Metallica to Announce New Album Producer: 'We're Going Through the Grind'

"I'd say that right now, we're in the fourth inning," Lars Ulrich adds.

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich gave an update on the band's progress with the new album, confirming that the producer's name will be unveiled soon.

Chatting with Rolling Stone, Lars explained how the four-piece will "really hone down" after wrapping up the summer tour dates dates, adding, "I'd say that right now, we're in the fourth inning."

Sharing more details, the drummer added, "We're going to start talking about who is going to produce the album. We haven't started recording yet. But we are deep into the songwriting part of it."

Saying that Orion festival wasn't held this year due to "scheduling issues," Ulrich focused on the group's "By Request" tour, admitting that in general, fans mostly pick the classic tunes for the band to play.

"To be totally honest with you, sometimes I wish they would vote on some of the really obscure songs," Lars said. "We love playing crazy stuff."

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    Before the picture zoomed in on my phone, I thought he was shirtless with a six pack... But then I realsied that Lars definately won't have a six pack and it was his hand...
    Aryan Death Man
    Please be 'Flemming Rasmussen'
    I still don't know why thy haven't worked with Rasmussen more. Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice For All were their best albums, and Flemming was the man behind them.
    Aryan Death Man
    Probably wasn't happy with the 'inaudible' bass sound (even though,it was James and Lars's Idea ) But with modern technology,He can be wonderful
    Jason came in and had little experience being recorded. He used high distortion, mimicking James' parts for the most part and so the bass inaudibly boosted the rhythm guitar so even when you can hear it, you can't hear it.
    I don't buy that reasoning. Garage Days Re-Revisited was recorded before Justice and the bass sounded just fine.
    Yeah if you actually listen to the raw bass tracks on youtube, they sound really ugly.
    I always wondered why they never digitally remastered/re-released that album with more bass in it. If what you say about the tracks actually being ugly is true then that may be why.
    Lightning, Puppets and Justice are great by I never felt they showed Metallica for what the actually sounded like.
    Personally I don't think Ride The Lightning's production quality has aged well over the years. Lately I've been finding the tone change between RTL and MoP to be very jarring. That doesn't mean the songs are any less listenable, but production-wise I don't think it really passes the test of time. Not like Back In Black or Heaven And Hell anyway. Rasmussen was always better with getting the vibe of the music on record than the quality of the sound though. His work always shined that magic that all music should have.
    I thought RTL was produced exceptionally, especially for its time. The production wasn't crisp but it was raw yet powerful and very dynamic which is more important on a metal record imo. The ending of The Call of Ktulu is probably the best example of what I'm referring to.
    That's what I'm getting at. Where those albums stood out was in the attention to the feeling put into the music. A little odd, but I'd say that the middle part of Am I Evil? is the KIL/RTL days summed up perfectly. Even though it's a cover song, it has this incredible amount of contagious energy that's unparalleled to a majority of metal music even to this day. The feel of those songs were ahead of their time and still ring very loud today. It's just that the sound quality itself is starting to show its age now, and that's something that Metallica needs more than anything right now. They underestimate sound quality too much, and we don't want to have the same thing that happened to Death Magnetic happen to the next album, do we?
    Fair point. The thing is though, in modern music production all recordings are fairly accurate and so I suppose the sound quality is better. All-though you could blame over compression and poor mixing for how the record sounded, allot of it actually has to do with Metallica themselves. I've noticed that Hetfield's tone over the years has become less distorted, dryer and generally much more defined especially when you compare it to the tone he had on RTL. I think its the opposite to be honest, they're choosing clarity over saturation and quality over grit.
    I'm hoping for Brendan O'Brien, he produced "Crack The Skye" one of the only modern metal albums that stands up in quality to the likes of Master Of Puppets.
    That would be amazing. He also mixed Superunknown and engineered Blood Sugar Sex Magic. He's got my vote.
    O'Brien makes good sounding records but I wouldn't like him for Metallica. I notice a lot of guitars lack that "punch" on his work. Still though, he'd be able to give them a good-sounding album. For once.
    "We're going to start talking about who is going to produce the album." ie. After Death Magnetic, Rubin isn't getting the job again. I quite liked the songwriting on DM, but the production was atrocious. Metallica never outright admit anything is a mistake, but I like to think they know where they went wrong, which was why DM was a big improvement over St. Anger in most senses.
    The songwriting on DM was pretty bad I thought. IT had some really cool riffs but the structure felt forced and predictable. Not to mention the fairly bad lyrics.
    Cool, but it probably won't change that shitty guitar tone they use nowadays.
    I find that surprising since James Hetfield is always meticulous about his guitar tone. I don't understand what happened.
    Some song ideas for By Request tour that don't get played much: Dyer's Eve And Justice For All Leper Messiah Don't Tread on Me Phantom Lord Trapped Under Ice Fight Fire With Fire Of Wolf and Man
    I'd prefer Rube the Pube over Bob Rock the Cock. Maybe it'll be someone way out of the blue... like Jimmy Page? Ha ha ha.
    At least Bob Rock's efforts sounded the best. Mix wise, not song wise.
    As much as it pains me to say it, Load and Reload definitely do sound good. And Bob Rock was successful in making Metallica a crossover success, but, by St. Anger, I don't really think he could even keep the band in a good direction. Sorry to fans of that album, but I think it's awful!
    To be fair Rubin did a pretty good job on DM, it was the most thrash Metallica has been since the Black Album, but with a hint of that load/reload era rock. The mixing was shit, but that's an issue with Rubin's sound engineer.
    Not really fussed who produces it to be honest, as long as the mixing isn't cocked up like DM and they don't try and steer the band away from writing songs that they're good at (I.e proper old school thrash) I like load, reload and St Anger but I don't want another one. As for the By Request tour, I agree with Lars; this is the perfect opportunity to hear tracks that may never see the light again like Frayed Ends, Suicide & Redemption, Ronnie and Damage Inc. to name a few. We all wanna hear the classics but for those of us who don't get a lot of opportunity to se them live, it's be good to get a once in a lifetime show.
    Harry Marsh
    I heard them play Damage Inc. here in Australia last year and it was one of the main highlights of the set! It would be great if they played it more.
    Definitely agreed on the Death Magnetic part. As for the setlists, I just knew this would happen. Most people have that ****ing dumb "WANT CLASSICS" mindset, ignoring the fact that these are the very songs they've been playing for the last 10 or more years. I seriously don't get how many times can you want to hear the same songs live over and over, from a band that has a massive discography (of songs that are often in fact better than the "classics").
    I was highly disappointed by the Metallica by Request thing. That was a perfect opportunity to hear some rare, underrated stuff especially from the 90's. Yeah yeah, Load/Re-Load isn't metal - shut up. They are well made albums that have their gems just like any other Metallica album.
    Harry Marsh
    Some of the songs from those albums have quite dark and heavy vibes which makes me wonder why they aren't played more often. When they do bust out some of them they work really well so I hope they push some more Load/Re-Load back into the set to mix it up like the late 90's sets. (Woodstock 99 for example)
    if they can get andy sneap then its gonna sound massive. dude has produced some really good records(endgame, deceiver of the gods, dark roots of earth). would be interesting to see if it happens.
    I hope not, every album that Andy Sneap produced sounds exactly the same (and I hate it to be honest).
    I'd love them to play more songs off Load and Reload. For example, I rediscovered how awesome Bad Seed is today.
    After hearing their medley on the Dio album, I would love another Garage Inc in addition to that new album
    Anything from the first 5 albums gets played every tour, well except for Escape, I love that song though. I don't care fore the obscure songs. Got the sound board recording from all 4 or 5 of the 30th anniversary shows and they're freaking awesome, even with the ones from LuLu
    How about anouncing the release date.... Mr Ulrich, you love talking... Now, Sir.Please tell us about the release date.. Enlighten us.
    I doubt they've even recorded a song yet, let alone a title for it.. Priest's album has been done for a month, and they still have yet to give a date.
    Lars Ulrich: "We haven't started recording yet. But we are deep into the songwriting part of it." you: "I doubt they've even recorded a song yet" did you even read the article??
    if you want someone obscure what about Dan Monti. His production and programming on Buckethead albums is crisp and punchy.
    "id say right now we are in the 4th inning." I feel that Lars is a baseball fan
    Blackened records is just for distribution, not producing ?
    I´m thinking the same question jeje I thouhgt that after 30 years of career and even openig their own record label,they got power to produce themselves... So strange. By the way, to the day, is there another artist/band, beside Metallica, signed to Blackened Records??
    I'd say just play the obscure songs like Last Caress and So What. You don't need an audience requesting it just do it if you feel you need to. You already got them to your show so the rest is on you what you want to do. Other thing I want to say is this was posted yesterday online. UG is slow again.