Metallica Voted Favorite Band of American Middle-Agers

Americans aged between 38 and 49 loving the metal giants.

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Metal giants Metallica were officially voted the favorite act of Americans aged 38-49.

Conducted by Harris, the poll seems to prove that although many youngsters worship the 'Tallica crew, the middle-agers stand out as the band's greatest supporters.

In the general category, The Beatles were crowned the nation's favorite, whereas legendary Elvis Presley claimed the second place.

Furthermore, the States placed Beyonce higher than Led Zeppelin, as the mentioned artists claimed third and fourth place, respectively.

Bruno Mars, The Eagles, and Celine Dion were also ranked in the Top 10, make sure to check out the list below.

When the company conducted the same study in 2010, U2 claimed the top title. Oddly enough, Bono and co. haven't even managed to scratch the Top 10 this year.

Looking back at the poll demographics, participants aged 18-37 picked Beyonce as their favorite performer. As mentioned, the 38 to 49 age group opted for Metallica, whereas the 50-68 club picked the Beatles. Those aged 69 and over voted for Willie Nelson.

Top 10 America's Favorite Artists According to Harris

1. Beatles
2. Elvis Presley
3. Beyonce
4. Led Zeppelin
5. George Strait
6. Bruno Mars
T7. Neil Diamond
T7. EaglesT7. Celine DionT7. Garth Brooks

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    Beyonce over Led Zeppelin and the Eagles haha.
    Cliff Burton <3
    and people wonder why the wolrd is making fun of america...this right here
    I don't think this would be different in any other country, seeing as how the general population listens to beyonce instead of Led Zepellin.
    Four seventh places? That just verifies the Americanity of this list. "Don't cry, it's all about the game and not the resu~.... Tell you what, you can all be #7, as long as you drop that lawsuit you're preparing."
    1. Beatles 2. Elvis Presley 3. Beyonce 4. Led Zeppelin 5. George Strait 6. Bruno Mars T7. Neil Diamond T7. Eagles T7. Celine Dion T7. Garth Brooks WHERE is Metallica?? -.-
    That's the general category, Metallica's in 38-49 age group