Metallica Members Are Playable Characters In Action Sports Video Game

Metallica frontman James Hetfield and bassist Robert Trujillo are featured as playable characters.

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Metallica frontman James Hetfield and bassist Robert Trujillo are featured as playable characters in the upcoming "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD" action sports video game "Revert Pack" DLC. The pack will be made available on December 4 at $4.99 on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam.

Although it was previously announced that the revert will only be usable within levels from "Tony Hawk 3" - not on the existing "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" or "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2" levels included in "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD" - that is no longer the case: a free title update for the game will allow players to use the revert throughout the game; the patch should go live the week the add-on comes out, according to Polygon.

"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD" launched in July, selling 120,000 units in its initial Xbox Live timed-exclusive debut. The game was later released on PlayStation 3 and PC, as Blabbermouth reports.

Pictured below: James Hetfield like you've never seen him before.

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    Eclectic Lizard
    Awesome! Should totally be 1986 James though. Also does James break his wrist everytime you play as him?
    They would fit more in Call of Duty... the soldiers uses tables as covers all the time.
    My favorite character to play as in the Tony Hawk series was definitely Iron Maiden's "Eddie".
    m4ss3 m/
    They definitely should include a special trick where he transforms into a table.
    I hope they integrate Rob's helicopter move into the game, if it fits anywhere, it's there.
    I wonder what their special moves will be! 'Crab Walk Boardslide', 'I Am the Table Air'... More seriously, I hope they've got cool special moves that refer to their music.
    "James Hetfield like you've never seen him before." You're right, I've never seen a James Hetfield in unintelligible blob form.
    Ah... the first Tony Hawk game is so f'cking great. Still haven't tried the remake, but I've got the urge to do so now.
    For me the best in the series was the second one, the remake isn't that good though
    All the games were good until american wasteland, then it went downhill... this game is just part of the declining slope the serious is still heading on
    skateboarding game. James broke his arm on a skateboard in like 85. James is a character in a new skateboarding game. This is so ironically funny.
    Is he skating through the airport from THPS 3? Man I wish they would release an other Tony Hawk game like Pro Skater 4 or Underground, unrealistic as **** but addicting as hell. also with just the game console controller, not the board (never played ride or shred, but I've read some pretty bad reviews about them)
    James' special move should be the 'OW YEAH!!!' *imagine a cool move with James shouting ow yeah*
    Anyone else notice how he's wearing the new "Kill 'Em All" skate shoes? Nice touch.
    Lars will sue them later for using Metallica's image without their approval
    How will this work... They going to glue a skateboard to Hetfield's four legs?
    Not seen anyone post this surprisingly, maybe the skateboard is a small table with wheels on the legs? Something like that...
    Cause a 60 year old skateboarder is so cool Does it show kirk sucking on guitar while skateboarding too? lol
    Tony Hawk and Hetfield are about the same age, but maybe you think tony hawk is lame too?
    nah he's cool. And that 5 years makes all the difference.
    Seen you on the Green Day article too, you seem like a real prick Pull whatever it is out of your ass and enjoy life a little
    By Hetfield they purely man "generic looking man in tanks tops with wristbands". While I understand that high-res models of the metallica dudes made up with 100000 times the amount of polygons would kiij absurdly out of place in the games they really expect me to pay for this shit?
    The characters themselves are just part of the full DLC pack. It adds content from THPS3, and the band members are bonus.
    That's a little less than half the price the game cost me... Still getting it though.
    It'll only be realistic if James has a breaks his arm or has a cast on. Every time he touched a skateboard in the 90's they said he broke his arm. lol
    They should have put Muse in it. That would have been funny as hell to see Matt skateboarding and all. And really everyone the whole table thing is worn out! Only joking I wonder if he'll jump any tables
    Holy cow you just reminded me I dreamed about Muse today. It was really creepy, something was wrong with Matt's face XD
    They should change the soundtrack completely. I'd buy that DLC. It's almost like they only picked the crappy songs from the games and added more crappy songs.
    James actually kind of fits with his since he used to skateboard a lot until he broke his arm twice during the Master tour I think