Metallica Announce Christmas Sweaters

Say "goodbye" to deers, hail "Master of Puppets!"

Ultimate Guitar

Metallica launch new merchandise line with Christmas sweaters, Facebook post notes.

"It's getting colder, holiday parties are about 3 months away and we want you to be ready for it," says the announcement. "Keep an eye on the MetStore for the incoming Scary and Master Holiday Sweaters!"

As you can see on the picture below, there are no deers, but the band's logos and the crosses, reffering to the band's classic "Master of Puppets" album.

The items will be available soon at the Metallica Store.

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    I can't wait to wear one of these ironically. inb4 downvotes
    lol at the people complaining about them making money. They're ugly christmas sweaters, this shit it rad.
    I hate this kind of shit. Just record an album already. I'm a fan of your music, not your marketing capabilities.
    link no1
    I really doubt this is holding back their writing...yano...I can't really imagine James and Lars are sat around knitting some delightful sweaters with love in every stitch rather than literally anything else...
    Master of Christmas. lol Seriously, do they need money this bad that they'll put their name on anything now? Who's in charge of their marketing now, Gene Simmons?
    Come on now. Does Metallica own a football team? Does Metallica have a line of Hello Kitty toys? They're not even on the same level. No joke, I may consider buying one. I like the idea. I think it's hilarious.
    LOL, there is actually a parody called "Master of Christmas". I tried finding it on YouTube to no avail, but it does indeed exist.
    Don't think I've seen this sort of merch before...
    I've seen it before with (I really hate using this term) with more like indie "hipster" bands.
    great ! on the sweater it should say "its Christmas! so ****ing what" or "Christmass up your Ass"
    I've needed a new Neil sweater for christmas for a long time. (Santa Clause Reference for those that don't know the movie.)
    The next thing they'll be selling are tables. The tables had it coming for a long time anyway...
    Gotta get money from some way other then releasing albums and touring . Enough fanboys
    Who cares if they want to make more money? I always want to make more money, if I had as much money as they do, I'd still want more. Pull your heads out of your arses people and stop hating on people because they are better off than you.
    Will make sure to mosh with one of these on if I can get my hands on one