Metallica Talk Fan Relationship: 'One Minute They're Upset, Then They Love Us More Than Ever'

Bassist Rob Trujillo discusses frequent tensions among Metallica fan ranks.

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Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo discussed the band's unique relationship with their fanbase, describing the occasional tensions as a consequence of metal giants' uncompromising attitude toward music. While talking about the currently most prominent Metallica topic - "Through the Never" 3D film, Rob touched on the fans subject. "With Metallica - I always call it the edge-of-your-seat existence. We're always taking on challenges, so we have this relationship with our fans where one minute they're totally upset with us, then the next minute they love us more than they ever have," the bassist told Fox Phoenix. "And that's just because we try things. And this movie is an example of taking a big chance." Trujillo also remembered his first performance as a Metallica bassist, naming it as one of the examples of constantly unpredictable state of affairs among the group's ranks. "My first gig was at St. Quentin State Penitentiary, just to give you an idea of what Metallica does," he said. "That was like - welcome to the world of Metallica, you're playing St. Quentin State Penitentiary, make sure you don't hit a bad note, or else... [laughs]" Apart from a yet-undisclosed major announcement, new album still remains a constantly hot Metallica topic. According to the latest reports, the band will likely kick off the writing process earlier next year.

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    Fade To Black's acoustic guitar intro, their transformation during the Black Album era and the ones that followed... Knowing the fact that they cannot please everybody and the eventual "sell out" labels, they would rather do things for themselves rather than cater to what people want (especially, the elitists). Anyway, Kill Em' All was made not to please the L.A. scene (though, they moved to San Francisco) at the time and they would never care about what people would say about it. As James Hetfield said in a guitar magazine interview in the mid 90's, everything they did is based on not giving a ****.
    Cliff Burton speaks the truth. James even said in an interview once that Cliff was a big country music, classical, classic rock, oldies fan... GASP!!!!
    So he liked different styles of music. If those were his inspirations, then it made him be the bassist he is.
    He's damn right. Two days ago I had been upset with the delay of recording a new album, but yesterday after watching Through the Never I started to love them more than ever.
    I like Metallica and I don't care how long it takes to make the album, I still like them no matter what, i'm not a bandwagoning fan, I'M A METALLICA FAN!!!!! I can wait for the album
    We would rather have Metallica turn the knob on the studio doors fulfilled with what they have done outside of the studio than them inside the studio wondering, "what if we've done this and that before we stepped in?"
    Trust me, Rob, the only thing I'll be upset about in the Metallica camp is if you guys move the Orion fest from Detroit..
    Not all of us can afford airline tickets to Detroit and hotels, on top of Orion Fest tickets so, share the love man.
    Well depending on where you live, you'll have the same problem if it was in New York or Toronto Chicago or back in Atlantic City.
    I still like keeping up with them despite what they make. I'm not a fan of anything after And Justice (black album's not bad). I don't say it because I think of them as 'selling out', I just can't get into it. And as mentioned, you can't please everybody and that's cool. I still respect Metallica no matter what they do.
    I like the fact Rob seems be doing most of their PR lately. I really like the guy, not to mention he's one beast of a bassist.
    Rob is the exact reason Metallica sucks. he has no presence on stage, he is boring to watch, he always looks constipated and is just a load of monkey crap on the bass. Jason, Cliff, Lemmy, Claypool, Butler, Myung and soo many more can play spheres around him.
    Yeah, cause when they get upset about your shitty new stuff they just go back and listen to Ride the Lightning and that makes them feel better.
    I love Metallica, they're one of my favourite bands. I don't care what others say, their music is awesome. That is all, carry on.
    I think the fans love Metallica when they get to see the classics performed live, but get upset at every shitty new record. It's not as complicated as Trujillo seems to think.
    Trujillo should be upset he has yet to play on a GOOD Metallica album.
    "Metallica, one of the most sucessfull.. uh.. Rock bands of all time" Ummm... Isn't the genre obvious enough in the name?
    One thing I love about Metallica is that their songwriting, though inconsistent, always produces a few gems every album, and because of that, my least favorite albums are redeemed a little bit. Hell, I think Metallica's best song (Mama Said) is on their third worst album. To me, that says a lot, and even St. Anger and Reload have some fantastic songs (Sweet Amber, Fixxxer, etc).
    They certainly do have quite a few hidden gems in their lesser known albums.
    Black Hazard
    I can't believe they played such a shitty song that no one would have known of at that prison. I bet they were all pissed and wanted to shank their asses for not playing Master of Puppets or something.
    Metallica WAS the BEST band ever. St Anger was the downfall. The final nail in the coffin was the departure of Jason Newsted. Its so sad because they had it all and then they lost it.