Metallica: That Time We Sent 6 Male Strippers Onstage While Queensryche Was Performing

1989, "Justice" tour, Queensryche opening for Metallica.

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Metallica: That Time We Sent 6 Male Strippers Onstage While Queensryche Was Performing

Kirk Hammett talked about Metallica pulling pranks on their opening acts over the years, telling 98.5 The Sports Hub (transcribed by UG):

"There's always hazing. That was sort of a regular thing for Metallica.

"We did some pretty bad things to The Cult, we did some pretty bad things to Queensryche, we did some pretty bad things to Metal Church.

"And then after that we just kind of treated our opening bands a little bit better. We're all practical jokers, so we would always be playing tricks on them."

Asked to single out "the best one," Kirk replied:

"Queensrÿche is [opening for us], it's like 1989, '...And Justice for All' tour, it was their last show.

"And during their big hit [ballad] 'Silent Lucidity' we sorted it out that there would be all these male strippers behind them.

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"When they started playing that song, we told the lighting guy to light up the male strippers behind them.

"So we're watching, the light went on, and the whole audience just started reacting in a very, very positive way.

"And because they didn't realize what was behind them, they just thought, 'This song must be really popular here!'

"But they didn't know that we had six male strippers bumping and grinding. And it was hilarious! I remember I was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face."

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    it has been confirmed by both the band and the fans, that were actually there, that the song it happened on is Eyes of a Stranger.
    Silent Lucidity is a song off of Empire, released on August 1990. So there's something wrong with Kirk's timeline. 
    If it was an 89, it would have had to have been something off operation mindcrime, rage for order, or the warning. I would see it more likely being something like take hold of the flame in that time period.
    Or maybe Eyes of a Stranger, because it had a video clip and got some attention from MTV. Anyway, Kirk just confused the songs. No big deal. The story is still a fun one.
    Good catch. But Queensryche supported them on the Damaged Justice tour which ran from 88-89. So I figure that he had the story saved on his phone that he lost, this cannot remember it. The song was recorded in 90, so I can't imagine it being big or know. before then, even if they had been playing it live at that point.
    Sure! I didn't say Kirk lied, of course not! I'm just pretty sure he got confused. ; Maybe the song was Eyes of a Stranger, because it was a new one back then, and MTV gave it some play. Maybe it was Take Hold of the Flame, already a Queensryche classic in the late 80's. And yes, they toured together. Q-Prime, the company that managed Metallica, signed with QR after Rage for Order and put the band on the bill, as the opening act. By the way, Silent Lucidity was never played before the Building Empires Tour. Even before the release of Empire.
    Are there any ballads on Mindcrime? He specified that it was a ballad, but accidentally said Silent Lucidity due to its huge success.
    Actually, no. The Mission is close to a ballad, but definitely is not, and it was not a song as popular as Eyes of a Stranger at that time.
    Gee! The emoticon was supposed to be a smile!!! Don't know what went wrong. Sorry.
    Tate must have been like, "Damn, this crowd likes my vest!"
    Insert gay kirk hammet joke here. I shed a tear or two when masturbating to male strippers too. It happens. We still love you though kirk! Maybe one of the strippers was tom morello?
    Ugh, why Tom?
    Because he use to be a male stripper. Plenty of recent ug articlee that mention it.
    I missed out on a lot of morello love apparently. I usually click on articles pertaining to music I like, so I'm usually oblivious to a lot of 2000s bands.
    What the fuck happened to these dude... In the 80's and 90's it wasn't really rare to see this kind of stuff from time to time... like, you guys saw the Pantera-Type O Negative tour?  Now that shit never happens
    Empire wasn't released until mid 1990.  FAKE NEWS!
    That was before smartphones and YouTube. Plenty of bands debuted songs well before dropping an album. Even Metallica debuted Leper Messiah I believe it was on the Lightning tour. Not all news is fake, sometimes things happen differently than you think it did, doesn't make it fake.