Metallica's Orion Fest Taking a Year Off

Meanwhile, Metallica and Maiden officially confirmed as Sonisphere 2014 headliners.

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Despite the recent info pointing out that Metallica's Orion Fest is scheduled by contract to take place at Detroit's Belle Isle for at least two more years, the latest statement from festival promoters C3 confirmed that the event will take a year off due to metal giants' European concert dates. As Detroit News reports, Orion might return in 2015, but it's still uncertain whether it will once again be held in Detroit. The same source indicates that despite the contract, C3 had the option to back out at any point. During this year's event, Metallica noted they were looking to give Orion a permanent place of residence. "I don't know about you motherf--kers, but I think Detroit should be our permanent f--king home! We love Detroit and we love Michigan!" drummer Lars Ulrich shouted at festival closing. Whether or not the four-piece will return to Belle Isle yet remains to be seen. In related news, Sonisphere festival is confirmed to be making a major comeback, as the 2014 event edition is officially scheduled to take place at Knebworth after a two-year hiatus. Marking the jolly occasion, Metallica and Iron Maiden, possibly the two single greatest metal bands of all time, were announced as headliners. Both acts confirmed exclusive performances for Sonisphere, with Metallica once again announcing their "by request" show, giving ticket holders a chance to shape the concert's setlist through online voting. After describing the opportunity to co-headline the 40th anniversary of Knebworth event as "truly a mindf--k," Ulrich added: "And what could be more fitting on our third Knebworth go-around than to play an all-request set, chosen entirely by the fans?" Finally, Metallica has announced additional European summer dates, confirming June 9 performance at Pinkpop Festival in Netherlands and July 3 show at Rock Werchter in Belgium. Check out the full tour itinerary on the official website.

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    Even though I would like some obscure Load/ReLoad tracks, a St Anger song, and one of the less popular Black Album songs on Metallica's setlist.. Something tells me its probably going to only contain songs from their first 4 albums..
    such great opportunity can turn into most boring sets ever
    Frayed Ends of Sanity, Trapped Under Ice, To Live is To Die, No Remorse - all solid tunes from those albums that don't get played often/never really been played live
    I'm really excited to see what the setlist will be, they've already announced they will play a new song(from the next album), other than that i really want Eye of the beholder and Frayed ends of sanity. And some from load, re-load and st.anger. Fixxxer, The house that jack built, Cure, Thorn Within, 2x4, -human, St.anger and The unforgiven 2! If some of those songs get on the setlist, i can die happy!
    I love that Metallica is being all creative with their careers right now but they really need to just do the new album....WITHOUT Rick Rubin too lol
    I think the fans need to force these *******s to FINALLY play "Frayed Ends of Sanity" from Justice
    I hope the fans can let 'em play Dyers Eve
    But Lars won't. Just to make fun of our little danish friend, the fans should choose Dyers Eve 17 times. Seriously though, this "chosen by the fans" setlist model is something Pearl Jam's been doing sucessfully for years now and it's a great thing that gives the chance to see some stuff that isn't played often. Personally, I'd love Frayed Ends Of Sanity (come on already, enough with the tease in every single goddamned gig!), Through The Never, The Judas Kiss, Dyers Eve, Trapped Under Ice and Metal Militia to be played, just to name a few.
    Thank god, let them focus on writing and recording a new album finally. It most likely will be released in 2015, but seven years is still too long of a gap between albums for all of the hype that they've already put into it.
    I'm pretty upset about no Orion fest this year. I was really looking forward to it because as I've said before it was an amazing time. Hopefully they'll bring it back to Detroit in 2015..
    I really hope they play Fixxxer, House that jack built, where the wild things are, Frayed ends, and unforgiven 2.
    As a Metallica fan i am very disapointed. i saw them in 09, and at the first orion fest(which was ****ing killer!).....but when the hell are they gonna do another US tour? all im askin is to get a chance to see my favorite band again.
    Would love to see another NA tour, its been way to long since the last one.
    So no Orion Fest to give us Europe fans some love, still the Frozen Gig to go but Orion Fest will be back in 2015...So I guess we can expect the album by 2016?
    Lars: "I don't know about you motherf--kers, but I think Detroit should be our permanent f--king home! We love Detroit and we love Michigan!" James: JJJYEAAAAAH!!!
    Festivals have made me into an awful person - despite it being an awesome set of headliners, I'm disappointed at Maiden and Metallica again...
    That was supposed to be my first Metallica show and now they're going to Europe again... ****.
    Its gotta be rough playing those old songs live and loud over and over and over and over....again. I give them alot of credit to stomach it.