Metallica's Lars Ulrich 'Regressed' At Drumming

Metallica's Lars Ulrich feels he's "regressed", when it comes to playing drums.

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Metallica's Lars Ulrich feels he's "regressed", when it comes to playing drums.

The sticksman may have been with the band for 30 years, but joked he doesn't feel like he's getting better with age.

When asked about his abilities, he told Drum! magazine: "I usually feel like I've regressed. I'm like, 'Why can't I do that anymore?'"

Lars, 48, admitted he doesn't regularly practice in order to get better, but uses the drums as a workout.

He added: "What happens is I just sit down and kind of play to just more stay in shape. You know, Metallica was up to two or three months off last year, and I would sit down, I have an iPod next to my drums so I can play along to all kind of crazy stuff, but I can't say that I sit down to necessarily practice to sort of get better."

He also talked about how he was excited when listening back to tracks on the band's "Beyond Magnetic" EP - recorded during sessions for their "Death Magnetic" album in 2007 and 2008 - and how lively the results were.

He said: "I thought there was a really good, lively vibe - it's a bunch of guys just playing together, and it sounded really full of energy and spunk and liveliness.

"The one thing I'm really proud of with the 'Death Magnetic' album is just how f--king lively it sounds. How it doesn't sound careful, it doesn't sound stale."

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    I honestly feel kinda bad for him... Feeling like you've gotten worse over time must suck. Listening to their older stuff to their newer stuff you can tell. Even back then he wasn't a phenomenal drummer, but icon in the 80's. He was never a shit drummer though(as most people say he is), he just wasn't as complex as he could be or as good as other drummers in the metal genre. He's not a big influence on drumming in my opinion but he still deserves credit.
    it's a bunch of guys just playing together, really full of spunk.
    Ok If you say so Lars.
    Vinjar wrote: am I the only one who thought "who the **** sits down and listens to their own music and says it sounds dope?" if it took him this long to realize how bad he is at drumming we sure can't take his word on the new album!
    People who like the music they make...
    What's greater than the egomaniac's self-admission is that UG posted yet another picture of one of his stupid drumming faces.
    It pisses me off so much when they start a song 40bpm faster than the studio version... Then they reach a more difficult section so Lars slows down. If you can't play the whole song at that tempo, don't start it off that way.
    He regressed completely the day after the recording for AJFA was done.
    It's not too late. I saw that video of him playing a double bass segment of Raining Blood, and he did well. He also does adequately on Fight Fire with Fire. You just need to start practising, Lars. Maybe get a tutor to show you ways to improve your stamina. And if there's one thing I don't like about your drumming the last few years, it's the fact you constantly add fills when playing the songs, kind of ruining them.
    Lars Ulrich is maybe not the best drummer on earth, technically speaking, yet he is an incredible composer (he is credited for most Metallica songs alongside Hetfield) and he suits the band's style very well, so quit bitching about how he screws up a double bass roll on One or Fight Fire With Fire occasionnaly ...
    Charvel1030 wrote: How do you regress from playing nothing but staright 4/4 beats? Lars is a d-bag...
    I have one song for you. Blackened. Wasn't even remotely in 4/4. Sounds like you're the d-bag here.
    Come on guys, if you're one of the most known "metal drummers", you're not going to announce you're an "average drummer" half way through your career. I congratulate Lars on coming out and say he's average. I personally feel his playing perfectly fits Metallica's work, but most people pick fun at him because he's mainstream. *waits from thumbs down*
    kill it
    playing an instrument in a band isn't all about technique it's about what you add to the sound. if you haven't figured this out you probably aren't a quality musician. what lars adds to metallica is fine. he's kind of like the ringo of metal, always playing for the song.
    I'm usually a not one of those who hate on Lars, and actually like his style, but yeah, let's call it "regress" '
    Vinjar wrote: am I the only one who thought "who the **** sits down and listens to their own music and says it sounds dope?" if it took him this long to realize how bad he is at drumming we sure can't take his word on the new album!
    If you don't think your own music sounds good, why would you make that music in the first place?
    this actually made me respect lars some the fact that he has balls enough to admit it is awsome
    Ahh, I love spending my morning watching jealous Metallica haters bash a drummer who has never claimed to be the best. Remember folks, if you were as good, you'd be the one playing stadiums for 20 years
    WOW! The ONE guy in metal that doesn't proclaim himself as God's gift to mankind isn't 18 anymore... and people STILL gotta hate on him. Jealousy is an ugly thing! Lars, You ****ing ROCK and put more into a show than ANY other drummer! You may not be the BEST, but you try harder than all the rest!!! Thanx for NOT taking it easy even for a single show! I would rather have you drum for me than ANY other drummer! And as much as they would try to deny it, EVERY SINGLE HATER HERE would DIE to have you in their band!
    I don't see why people have a go at lars yes his drumming isn't amazing as Neil Pearts or Mike Portnoy but here is the thing your here reading this and he is in a mansion with millions of dollars and playing stadiums
    Everyone hating on Lars even though he admits he's not that great...this is how I know I am on Ultimate Guitar
    a drummer
    Modern drummers have set a high bar for metal drumming. Most modern metal bands have a ridiculous drummer, or if thats not the case, they program ridiculous drumming. So naturally, people who listen to that regularly will think the drumming is weak when they listen to some older metal like Metallica. I can honestly say though Lar's drumming isn't very good, i've even seen a video of Hetfield stating that, and now he's realizing this. BUT like said above, his compositions are such an important factor to Metallica, and a reason why he's regarded as a "great."
    Im no drummer but I really like Lars' playing style. Where most "technical" drummers would just throw in a double bass beat that mimics the guitar or what not, Lars puts in a random what the **** was that beat, and I love it! Here's thr thing, I think most modern metal drummers sound exactly the same, they do the same thing, they get recorded the same way, and they are produced the same. With Lars, he comes up with weird (some say bad) beats, every album the drum production sounds different, and no other drummer sounds like Lars. That's why I like him I'm obviously a Metallica fan.
    Seems like always the majority of metallica haters awaits for news of Metallica just so they can say something bad about them. Ridiculous these metallica haters are.
    What has happened to music, ****, if you're not the best at what you do or strive to be the best you suck. It seems like these days people can't just play, have fun and make good music that speaks to someone without a million *****s saying that you suck because you're not as good as (insert fastest instrument player here). I wish I grew up in a time when music was about the music and not about skill or speed.
    I'm with you. I'm always suprised when people seem to think that you have to be techincally superb to be "worthy" of fame and acknowledgment. Play and write music with passion AND brain. I'm not a guitar god but I'm an okay guitar player and I sure put feeling and passion into all that I write and produce and achive credit for that. Get out there and write your heart out alone or with your band and best friends and ****ing enjoy it like Lars have been doing for 30 years. Sure he's a mediocre drummer, but I couldn't care less. He's a part of a band that have made me and millions of others headbang the shit out of it for many years, and for that I thank him and his "shitty" drumming. I seldom comment this stuff, but I just had to say my two cents. Don't hate, do what you love and stick to it instead of hating on people you're jealous of.
    Loving the fact that UG put Lars in the best drummer poll yesterday and then posts this today. Not hating on Lars (if you read my comments in the drummer poll article you'll know why) but it's kinda obvious news. But I will say, the live videos as of late of him playing have been great.
    i dont have to read the comments to know this wont end well, i guess he forgot internet rule #1 dont feed the trolls. i still think he is a kickass drummer
    I dont know why the **** people are saying his drumming is shit,or why Metallica sucks. Theyre all very talented musicians. I dont know too many people that can play Master of Puppets without burning like 100 calories. And listen to like,Enter Sandman, or Anything from the Ride the Lighting album. His drumming isnt horrible. Yeah,he's not Mike Portnoy,but damn,give him a little credit..
    I'm tired of reading about how crap a drummer Lars supposedly is. He's got a very simplistic style but the way people bang on about it you'd think he loses the beat and drops his sticks every other song. For the record, he doesn't.
    They're simple, but I wouldn't change a thing from the drum track on the song AJFA. I really think they're great in a subtle way.
    I don't see how you can hate someone who helped write some of the greatest metal songs to ever be released. Whether he's a good drummer or not he's still Lars ****in' Ulrich.
    Emberwolf06 wrote: Ahh, I love spending my morning watching jealous Metallica haters bash a drummer who has never claimed to be the best. Remember folks, if you were as good, you'd be the one playing stadiums for 20 years
    What? There are thousands of drummers that are better than Lars, they just don't happen to be in Metallica, or be in the San Fransisco Bay Area in the early 80's, or get Bob Rock as a producer, etc etc etc. Metallica's success has nothing to do with Lars' drumming skills.
    j_link13 wrote: its called getting old haha
    It's called lack of practice. Charlie Benante is one year older, fit as Wattie Buchan and plays like a beast.
    Honestly, I think half the reason people don't like Lars isn't even for his drumming, it's just cause he's a douchebag... but not gonna lie, the second night of Orion he kinda sucked... kept changing tempo and playing fills that didn't fit the songs at all. not to mention he was doing the double kick part of blackened then literally stopped halfway through and just kept time with his hands...
    How many 50 years old drummers are able to perform 2h30 of show with so much speed and heavyness ? I would be ****ing happy if I can tour like this at my 50'.
    Eclectic Lizard
    I like Lars' drumming because its more catchy than it is technical. Creeping Death, Motorbreath, Sad But True, Master of Puppets, Dyers Eve etc. etc. If Mike Portnoy or someone similar were have played those they would've been wrecked with show-off drumming.
    People who rip on Lars astound me. Sure hes not the best (especially with today's amazing dummers) but the "he only plays in 4/4" arguement is ****ing retarded. Thats the comment people who have only heard "Enter Sandman" say because they have no idea what other songs Metallica play. I challenge anyone on here to play even ONE song from AJFA on drums. You would shit your pants.