Metallica Talk Making of 'Through the Never:' 'It Was Trial and Error'

Band also shares two new 3D movie clips, as the film made its world premiere yesterday night.

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Metallica's "Through the Never" 3D film officially made its global premiere yesterday night (September 9) at the 38th annual Toronto International Film Festival.

The band previously posted two new teaser clips, giving fans greater insight on the effort's overall vibe. Bassist Rob Trujillo and guitarist Kirk Hammett briefly discussed the film with Pulse of Radio, saying that the metal titans instantly had a vision of what they would like to produce.

"We felt that the missing ingredient was obvious to us and it was some sort of narrative," he said (via Blabbermouth). "There needed to be something that co-existed with the music, so it goes beyond just another concert performance.

"So we took it a step in a different direction, kind of taking a page from Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' or 'The Song Remains the Same' by Led Zeppelin, somehow creating our own version of that. And really it was trial and error," Rob concluded.

As reports, Trujillo and Hammett once again confirmed hitting the studio in 2014. "We're going to make another album next year," they said, just to have Kirk explain further. "We're making ["Through the Never"] for a very good reason," he said. "Which is because we want to make it."

The clips show main character, Metallica roadie played by Dane DeHaan, running through the middle of a street riot as the four-piece charges through their set, specifically "Wherever I May Roam" and "Cyanide" off "Death Magnetic." The fan reactions so far seem as positive as ever, so check out the clips and let us know what you think in the comments.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    'It Was Trial and Error' My band works that way, too. Unfortunately, it's usually more 'error' than anything else. LOL
    "We're making ["Through the Never"] for a very good reason," he said. "Which is because we want to make it." Lol Kirk wtf.
    As fans, we wanna see more of our favorite bands obviously. Nice to see bands like that put something together on dvd other than regular concerts! You can either buy it or borrow it and if you don't like what you see, might as well listen to the music.
    It seems the more I see of this movie, the less sense it makes. Still excited though.
    I have the same, except I get less excited everytime. I feel they're just stretching the limits on what a videoclip is, into the length of a show, which coincidentaly also is about the size of a feature film, making it a good excuse for them to showcase in a theatre.
    I saw the IMAX trailer this weekend. It looks awesome. I cant wait!
    Awesome trailers! I cannot wait to see this - and since I live in South Africa I'll only have to wait about 3 years. But what I find even more amazing than the trailers is that this is the first Metallica article in who knows how long where nobody has posted a comment about how much they hate Metallica
    haha loved that first clip, I could imagine them making one of those cheesy stage show musicals like they did with Queen in 'We Will Rock You'
    dont know what to make of this tbh..i hope it doesnt have these segways into gigs etc...if it does its like a long videoclip.
    I'm not expecting any huge cinematic milestone revelation but some spectacular MetallicA full feature music video and I'm very OK with that!!
    I saw the IMAX (non- 3D) preview before Elysium, it was pretty bad ass. Should be amazing seeing the concert footage in 3-D IMAX