Metallica Post Awesome Movie Trailer

See the explosive debut trailer for Metallica's forthcoming 3D movie here.

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Metallica have released a gripping new trailer for their forthcoming 3D movie "Through the Never," which you can see in the clip below.

This is no straightforward concert movie; it's a proper movie with a storyline that follows actor Dane DeHaan as a crew member who is sent on an urgent mission during a Metallica show, with life-changing results.

The movie is almost finished, but James Hetfield says he's getting impatient with how this and their Orion Music Festival is holding up production of the next Metallica album.

"I want it done yesterday," he told Billboard. "(Orion) and this movie is keeping us pretty busy at this point and it's taking a lot of our time and effort. We've been touring some obscure places; I guess basically what we're trying to do is pay for this movie, so the touring is keeping us from getting in there and finishing the record. Right now the focus is on the movie."

The good news: they've officially got enough new material for an album. "We've gone through maybe one-tenth of the material that's on our riffs CDs. We've got enough for an album, we just haven't had enough time to really focus on it and dial in and start whittling it into these masterpieces, hopefully," said Hetfield.

Bassist Rob Trujillo adds that progress is going well, but the album is going to take some time to complete. "The work ethic is super, super strong, and that's what takes us longer than other bands, because we're sitting there and sometimes we're really analyzing things ... But I can tell you this; the grooves and the riffs that are already on the radar are really, really awesome."

Watch the official trailer for Metallica's "Through the Never" movie here:

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    Awesome, but couldn't have James sang a little better on MoP? For a freakin 3D movie, I mean. Instead he did his now-usual "singing" thing on a song that doesn't need it at all. In a movie everything has to be perfect, they've got enough of Live DVDs of this late-Metallica era already, where he sings this way. Surely he and the band can hear the difference?
    I was thinking the exact same thing, regardless I can't wait to see it. Even if it isn't great, it's something different and that's enough.
    It's just that he sang really, really well at the Revolver Awards recently, so what's the problem.
    Holy sh*t! It's an actual movie? I was expecting a live DVD in 3D or something, but this looks f*cking awesome!
    Jizz came out of my mouth when I saw the trailer.
    Does that mean that you're a dick head?
    Really? hahahah but seriously. This comment gets the gold medal? Who is running this website? 15 year olds?
    Everytime that bloke with the boob avatar posts something around here, there's at least 5 comments about people drooling on it... so yeah, I wouldn't doubt that.
    Does that mean youre a cocksucker? ;
    dickhead joke was classier. (somehow)
    Any release outside the US (i.e. the UK)?
    Not sure but i would bet that it will be everywhere. Metallica is kind of big thing you know
    Buuuu! We want new music. Not a stupid movie.
    I hope this movie is released worldwide. I'm sick of not being able to watch things or enter contests because I don't like in USA
    Wait so... It's a Metallica movie but with an actual storyline? But the storyline doesn't reflect on the band? Fuck i'm confused
    Its the story of one of the guys working on the road crew. It somehow relates to the band...Im itching to see how they tie the concert to that story.
    Why so many people bash MetallicA? They are the kings of Metal. They made it happen for all the bands that you now listen to. Are they now too famous for you? Go listen to your underground garbage.
    Von II
    Why the yahoo video? HD doesn't work for me and like most people I just want to see it on youtube for obvious reasons.
    Anyone else want to see a movie about metallica history? Like take actors to play Mustaine, Hetfield, Kirk, Cliff and lars? The movie starts before metallica met, shows cliff s death and mustaine getting kicked out of the band, the fights they had and how they reacted to megadeth. It would be amazing
    well that has been stated trough numerous interviews and documentaries... so I guess there is not actual need for it.
    Even if so, so what? I would LOVE to see a Metallica history movie, which would be made a like a story of the band.
    wtf. I mean, are they running out of ideas on how to make money? jeepers
    Josh Reubenking
    Fuck you, bastard. Let's see you have a 30+ year career and let's see your talent. They're a great ****ing band and they can do whatever the hell they want. With every great musician and great talent, there's one little ****er like you spouting bullshit. Regardless, can't wait for the movie. Anything by Metallica is good. Fuck the haters.
    Congratulations. You are what's wrong with the world. Fuck your fanboy logic.
    Actually Metallica used t rip off a bunch of bands riffs (not just Mustaine) so I dont think they can be called a good band at any given period of ther career. The only great original songs they had vere Cliff Burton instrumentals, and he isnt around for a while now, right?
    link no1
    Pretty sure every band rips off another band whether they know they are doing it or not though, most people call this 'influence'. Whatever the case, you sir should fornicate with yourself.
    if this movie is good then hats off to them. Pulling something off like this is a whole other creative process / way of doing things.
    it's not every day you get to see a film about a heavy metal band on cinemas. I'd pay to see this. **** them haters
    You know what? I was all set to dislike the film until I read this. You've made the best point I've seen so far. When a film with a metal band comes out it's inevitably a documentary. This is different. I'll go see it. It's not every decade this happens.
    Absolutely! For all the inside-the-box thinkers: You could see this as an extended videoclip, long enough and good enough to entertain for two hours in a 3D cinema
    The members of Metallica don't need to make any more money.They have got more than they will ever need.They do like to stay healthy and keep working on projects to keep their life interesting.They also have a huge crew to support.
    wtf is wrong with you the news of this movie has been out for A WHILE. And it looks ****ing epic! Why is it when a band makes cool new stuff like movies or shit, it's always money making jeepers?! Are actors making songs jeepers as well? @Christopher Lee, Hugh Laurie.. etc.
    I actually get their idea: they will enter the gore film/B-side industry to launch a new slogan... "Once thrash metal, now trash movies, whatever, just STFU and buy our shit!" There you go, millions of dollars in their bank accounts.
    As you might know Kirk is very passionate about horror movies. I'd be surprised if this was a gore film and it be bad with Kirk around. if it's not a horror movie then I am certain they will still do a good ****ing job with it.
    Just because he likes them doesnt mean he'll do a good job. They also like music and dont seem to do a very good job at it lately, do they.
    Looks craptastic.
    Well, there's Metallica's music in it. So even if the movie doesn't turn out so great, there's the music that you get to listen to for a good chunk of it.
    Metallica please leave all this epic shiznitz behind and give me another trash-fest like St. Anger.
    This trailer would have been this much better [insert random amount] if it would have ended with the laughing at the end of the Master of Puppets track
    No idea why you all dislike this. Typical though, most of you are so far up your own asses that anything new from an old band comes along and its not exactly the same as what it used to be, gets slaughtered by you. I'd just like to say, **** you, you will never be successful in life with an attitude like that.
    its funny you should say that if you showed this clip to metallica 25 years ago they'd probably be hatin' on it too, but thats why our brains evolve some quicker than others i'm relevant cause mommy said so
    I liked it when crosses rose up from the stage floor... yeah that was so keeewwwl... yeah... and wow! - fire and explosions!... so keeeewwl... and some kid with a shitty van...WTF! A new album would have been better.
    We should be complaining, this will put metal back up, but if people see us bashing on this awesome movie concert, we will look low and just bad, embrace the change in the metal community rising, why bring it down just kus its Metallica?
    I hate the fact that one "wrong" opinion here it voted down like the plague. I can tell this site is still full of teenagers as I once was. Fact is, Metallica are cashing in on this as much as they can, I enjoy them, they were great and put out some great material, but some people here hold them in such high regard its funny. Guess we were all young once. Doesn't really look that interesting btw
    Time to place negative opinion comment for downvotes: I found this trailer shows that the movie will contain a narrative as fake as the band themselves. Quite fitting. Give a live-action Dethklok movie instead.
    Are you implying that Metallica is fake and Deathklok isn't fake?
    No I'm implying that Metallica pretend to be something they're not. They lie, they cheat, they manipulate. They're fake. Dethklok is a TV series and isn't trying to be real. Its obvious it's made up but that's the point.
    And, how exactly do they lie, cheat, and manipulate?
    Just watch their interviews about all the mis-dealings in the past with anyone who has had something to say against them (which btw is a lot of people, especially bands that have toured with them). Everytime they will always try to look like they're 'taking the moral high-ground' when in actual fact their hands are more dirty than most of their era. Anytime someone says something negative to them, they practically cry to their fanbase with vlogs and play the victims of something horrendous. And now lets not forget about Lars Ulrich and his war on Napster. I'm not one for illegal downloading but his actions were just pathetic. All it did was prove to people all they cared about was the large sums of money.
    You provided absolutely no facts on how they lie, cheat, and manipulate. You sir are a dumbass!
    broken ipod
    Yes, lets not forget Lars Ulrich actions against illegal activity. He is such a bad person.
    Down vote me more Metallica fans. Facts are everywhere and I would rather not make a wall of text in a comment box. The vlogs on their reactions towards them and Jason Newstead. They felt they had to make vlogs about it as if to prove they're the innocent ones? Not only did Lars sound like a cry baby "We're not the bad guys..." but the acting was so fake it felt like I was watching Jersey Shore. The massive interview documentary made about their tour with Guns N' Roses. Whilst Axl was a prick for his actions in a lot of cases, Metallica are hardly saints themselves and in their egotistical way presume that Axl Rose's actions on the tour were because Metallica are better and he couldn't face it. As for the Napster case, Lars exaggerated that torrenting is the main cause for loss of profits in the music industry when realistically it equates to a incredibly small percentage. There is also the case of in some countries (not mine) people can't actually purchase the music made in Western civilization. Be it due to their country's politics or simply the distribution limitations of the music. How else will the fans in those countries get the music? They deserve the chance to listen to it as much as we do.