Metallica Offers Free Download of National Anthem Performance

Fans can also purchase acoustic set from

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Metallica has announced that fans can download a free MP3 of James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett's performance of the Star-Spangled Banner from the band's Live Metallica website. The anthem was performed by the guitarists as part of the San Francisco Giants' Metallica Night.

The band has also announced that fans will be able to download the four song acoustic set from week's MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit concert. As an official statement notes: "The guys performed a cover of Rare Earth's "I Just Want to Celebrate" for the first time in seven years since 2007's Bridge School Benefit along with three other covers played live for the very first time ... Download the set to hear Deep Purple's 'When a Blind Man Cries,' Ozzy's favorite Beatles song 'In My Life,' and the Ozzman's own 'Diary of a Madman.'"

Meanwhile, multi-camera footage of the MAP Fund Benefit show has appeared online, on YouTube's Milanica channel. Check it out below:

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    I still don't know why James doesn't release solo acoustic albums or songs. Ever since I saw that performance he did of Mama said solo, made me think this way.
    ^ that'd be cool. i bet he could do a great acoustic songwriter/country-ish album.
    This is the best performance James has given in years, honestly I think he would rather be making acoustic music than metal.
    There are actually over 20 free concerts up for download (mp3 format) on their official site: Click on "live downloads" on the main page (near the top), then "free downloads" on the next page that loads. U gotta sign up with an email addy and p/w and you're good to go. \m/