channel
    immediately reminded me of this
    Get your ****ing hands in the ****ing air! Best part. This guy has other videos/songs which are all equally amazing. Very talented musician.
    They've been Disney Channel ever since the black album, they're a mockery of themselves.
    when are people like you gonna stop bitching and moaning. if you dont like a band dont listen to them. their goal isnt to make you happy.
    Yeah, I'm sure all of us were going to say they sucked and secretly see the movie. Just because you say we don't have to listen to them does not mean we can't have opinions. Don't be such a mindless fanboy.
    Honestly, kaveh640 just gave you some sound advice. All the anger people seem to hold toward bands such as Metallica is just plain unhealthy for your happiness. Also, it is really, really, really ****ing tiresome to see the same old comments every damn time you enter a thread about Metallica. So take his advice and stop ****ing reading articles about bands that you don't like, and find something else that brings you happiness.
    Honestly, I'll give you some good advice. Holding anger against people like sonofgkex is just plain unhealthy for your happiness. Also, it is really, really, really ****ing tiresome to see the same old fanboys every time I enter a thread about Metallica. So take my advice and stop ****ing reading comments that you don't like and find something else that brings you happiness.
    I saw Metallica live last night in Cape Town, South Africa. It was the best few hours of my life. 10/10.
    Bob Dolan :D
    Going to go see the Johannesburg show tomorrow night, this just pumped me up even more! \m/
    Thank Fuck SA is starting to get some sweet Bands out here. RHCP in Johannesburg in FEB, What a night !!
    I was at one of the shows they filmed for it a couple feet in front of the stage on the floor, hope I make it on screen!
    I actually thought this was gonna be released in like 2015 or something..
    Seattle '89 would be >>>>>Anything they do these days. Damn you technology!
    is this just for people who never made it to a live show or what? Why the hell do I want to see Lars' bald head in 3D? I'm sure the sound mix will be amazing though (of course, depending on what kind of form they were on during the recording process). but visually.... It's not ****ing Avatar is it :|
    Am I the only one who hasn't gave a **** about Metallica since the disastrous 1990s era?
    Nice, I'll prob rent it online when it becomes available, I just want to see the movie, I'm not that into 3D
    IMAX 3D. For when seeing James and Kirk shirtless in plain 2D just isn't gross enough.
    The idea of 3D is not that bad, IF Tallica would show a stunning show scene, brilliant NEW music etc. Unfortunately we have been listening to the same damn "good" songs for the last 20 years!! Why is tallica always playing the first 3 albums and maybe death Magnetic? sure some sad but true or enter sandman comes along (so fed up with the last ones, bad bad songs)... So 3D for trying to keep the same songs "alive" does not work for me, sorry. Like an old car with some shinning effect but I will still not buy it.
    I'm a great metallica fan, but this shit just sounds rediculous.
    Scott O
    These guys are getting real old. Time to lose the sunglasses and retire before you embarrass yourselves. Next thing you know they'll be doing Disney specials.
    I might have to go see this just for the laughs. It's going to be so bad that it might be good.
    Josh Reubenking
    I'd be laughing at you cause you don't like Metallica yet you're paying for movie tickets to go see it, and I'd also be laughing when you start saying shit about the movie in the theater and you get your ass kicked. If you don't like Metallica, don't comment or go to a story that says "Metallica" on it, you moron.
    First of all, there is a difference between seeing something for the laughs and being a douche in the theater. Second, and I do get tired of saying this, it's an OPINIONS forum. I'd say if you can't handle a negative opinion of something you like you shouldn't be here.
    Are you 12 or something? Yeah, you can put your own opinions on here, but you already commented up there. This second comment was just a sh*t stirrer. And if you wanna be smart then this is the COMMENTS section of a news page. Not the goddamn forums. Edit: Got times mixed up. You commented up there after posting this. Point still stands though.
    I put my opinion of Metallica up there because it was relevant to the comment I was replying to. I put my opinion of the movie itself down here because ultimately this is about the movie more than Metallica in general. And enlighten me as to what the comments section is for if it's not for opinions? I'm ok with people disagreeing with me; what pisses me off is when people say I can't voice my opinion just because it's contradictory to theirs. You disagree with me? -1 me and move on.
    Yeah, sorry. I was reading the comments from the top and mistook your reply for an actual comment. I agree about the opinions thing but "I might have to go see this just for the laughs. It's going to be so bad that it might be good" is more of a plain insult rather than an opinion. And your 'opinion' up there was stating is as fact rather than saying "I think that they've been disney..." etc. Little things, but you can see why people get worked up when someone comes onto a page and deliberately talks crap about an artist they like, then tries to pass it off as an honest opinion.
    It IS an honest opinion; I think it's gonna suck but I might see it anyway for fun. And if people get it all up in their craw, that's what downvotes are for.
    An OPINION would be "I THINK it's going to be so bad that it might be good." It might be your opinion but when you state it as fact then people are gonna get pissy.
    Josh Reubenking
    He's probably just got his panties in a bunch because he'll never get anywhere in life like Metallica did.
    I find it funny how you fight for your opinion, while scolding his opinion about your opinion...
    Josh Reubenking
    I'm excited for this for two reasons. One, it sounds like a badass movie. Two, after the movie, hopefully they'll focus on the next album.
    ...your comment is, young padawan.
    I'm all for Metallica, all for Metallica concerts, but after seeing DMB do 3D concerts (yawn) and going to actual live concerts all my life, this 3D stuff must be as fun as going to a 3D nascar race without the ear deafening noise and knowing who wins the race. Stupid- holograms, 3D concerts, the whole bunch.
    Thank you. All this virtual reality crap is just a load of gimmicks like nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect. So sick of this garbage.