Metallica Rocks Glasto: Fox-Hunting Jab, Video Footage, 'Sh-te' T-Shirts and More

"We'd love to headline Glastonbury again," the band adds.

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Following the biggest controversy regarding any music festival headlining act we got to see in a while, Metallica has finally played Glastonbury, and guess what - rocked the place.

But it wasn't just any set, as the band made sure to spice up the whole thing with a healthy dose of humor.

Fox on the Run

Right before kicking off the 14-song set, the band presented an exclusive video, interrupting the regular "Ecstasy of Gold" intro with a short fox hunting movie. A clever jab at all the protestors, "What Does the Fox Say?" "Fox on the Run," masked bears killing everyone, and then the grand finale...

Anyhow, check out the film below.

The Show!

The most important part, or at least the part that should be the critical one. The guys still have it, and they've proven it with a 90-minute set. As always, the crowd comments have varied, going from praising "Looks like Metallica had a great time as did the crowd - f--k the Glastonbury snobbery!" to complaining "Why did they only play 14 songs?" or more creative ones like "Jesus christ, Lars even f--ks up 'The Unforgiven.'"

Right before kicking off "Sad But True," frontman James Hetfield dedicated the tune to all the metal bands from the UK that dream of headlining Glasto, but never got the chance. The video of the full show is available online, check it out below.

'They're Just Sh-te' T-Shirts

Remembering the big fuss prior to the show, the band took the creative approach and issued a special series of "Glastallica - Peace, Love & Metal" t-shirts, including some of the most memorable quotes from the media on the back side.

'We'd Love to Headline Again'

So to sum it all up, Metallica became the first metal band ever to headline Glasto since the festival's 1970 inception. Also, they'd love to do it again.

"That was sensational. I don't remember much of it ... the energy was fantastic," Lars Ulrich told BBC. "We have one shot, you never know if you'll be invited back. I want to soak up every second of this thing. We would love to come back."

"Metallica. Glastonbury. Together at last," said James Hetfield. "That felt good."

Finally, here's an epic photo of Lars, Noel Gallagher and Bradley Cooper just hanging out.

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    Fucking amazing! Proved all the doubters wrong, the video is hilarious, the energy in the show, it was an absolute triumph in my eyes!
    James Hetfield: You should all love each other more, this place is special, be better people etc etc. This song's called CYANIDE!
    The show and playing was great, but some of the people stood behind then were so annoying
    I dunno about their playing. Seems like anymore, they rush through some songs & consequently, botch a lot of turnarounds in their riffs & I've seen more than a few videos where its really obvious. They do bring a good energy level to their performances, but the songs would still be just fine if they played closer to the recorded tempos.
    Good for Metallica. I'm glad they didn't let any of that negativity get to them. And they were even able to have a little fun with it. That's why to me, they will always be one of the greatest metal bands of all time.
    Killer. Pure class, no talking shite, no bitterness, super respectful and happy to be there. They used humor and positivity and made light of the negative situation and gave everyone a great time with their energy and music. Our boys done good!
    All the respect I have lost fot metallic over the years has now been redeemed. .. kick a$$!!!!
    I really want one of those shirts.
    They remind me of when Jack White had the front page of his website as a quote from some nobody reporter's review of his album that was like "He makes watered down trash blues that has no depth or inventiveness."
    That was the perfect ending to the story we wanted. After weeks of endless slating and backlash to Metallica's announcement, they take the festival by storm and silenced all the doubters! Well done, guys. The t-shirt and jabs at fox hunting were great touches also.
    Awesome! Perfect way to deal with all the nonsense, and killer opening to the show. Well played, Metallica.... \m/
    Gotta love the shirt, great way to deal with all the sh*t and also a great show, I love how they still have fun playing all their old and new tunes after so many years and shows.
    There is a calling here! for Metallica to get back on the Political bandwagon!, make another "and justice for all" type record..
    It's worth mentioning that Mogwai's drummer (the "they are just shite" guy) played his set with that t-shirt on.
    Holy shit, that kind of sucks that Rob Halford is one of the negative quotes on the back of the T-shirts. Also, that set was AWESOME! It was the same usual setlist, with all of the hits, but they played with a hell of a lot of energy.
    As annoying as those Glastonbury articles were this is definitely what I call redemption! Props to Metallica for kicking ass.
    Man I love the fact that the band is so inventive and rocks. PS: love Hammett's day-by-day-getting-more white hair.
    Darth Crow
    Lol, that little guy on the last photo is young Gene Simmons! Look at that tongue!
    A photo with Lars and Noel Gallagher hanging out together? Now I have seen everything.
    "James Hetfield dedicated the tune to all the metal bands from the UK that dream of headlining Glasto, but never got the chance" - Oh snap. It seems they've choosen Metallica over Maiden.
    Love how they played Whiskey in the Jsr lol. Irish band so I suppose their little tribute to the UK. I doubt it is a regular part of their setlist.
    Its because it was a bit of a hit here with both the thin lizzy version and metallica version. They normally only play whiskey in ireland and play a one of their covers of an english band in england, usually overkill, am I evil or blitzkrieg. I get the feeling the glasto crowed are more likely to sing along to whiskey in the jar than they are the others though and obviously metallica thought so too
    I'm sorry but I need to express myself on my native language. "VALE UNA PICHA" if this is ****ing hippie act... Fucking metal is about breaking rules! PD: I love the shirt...