Metallica's James Hetfield Set to Narrate History Channel Series 'The Hunt'

Eight-episode show documenting "one of the most dangerous pursuits known to man," set for June premiere.

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Known as an avid hunter, as well as one of the greatest metal frontmen of all time, Metallica's James Hetfield was officially announced as a part of somewhat different project - a History Channel show.

According to the official press release, Papa Het will narrate the channel's upcoming series "The Hunt," an eight-episode show about bear hunting set for a June 8 premiere.

As the release further reads, the series "documents one of the most dangerous pursuits known to man" - the hunt for one of the biggest predators on the planet, Kodiak brown bear from Alaska's Kodiak Island.

These bears can grow up to 12 feet (3.65 m) and weigh as much as 1,500 pounds (680 kg). An average hunt lasts for 10 days, with a success rate of just 50%. "Most of the hunters look at Kodiak as the hunt of a lifetime, yet less than half walk away with their tag filled. While getting a bear is no easy task, most hunters still value time-honored traditions by hunting with bow-and-arrow, black powder single-shot rifles, and/or use the minimum amount of technology possible," the release reads.

"Honoring the animal is paramount and taught to all hunters who come to the island. Hunters have an ethical and legal responsibility to strive for clean kills that is taken very seriously. There are pages of stringent regulations they must follow that ensure respect for the animal and the land."

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    "Kodiak Brown Bear YEAAH!!!!" "Bow and arrow YEAAH!!!!" "He got his bear YEAAH!!!"
    matteo cubano
    They dedicate their lives to ending all of his.He tries to flee them all. This bitter bear he is.Throughout his life the same. He's battled constantly. This fight he cannot win, a tired bear they see no longer cares. The old bear then prepares To die regretfully –That old bear here is me. (M. night shyamalan twist at the end)
    Sandman4991 well, "roff" suggests he will be dubbing the animals
    matteo cubano
    the huntttah
    It would be fitting if the Series be called KILL EM ALL
    If he would put on a hat, he would look like ted nugent hatfield
    "Year and a half in the life of Metallica", James is hunting (more like ****ing off with a shotgun) and wearing a hat. I own the VHS tapes , cause that's how it came back in the day... you can get it on Itunes for $12.00 I think.
    All jokes aside, James is a pretty cool choice for this. Looking forward to checking it out.
    Aryan Death Man
    June 8th is my birthday. I'm so excited to see yet another reason why Metallica stall making a new album... it's because James, Kirk and Rob are taking drum lessons. When Lars isn't around they'll sneek in and do the drums for the record.
    Poor Nugent, I bet he had his loincloth on already just waiting to be asked to do this gig
    in other news Metallica looking for any activity to avoid working on the new album. metallica frontman james hetfield says "we've got over 1 million riffs ready and all we have to do is put it together but we don't feel like it"
    that's probably the single most predictable comment. james can hunt if he wants. he doesn't owe you an album.
    I still can't understand why it's called "The History Channel"..
    After bloodthirsty celebrities promote killing these animals for sport, these creatures will be driven to extinction and relegated to history. If Hetfield was cool he would have done a show about bear CONSERVATION rather than bear SLAUGHTER.
    I guess you didn't read the part about the laws and regulations? If they were hunting endangered elephants in Africa, sure, poachers can go to hell. However, if you're following the rules and laws, such as, hunting a non-endangered, hunting limit, overpopulated species it's fine. Don't give me this Peta shit.
    Are they going to EAT the bears they kill? NO Theyre simply murdering them for sport. If you kill an animal, it better be because 1) youre going to eat it or 2) it was trying to EAT YOU! Otherwise it's simply murder.
    Appreciate you post but eating for no reason except because you like the way they taste is the same thing as killing them for pleasure. Either way it's for pleasure.
    So all deer that are harvested for conservation should be eaten? It sounds nice, but in reality, many many deer need to die, eaten or not.
    Deer are an exception because human agriculture has caused their population to explode. Im saying, in general if you are going to kill an animal, it should be either to eat, or kill it in self defense. In general this whole trend of animal killing shows is sickening. Swamp people killing gators, Duck dynasty rednecks, and now James Hetfield helping promote *******s who kill bears for "sport". They cant even use a BOW like a real hunter, it's probably a bunch of fatasses with guns. Real manly.
    Hunting deer for food is one thing, theres too many of them anyway. Killing the apex predator for sport on the other hand, is a sin against nature.
    Bears are not the apex predator. That distinction belongs to sharks. Throw a bear into the ocean and see who wins. My money is on the shark.
    Bears can swim, sharks are aquatic only, so you make no sense at all. What's gonna happen to a shark that gets beached? Bears will eat it. Back on topic, killing apex predators is bad for the whole ecosystem.
    ...And Bear Crap for All. Stench of bear crap crushes you, smelling sour. Hunting guide has disappeared, got devoured. Through the trees the snow will fall, hoping to blind. Hunters seeking Kodiaks, they will not find. Alaskan forest swallows you, making you lost. The Kodiak beast you hunt, is your new boss. He tears you up from head to toe, hoping to find. A twinkie that you left, in the hunting blind. The ultimate bear mastery, Exploiting their supremacy! Dont understand a word you say, But the Kodiaks are here to stay! NOTHING CAN SAVE YOU. Bear crap was found, Bear crap was big, Bear crap leads on, Misleading your guide, Tastes like Cinna-Bon. Seeking his meal, Eating is all, Find it so sweet and deliciiooooouuuus!
    The guy from Tallica kills bears...what a great news! Is this serious? As they are many bears left by the way and a danger to the human population right? I don't like this way of promoting animals killing by Metallicas front man. James, stick to your guitar, on if you have som agression/killing issues, do it with the music, it will probably change the content of the new Metallica record for once...
    How is this at all James Hetfield promoting killing animals? He's narrating a show about hunting. I'm pretty sure he'll just be reading a script that he's given.
    He's not killing any bears, he's narrating via voice over. Maybe you should actually watch the documentary before you make accusations about the content. Nobody has seen it yet. Afterwards, if you still feel it is promoting killing the way you say it is, then we can talk about it more.
    "Known as an avid hunter", so one assumes he kills something that doesn't need killing... And he's still promoting the "sport". So pretty fair point on his part, really.
    So by that standpoint, people who narrate shows about war, drugs etc are promoting them? Just trying to draw parallels, not trying to be a dick.
    Hopefully this doesn't influence his writing... or the next album will be titled- "ZooZoo"
    pretty hard to imagine Hetfields voice narrating a tv show. Im not gonna see it since I dont really care for those shows, but kudos to him for doing something new.
    Really? I actually think his voice would be really cool as a narrator, at least for this kind of show. I'd imagine he'd sound somewhat like Mike Rowe (who narrates Deadliest Catch), only more METUUUL!, which I imagine will work pretty well.
    Although I am not keen into hunting, I'd rather watching something like this if was narrated by Jaymz and NOT Ted Nugent, the blockheaded moron.
    Shamefull James... giving voice to a show that is killing animals!
    I love James, but killing animals for fun/or so-called "sport" (or, for that matter, at all)? "Kill 'Em All" only applies to record labels, not animals. I'd downvote this shit if I could work this phucking site. \m/
    i think it might go something like this Today on the hunt. Hetfield:He sees a bear Yeaahhh!! (hunters go to shot bear)Hetfield starts randomly singing seek and destroy relizes and covers it up with yeaaahehah! i am the table.
    6/10 unnecessarily exaggerated, could had left out the table and the joke would be excellent.
    And the drummer is still waiting for the punchline, ladies and gentlemen! *tumbleweed*
    Although in theory it is awesome, you aren't watching MJ, you are watching someones interpretation of MJ... In short you are watching a caricature of him being manipulated by someone else. If you don't mind that then yes it was awesome, but to me it's more... unsettling.
    I agree. But seeing something so close to an actual MJ performance did make me feel really nostalgic. For a few seconds, it really felt like he was on stage. Plus the song was actually pretty good, I really liked the whole outcome. I don't get why I was heavily downvoted ("omg never mention pop music in an article about the heavy metalz"), but I still stand by what I said.
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