Metallica: 'Yes, We Are Beliebers'

"The kid's super talented, to go through what he's going through at that early age must be a mindf--k," says Lars Ulrich.

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Metal giants Metallica recently gave young pop star Justin Bieber multiple major props, going far enough to dub themselves "Beliebers." Asked by Q magazine to comment on Bieber's recent "Fade to Black" jam and whether or not they're fans, frontman James Hetfield replied: "Are we Beliebers? Yes." Drummer Lars Ulrich chipped in, "Is it possible to have respect for him without being a Belieber?" Lars continued with JB praises, "I think the kid's really talented and obviously to go through what he's going through at that early age must be a mindf--k. So the fact that he still goes out there and does it, I admire that and I think he's super talented, so I guess I am kind of a Belieber. If he likes 'One,' and Liam Gallagher likes him, OK, there you go." Finally, bassist Rob Trujillo shared his two cents, adding (via Blabbermouth), "As long as he stays out of trouble, I'll be a Belieber." As previously reported, Bieber revealed he's a big fan of Metallica on several occasions, singling out "Fade to Black" an "One" as favorite tracks. "Those are my jams," he told GQ magazine. In another Q magazine chat, Justin gave kudos to classic hard rockers Guns N' Roses and the legendary Beatles while talking about online haters. "I would say to my haters, I love you. Thank you for supporting me by hating me. When they write messages on my YouTube page, I get money for that. So they're just giving me money to hate on me," he explained, just to switch to his musical favorites. "I like Guns N' Roses and Metallica," he added. "The Beatles. I like Metallica's 'Fade to Black' and 'One.' It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff."

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    Who even asks stuff like that?
    I know right? Sick of all these people saying he's 'really talented' when all he has is a mediocre at best singing voice and can dance a bit, not only that but he probably only writes about 10% of his own music. I don't hate JB like a lot of people do but as a musician it pisses me off that even bands such as Metallica are giving props to him rather than talented bands in their own genre.
    Since when does justin beiber get to be caller "JB"? That distinct honor goes to Jack Black!
    It's called "mutual c*cksucking", that's what celebrities do in the media. Once you get passed a certain level of income, you lose your integrity.
    I can't believe how Metallica has changed.. In all the interviews in the 80's they said how they ****ing hate all the posers and now? Now they are praising this attention seeking poser. He's got no talent. Why don't Metallica do something good for metal again and promote some metal bands? I mean I love metallica but when I hear stuff like that it breaks my heart that my music idols are saying shit like that.
    Now THAT would be impressive! If I had their fame and money, just imagine how awesome it would for some young bands if you helped them out? Maybe they could have contests in each city during part of their tour, and the winners get to play a song or two in front of Metallica's crowd? Imagine a bar or garage band getting the chance to do that. It's getting corny watching this, "He's talented", "she is nice" and blah blah
    It's been a while since the 80s. Typically people start to care less about different aspects of media as they get older. I'd say the festival they host is a pretty good way of promoting what they like.
    I bet they don't promote bands in their genre for fear that they will surpass their old asses. Seriously, Lulu was garbage, St. Anger was Garbage. Death Magnetic was so-so. If they promote someone badass it will just finally remove what little spotlight they have left. So, instead, they heap praise upon someone who's already garnered attention. Maybe they're trying to get some of his fans to listen to them. I wouldn't be surprised if they listed Bieber as inspiration for their next album. Tools.
    Maybe they have grown up and started appreciating other music than just the genre they play? And why does their music taste matter to anybody? As long as they make music you like, what does it matter? And even if you only like their older songs, listen to their older songs and ignore their newer songs.
    matteo cubano
    exactly. jb mentions them once and the interviewer inquires about and they respond. Meanwhile, A7X won't shutup about them and they don't get any acknowledgement at all. a little comical but still, you'd think they'd talk more about metal instead of u2, green day, beiber, seeing as their name has the word metal in it.
    How dare Metallica like other bands that AREN'T METAL? It's not like they think like other people anyway...
    I agree, but I think people's beef with it is that in the position they're in, they could talk about practically any metal band the world over and that bands worth would increase overnight. I empathise with that, because there's barely a metal band around these days that doesn't cite Metallica as an influence, and it must be a bummer to see them harp on about stuff like this or U2 or the Arctic Monkeys, when they've proven in the past they're well aware of what's going on in modern metal by taking Gojira, Lamb Of God, Volbeat, Machine Head, etc. out on tour, and with Hetfield talking about bands like Kvelertak on his Instagram.
    So your saying they should only support musicians in their own genre?? I dont understand this hate against certain music, if you dont like it just shut the **** up and listen to what yoh like. Its just sounds, diffrent people, diffrent taste, their is no best or worst. By the way I dont care for JB and I also dont care if Metallica supports him, its not of my bussines.
    I don't see the part where I said they should 'only' support musicians in their own genre, stop looking for shit to moan about.
    Than why do you care who they support
    because its not right, thats why!!
    The only thing that's not right, is people telling other people what to appreciate. I for instance couldn't give two shhts about whichever metal band you like. And I certainly don't care about what Metallica likes. The only thing I care about is the fact that I like Metallica's music (for the bigger part) and hearing their opinion on music doesn't further interest me. Even if they like a boy who has been turned into a superficial performer who makes music for a musically illiterate audience. Whatever, they go and listen to the repeated baby-baby-oooh's by Bieber if they want to, In the meantime I'll listen to the stuff I like.
    I care because they're talking about a pop fad that will be gone soon when they could be talking about the next great metal band.
    to be fair, jb is a talented performer and most of new metal bands are very boring at performing..
    I will upvote because you're funny. He's not talented, he's been transformed into a product. And yes, metal is boring nowadays. There's no shock value in performances anymore and most metal bands just stand there, mean-facing either the crowd or their instruments and occasionally shout something like F*** You all/the system/people/politics/or whatever they can think of at the moment.
    With all due respect to them,I'm pretty sure Metallica isn't aware of what a 'Belieber' is and what the title entails.. Seriously, those fanboys/girls are capable of some really stupid shit..
    They could've asked Lars if he likes "those instruments and electric guitars and stuff"
    i dont like his music at all, but ill at least say the kid is not stupid because it is true that if you hate somebody its the same as being in love with them and he knows that, im not saying his music is worth a sh*t just saying he isnt a total tard. Bad publicity is good publicity
    Guys, can you believe my other account got banned for stating my opinion. Will I ever get i back? Or does banned mean I can never post again?
    Now if only we could get him to be in the crowd at a Metallica show. We can end it!
    "If he likes 'One,' and Liam Gallagher likes him, OK, there you go." Lars must have a whole bunch of weird friends.
    According to Blabbermouth, the interview also contained stories about Lou Reed shouting at restaurants, i'd much rather hear that story than this sensationalistic drivel.
    Who cares? This article is just a breeding ground for teens and thirty something year old men to bitch about how Justin is horrible. Just ignore the shit if you don't like it. It's like the moment another famous musician gives him credit for being able to sing, everybody loses their shit. I'll sum up every other comment below me:Herrherr justin beber sux ugh so gay metal ftw
    Really. Who gives a shit what Metallica thinks of Justin Bieber. I'm not a big fan of his, haven't listened to much of his music I'll admit, but I've heard enough to know I don't like it. But who ****in cares. Between Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Black keys even, there's enough unreasonable hate directed at any of them to make me bash my head against he wall to ignore it all. And as Bieber points out it doesn't do anybody good to give their two cents about them except for the artists they're bitching about.
    I for am in favor of trashing him about, because what he and all the others you meantioned do is not music no matter what anyone says. If he wants to sing what he calls of "music" for the rest of his life, so be it, but earning millions and having life all cut out for them while they shout a bunch of words in order to look cool just isn't right. What also isn't right is the fact that you say you ignore so much this bullshit, yet you can't ignore the people who are trying to balance things out. Sorry to put this to you, but your either unhuman or hypocrite. Posing for cameras while he throws some bullshit love song for teenagers to call music, and earns all the money he makes, yet it's wrong for people to talk badly about him? Seriously?
    Why can't you call it music? I'm pretty sure he's playing instruments and singing melodies, playing rhythms etc, exactly what you'd call music. Whether you like it or not doesn't make it music. And I didn't say he didn't deserve ANY hate or for people to talk badly about him. The fact that he spits on people and acts like a total dick while on tour or pretty much wherever, pisses me off too. But it is doesn't make him not a musician. I'm not gonna say he's a terrible musician because he's a **** outside of the studio or wherever. He writes and performs music, get over it. And millions of people love it. Get over it. He's still gonna be ridiculously successful and get paid through the ass to do it. Call me a hypocrite for giving my two cents if you will, but it really doesn't bother me that people hate the kid so much. I'm just saying a lot of it is undeserved, especially people saying he's not even a musician, which is a pretty ****in stupid thing to say when he's selling millions of records and selling out stadiums while just standing on stage, apparently not doing anything.
    Most modern stuff nowadays I don't call music. (in the pop scene anyway) Its all just artists singing along with a loop track. It takes talent to sing I know, but jesus, put some effort into your tracks.
    If I play a recorder on stage with the London Symphony Orchestra, that doesn't raise me to their caliber just because the music I release has them playing in it.
    How can anyone respect a rich douchebag who spits on his fans? Roger Waters spit in his fans face one time(Because the fan was clawing through security to get on stage) and it made him realize the philosophical and physical and emotional divide that Arena Rock had on him against his fans. Bieber has no true connection with his fans. Technically no band does. It's almost like a mental disorder the amount of passion and emotionally charged electricity directed at him by those teenaged girls and even aged men. In their minds they create fantasies that involve him being a lover or friend and they live in that dreamed up world, ever happy whilst simultaneously pushing away the true reality that exists and denying the happenings of life upon themselves.
    Would every one just stop trying to define what is music? Even sounds you hear on the street can be music tecnically. If you don't like today's pop just turn your radio off. Let the guy sing, I won't listen to him personally. Besides, I wonder how many people would turn down a bucket load of cash in exchange to singing Sh*tty pop songs.
    UG, stick to what you know best and post articles about Mustaine's daily ventures.
    Tomorrow: Metallica announces experimental collaboration album with Justin Bieber.
    The Thing That Should Not Bieber
    And Justin For All Rebel of Biebylon Donèt Tread on Bieb For Whom the Bieb Tolls MotorBieb Justin-In the Fire Bieb and Destroy Aint My bieb The House That Just Built Biebing Me Poor Twisted Bieb Bieber Than You Carpe Biebem Baby Biebery The Unamed Biebing Shoot Bieb Again
    Personally, I think that they're using the term "belieber" to liberally. Justin Beiber complemented them, so they returned the favour, politics of the famous if nothing more.
    Sometimes I wonder what would Cliff think of today's Metallica if he was still alive, he probably would have left the band long ago
    Cliff would've pulled out his trusty hammer and commenced to destroying shit,starting w/Lars.
    "As long as he stays out of trouble" They obviously don't watch the news. Also, I stopped to check what day it was, hoping I hadn't fallen comatose in my sleep and woken up on April 1st or something.
    "It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff" Omg, using instruments in a song, soooo edgy. How ****ing dumb is he?
    ne14t · Oct 30, 2013 12:17 PM
    They're just playing their cards right so METALLICA SHITS ON BEIBER isn't all over the press. That could lead to some nasty media backlash seeing as Justin Beiber actually likes their music.
    Forget Biebers music for a second. He's a snot nosed, arrogant little kid. Getting hoisted up the great wall of china on the backs of his bodyguards, pissing in a janitor's mop bucket etc etc. Can't respect him at all.
    The most mainstream metal band likes the most mainstream pop artist (and I use the term artist loosely). Yawn.
    "It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff." Haha, that last quote makes him sound like someone who doesn't really ever listen to rock/guitar-based music.
    As someone who isn't that big of a Metallica fan I can't wait to sit back and watch the butthurt.
    actually thats a good sign , it seems like they are on drugs again!
    Don't take this personally, guys. It's obvious Metallica have commercial interest in endorsing Bieber.
    [i]"It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff." Hahahahahahahahahaha
    The real question is, who sucks more corporate dick? The little boy trying to lip sync his way to fame and fortune? Or the old-timers that have been replaced in the eyes of true music fans?
    When Metallica first started out, they were against the establishment, hair metal music, etc and all this would fuel their anger and project it in their music. Decades later, Justin Bieber is the equivalent to what Hair metal was 20 some years ago. Now they support this sh*t? F*ck no Metallica! You have taken this too godd*mn far. I'm going to form a band, write amazing music, and start a musical revolution. Who's with me?
    My Last Words
    He's certainly talented (look his pre-famous era video's up). I guess all the fame ****ed him up. Bring on the downvotes!
    You have to understand. This isn't about the truth. It's about huge money making machines like Metallica, being paid to give credibility to Justin Beiber so he can continue his career. Notice how, all of a sudden over the last year or so, the music industry's biggest names have all begun giving props to the little guy? Notice the recent surge of 'photo ops'? Or the pics of Beiber himself, wearing Metal band t-shirts? Singing Metallica songs? This is all a big campaign (probably masterminded by his publicist or manager) in an attempt to keep him in the spotlight and give him some street cred. And guess what? It's working
    Are you seriously arrogant to the point of thinking that Bieber doesn't truly like the rock bands he listed? This might be news to you but, people can like multiple music genres. I know, it's insane that some people are that open minded.... Maybe they're "praising" Bieber because they know how hard it is to deal with hate and criticism from everyone. And the fact that he's dealing with all of that at a young age makes it more impressive.
    OK Metallica has completely forgotten where they came from and what made them great. There was a time, long ago, where Metallica stood for honest, no-nonsense, face-melting music in the face of vapid, corporate, mass-produced crap (i.e. Glam Metal). Now they embrace it. They should get kicked out of the Big 4 for this alone.
    I read somewhere that Shagrath, Silenoz, and Galder from Dimmu Borgir love One Direction and Taylor Swift.
    we should send UG some ladles, because its like theyre TRYING to stir up shit
    Please someone tell me this is a joke
    we all hoped this day never comes but they cause a long nightmare which we will never forgive because loyalty matters. they enter night so i disappear.
    Sure, the dude is a huge success and whatnot, but anybody who talks about Metallica songs by saying "It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff" is a goof.